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Ally's Behavior
innerjuju1134 July 2016
Warning: Spoilers
These episodes sure seemed better in the 90's.

Ally's behavior is so extreme, so bitchy, so crazy that no one working with her would be able to do so ethically. She would certainly never make partner in her firm acting like a crazy woman hallucinating in court, screaming in court, etc. And yet, we all know within a year it becomes Fish/Cage and McBeal. I fail to see what we all saw in her back then. She's just mean and insane.... and we celebrated it.

In this episode, Ally believes she is being stalked by Disco. The music follows her everywhere. Fish brings in a new associate with strong criminal law expertise. Ally takes an immediate dislike to Mark. The case of the week, is a murder trial where a wife (the wonderful Loretta Devine) beats her husband to death with his prosthetic leg. Even though a woman's life is in the balance and Ally has little to no criminal law in her wheelhouse, Ally strongly objects to Mark being placed on the case, every time he opens his mouth she about pulls his stomach out of his throat with her bare hands. During court she has a full blown hallucination and passes out in court. The doctors diagnosis stress. She's quickly out of the hospital, back at the defendant's table bitterly complaining and seeing Gloria Gaynor. Of course, they win. End of story.

P.S.- Nelle is planning a coup.
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