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  • When Coach Riley is fired for withholding information about Buttle's affair, he hires the best attorneys in Boston - Ellenor Frutt and Jimmy Berluti. Ellenor immediately begins subpoenaing witnesses, sending a message to Winslow High that she means business. Meanwhile, Lauren discovers that Harry had dated another co-worker, Jenna, before her. Disturbed that Harry would have a relationship with a woman Lauren deems unsavory, she becomes concerned about her own relationship with Senate. In court, the reputations of the entire faculty at Winslow are smeared, but the closing argument (given by Steven Harper himself) convinces the judge to uphold the termination. Kevin angrily tells Harper that his decision demonstrated the he cared less about the students than protecting his own authority. The episode ends with Kevin and Milton saying goodbye to the faculty, excluding Harper and Guber.


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  • Jimmy Berluti and Ellenor Frutt cross over from THE PRACTICE to try to get Kevin's job back, after he was fired for keeping the student teacher affair of Milton and Lisa a secret. Scott Guber and Steven Harper fight each other over personal issues. Marla starts a petition to support kevin. Lauren is mad at Harry when she finds out about his past.

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