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During a typical five-day work week, Joey is incessantly trying to reach Eddie while dealing with Harley Hetson showing up at Hell's Kitchen every day after cutting school. When Harley persuades Joey to see Eddie, she is devastated after finding out that Eddie has moved out of his apartment without saying a word. But Joey manages to persuade Harley to behave like an adult, and she also finally stands up to the intimidating Professor Hetson to help him look after Harley once in a while. Meanwhile, Pacey begins skipping work by hanging out at the Boston Aquarium with Emma. But any romance between Pacey and Emma is quashed when Rich Rinaldi buries Pacey with more paperwork, making him miss his lunch date at the aquarium with Emma. Jen starts working as a peer counselor with C.J., but her personal interests get in the way of her work. Jack and David both get tested for HIV which leads to them talking about their sexual pasts. Dawson and Todd fly to Los Angeles after photography on Todd's ...

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