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Monica Geller: Please, stop freaking out.

Chandler Bing: I'm not freaking out. Why would I be freaking out? A woman named Heldi called and said we were getting married, but that happens everyday.

Monica Geller: Honey, we were at this beautiful place, and I-I-I just put our names down for fun! I mean, what's the harm in that?

Chandler Bing: Right here!

Monica Geller: Chandler, please don't think I was trying to pressure you. Phoebe and Rachel...

Chandler Bing: Phoebe and Rachel! So the people that knew about our wedding before me were you, Phoebe and Rachel, Heldi, and apparently some band called Starlight Magic 7 who are available by the way!

Monica Geller: It was a mistake. Please don't take this to mean anything, because it doesn't.

Chandler Bing: Okay.

Monica Geller: Really?

Chandler Bing: Yes, if it really doesn't mean anything, because you know that I'm just not ready...

Monica Geller: I know! I know.

Chandler Bing: Okay.

Monica Geller: I'm gonna go tell Joey that... that you're back. I was really worried about you.

[She leaves and Phoebe comes out of the guest bedroom]

Phoebe Buffay: Hey, did she buy it?

Chandler Bing: Totally.

Phoebe Buffay: So did Heldi show you the place?

Chandler Bing: Yeah, it's beautiful.

Phoebe Buffay: I can't believe you're gonna ask Monica to marry you!

Chandler Bing: [smiling] I know.

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Elizabeth Stevens: [while making out at Paul's cabin] Hey umm, you brought protection right?

Dr. Ross Geller: Why? Are there like bears or something?

[He looks around nervously and then sees that Elizabeth is shaking her head no]

Dr. Ross Geller: Ohh. Oh, protection. Yeah-no, yeah-no, that-that-that I forgot.

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