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  • Palidin is hired by Joe Gage to bring in Ben Coey for the murder of Mrs. Bryson's husband -- $500 Dead or $1000 Alive. Everyone tells him to just collect the $500. But Ben says he didn't do it and the only witness is Mrs. Bryson who he says he never met.



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  • A ranch owner is brutally murdered and robbed. A posse chases Ben Coey (Mort Mills) who is suspected of commiting the crime. As he is persued he kills two of the posse. Paladin reads about it in the paper and is hired to bring in Ben Coey. He is hired by Joe and Will Gage (Jack Elam and Ed Nelson) brothers to the wife (Pat Silver) of the murdered rancher. Paladin catches up with Coey who claims he is innocent of the crime. Paladin then finds himself forced to protect Coey from the brothers Joe and Will. There is a truce between Paladin and the brothers while they wait for their sister who witnessed the crime to identify Coey. She identifies him as the killer which causes a showdown as Paladin faces the brothers. Paladin has to kill Joe Gage and puts Will Gage down with a wound.

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