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  • Arnold and the rest of his fourth grade friends play the seemingly unbeatable fifth graders in touch football. Gerald, the middle child in his family, is feeling so neglected that he moves into Arnold's boarding house.

  • Mudbowl: Phoebe is determined to win a poetry contest, and when she can't think of anything to write, she copies a poem from a book. The statue of Emily Dickinson that she wins for her poem comes back again and again to haunt her. Gerald Moves Out: Gerald gets tired of his brother's wrestling moves, his sister ruining his stuff, his father always complaining about the electricity bill, and his mother always telling him what to do, so he rents a room at the Sunset Arms.


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  • Mud Bowl - The fourth graders play the fifth graders in a game of football.

    Gerald Moves Out - Gerald is tired of living at home. He decides to move into Arnold's boarding house, thinking it'll be better there. But overtime, it turns out to be much harder fending for himself there than it was at home.

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