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  • Four college students rundown a pedestrian on Christmas Eve, but refuse to say who drove. The well-off father of 1 student arranges for preferential treatment for all, to spare his family's name, but the flippant attitude of the students tortures him, so he's torn about covering up for the driver, even if it is his only daughter.

  • Four half-drunk college students motoring home for the Christmas break run over and kill a pedestrian. The two boys and two girls will not tell anyone who was actually driving. After the father of one of the four arrogant suspects begins to "pull strings" he realizes that the guilty party must accept responsibility.



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  • A man learns that his daughter and her friends were involved in a hit and run accident. The kids all say each other were driving in order to protect the true identity of the driver and as such the police are unable to charge anyone. The father finds out they were at a motel and the desk clerk can identify his daughter as the driver. Now he must come up with a way to try and keep her from going to jail.

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