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Strait's Crooked Path
doctordark16 April 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Some episodes of Man Of The World find photographer/journalist Mike Strait playing cat and mouse with ruthless thugs, while others are lighter adventures, like "Portrait of a Girl," a playful, twisty romp directed by Charles Crichton.

The story begins with a wealthy American couple named Van Kempson and their man-happy daughter Joanne arriving in England to visit their well-heeled British cousins (allegedly, because they've never actually met). When Van Kempson is fooled into buying a fake painting for 30,000 Pounds, family friend Strait gets involved to help unravel the elaborate con.

Joanne realizes that they're being swindled when she sees the "British cousin" playing a butler on a TV program (much like the Eureka! moment in 1997's The Game, when Michael Douglas sees the "doctor" in a TV commercial).

A familiar face pops up about midway through the episode. As Mike and Joanne scour the town looking for the art forger, Joanne knocks on the door of an apartment building, and a very young Donald Sutherland appears in the basement window; he has a few lines and is on-screen for about 15 seconds.
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