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(TV Series)


Michael Ensign: Raymond Toliver



  • Raymond Toliver : [finds a yellowing piece of paper inside a satinwood desk. He picks it up and reads it]  "It was our first month out."

    [the scene transitions into a flashback as Raymond reads Joshua Skinner's note] 

    Raymond Toliver : "Winter had set in early. We had just finished off the last of the beef jerky, and I was about to shoot one of the mules for supper, when Gully started screaming."

    [Gully is visibly seen screaming with joy at having found a large stash of gold] 

    Raymond Toliver : "It was the motherlode all right. Most other 49ers died broke or hungry. But Gully and me, we were set for life. Funny thing about gold: the metal itself don't change much. Heated up, melted down, buried in the ground, the gold itself never changes. But it sure changes *people* though."

    [Skinner comes out of the mine, where Gully is loading up the mules. As Gully turns, the look on his face turns to shock as Skinner bludgeons him with a shovel. Cut to present day in Raymond and Dalton Padron's antique store, where Raymond is reading the note] 

    Raymond Toliver : "Old Gully's fortune became my fortune. I never spent any of it except what it cost to build this house. Everybody is wondering where I hid the gold. The truth is, it's always been right here in this house. Where is the gold? The answer is in the journals."

  • Raymond Toliver : [shaking his head]  He killed his partner over some gold. Can you believe it?

    [Raymond turns his back, Dalton bludgeons him over the head with an antique sewing machine] 

    Dalton Padron : As a matter of fact, I can.

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