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How Could These People Continue to Function in This Way?
Hitchcoc8 August 2014
I wasn't totally negative about this offering. It has some great characters. Joe, the blues singing grandpa, is played by Bill Cobbs, a great character actor. He is wonderful in this role. He loves his grandson, but his son sees his music as a waste of time. The father finds a fancy home for the aged and sticks the old man in there. We get to see a young woman whose grandmother went from a kind, loving person to a terrified Alzheimer's patient practically over night. The rules about visitation are incredibly strict. That is because the residents are being experimented on and something is being done with their memories. They are also kept in sort of coffins, piled up in a huge warehouse. They are brought out when they have visitors and then returned. The grandson also realizes that his harsh, almost abusive father is starting to act in a totally different way. He is determined to get to the bottom of this and enlists the help of his young friend. This is an incredibly interesting episode and I would have ranked it higher if there had been a little science to explain what was going on. Also, how do some many people work in this facility without something getting out. Still, I highly recommend this one.
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You Can't Help But Cheer, And You Will Watch The Clock
richard.fuller14 May 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Ronnie wants to be just like his grandfather, Joe, an elderly blues singer and guitar-player.

Ronnie's dad isn't close with granddad, and chooses to put him in a home.

But there is something wrong with the old folks home. The residents suddenly get ill and develop high blood pressure, then alzheimers.

Ronnie meets a young girl whose grandmother showed these symptoms before she died, and Ronnie fears Joe will be next.

Fantastically done adventure with those who do the bad deeds being appropriately punished in the end.

Sides will change and the ending is a gem.

Face it, there was no way Bill Cobbs as Joe was not going to emerge upbeat.

Everyone gets what they deserve.

Ten stars.
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