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Unless you are a hardcore fan, you can safely skip this one.
Manuel-Hoerth29 October 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I love Outer Limits. Overall it is a great show with some of the best writers and many awesome episodes. But this episode is not one of those episode. Every show, no matter how good it is overall has some weak episodes.

Like the other reviewer already said, this episode felt very rushed. The acting was passable at best. And at times the acting was plain bad - so bad that I had trouble following what's going on. The special effects where even worse. The twist at the end... well (here comes the spoiler) the entire twist, is that there is no twist. Things are exactly what they appear to be, making this one of the most boring episodes.
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well acted and the story was compelling, but it felt to rushed
movieman_kev17 May 2007
An alien race, the N'Tal, make the first contact with Earth's public at large following weeks of behind the scenes diplomatic negotiations with the plea that the aliens get dead human bodies to use as hosts for them. This, of course, doesn't sit well with a lot of public citizens who rise up out of fear and hatred to rebel against what they see as an aberration. Micheal Alders (Mykelti Williamson best known as Bubba from "Forrest Gump") is tasked by the president of America to procure suitable disease-free dead carcasses. He does his job fairly well even if his personal feelings are conflicted, a problem that only increases with the death of his best friend's wife (Rae Dawn Chong). This episode started off well enough and all the right ingredients for a compelling good outer limits episode were there (parinia, fear, hatred, etcetera), but somehow it comes all unglued at the end, feeling a bit rushed, a tad to forced. I did enjoy this episode, just not as much as I should have if the story was given more time to truly breathe.

My Grade: C+
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Just a Little Too Slick
Hitchcoc23 February 2014
An alien race suddenly makes its presence known. Of course, the government is a bit suspicious at first, but the aliens ask just one thing. They want the bodies of dead people who died without severe physical damage. Once they have the bodies, they transfer their own beings into the corpses, re-animating them. They have no trace of the memory of the deceased. The person supervising this process is disgusted by his work, but carries on because his superiors have forced him. All goes reasonably well. He maintains a working agreement with the alien representative who gets frustrated with the slowness of the process. The interplanetary visitors are seen as parasites and demonstrations are actually held in the streets against the robbing of graves. All is reasonably well until the death of the wife of a coworker at the agency. He wants his wife back, even if she is only a walking shadow. This leads to his boss allowing the procedure against his better judgment, but the man insists on following the woman/alien around. The conclusion is interesting but a bit much.
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What was the point?
henrys-8854823 February 2020
I guess the moral of the episode is if you don't want body snatching aliens to steal your dead family members and inhabit them you are "hateful", a "bigot" and a "xenophobe" (Literally the words used in the episode). Sounds a little too political, too much like what the Democrat party would actually say if this happened in real life. Sorry if my opinion offends you, but I didn't write this episode. That is literally the message. Oh, and the body snatchers are called "refugees". I think if this actually happened so called progressives would give aborted children to the body snatchers. After all, Democrats love abortion and they love alien "refugees". And then they would call anyone who disagreed a "hate bigoted xenophobe", just like the message in this episode. Meanwhile, no one seemed to know much about the aliens or their true intent. This is obvious in several scenes where the main character asked very basic questions about the aliens. Isn't it common sense to gather as much information as possible FIRST before letting aliens possess human bodies and live on Earth? Yes, it is. So the episode wasn't logical. At all. Anyway, overall the episode was poorly written with no twist and ultimately boring.
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Excellent twists and turns. Out of the box concepts
thewhale-4913415 August 2019
Surprising this story has not been made into a feature film already. Logical and plausible situations. Refreshing.
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Unused potential
Bored_Dragon9 December 2018
A gaseous alien race that has remained without a mother planet seeks a refuge on Earth. They do not pose any threat and the only thing they are looking for is to inhabit the bodies of deceased people, because they can survive in a gaseous state only for a short time. A government organization is formed to transfer aliens into corpses and they are slowly integrating into society. But, as expected, not everyone agrees with the new situation and problems are inevitable.

This episode is very good in every aspect, from idea to realization, but 45 minutes is simply not enough for this kind of story to develop properly. It needs at least two hours movie, and has a serious potential for a great series. In this form, it is in range of the average "The X-Files" episode.

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