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One of the best scripts in the series so far....
searchanddestroy-123 August 2016
I have already seen nearly all the episodes of this tremendous show from the seventies...Nearly. And this scheme of police officers accused of firing on suspects in an abusing way, this topic has already been talked about. Even in the WARNING SHOT scheme manner; do you remember, the story where the authorities could not find the weapon which the victim was supposed to fire at the cop with... But the novelty here is that you have different cases and policemen involved...and also even a security guard in a supermarket. I appreciated to have here a longer, twice longer, episode which permitted to spread the story and so take time to develop characters; one thing not always very easy on shorter lengths. I find here some new series kind of screen plays, with so many stories in parallel, which eventually collide. Yes, definitely one of the best and interesting episode of the series. You have here a top performance from Jim Farantino, especially in the scene just after he shot the Black suspect. Watch him, shaking on his legs with his face in sweat. And this topic about policemen firing on suspects, especially Black ones, is still forty years later a so hot matter. Look at the news pages...
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