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John Saint Ryan: Fergus


  • [first lines] 

    Fergus : I'm not going.

    Conor : You're acting like a child, Fergus.

    Fergus : No, I'm not. You can't make me go if I don't want to.

    Conor : Would you listen to this? Fergus, I can't help it if the village that has volunteered to build the new meeting house for the Confederation of Tribes, at great cost to them and of vital importance to the movement, is the same village where your wife lives.

    Fergus : She's not my wife.

    Conor : Right, she's-she's not your wife. She's Molly's mother and she's your... whatever you call her.

    Fergus : I don't call her anything.

    Conor : Fine. Let's go.

    Fergus : No.

    Conor : Why not!

    Fergus : I'm not going.

    Molly : He's afraid of her. Always has been.

    Fergus : I am not.

    Molly : He left her. She hates him, and when he shows his face, she's going to pound it flat. Big warrior.

    Fergus : I am not afraid.

    Molly : You're afraid.

  • Molly : Dunn!

    Dunn : Molly, my love.

    Molly : Where's my mother?

    Dunn : Give us a kiss.

    Fergus : [shoving Dunn from Molly]  Calm yourself, lad.

    Dunn : Is this him?

    Molly : My da.

    Dunn : I can see you got your brains from your mother. He's probably good for heavy lifting, though.

    Fergus : I'll be killing you now.

  • [suspecting Dunn is trying to doublecross them, Conor and Fergus have a fight, resulting in the "death" of Fergus] 

    Caitlin : Who do you think prepared the body?

    Fergus : I wondered who they were burnin'.

    Caitlin : It's rags and leaves and some old meat. Took me all night.

    Fergus : Meat?

    Caitlin : It had to smell like you.

    Fergus : Don't insult the dead.

  • Caitlin : Wait a minute. Wait. You pretended to love Molly, so that he would pretend to fight you, and you would pretend to kill him so that Dunn would tell Longinus?

    Conor , Fergus : Yes.

    Caitlin : Well, why didn't you tell me?

    Conor : We're telling you now.

  • Molly : [to Conor]  I liked it when you said you loved me.

    Caitlin : You said she wasn't in on it. Why didn't you tell me? She was in on it the whole time.

    Fergus : Well, we needed you to think that...

    Caitlin : Oh, shut up!

  • Conor : Have we thought of everything?

    Fergus : Well, we won't know until it's too late.

    Conor : Well, if it doesn't work, I'm glad I've known you... and I'm sorry I killed you.

    Fergus : What's a little murder between friends, huh?

  • Conor : Catlin...

    Caitlin : I'm not talking to you.

    Conor : Right.

    Fergus : Look at it this way. If you die, she'll love you.

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