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Alex Nesic: Christian Aumont


  • The Scholar : Tell me, brother, what is the greatest Jihad?

    Christian Aumont : To kill the unbelievers in battle.

    The Scholar : -Chuckling-... No...

    Christian Aumont : No?

    The Scholar : The Holy Profit, peace be upon Him, said that war against the unbelievers is the lesser Jihad. The greatest Jihad is to battle you own soul, to fight the evil within yourself.

  • The Scholar : God does not change the condition of a people until they change what is in themselves. How can we end the oppression of the Muslims by resorting to even worse behavior? If our spiritual and moral condition worsens, how can we expect God to improve our economic and political conditions?... This is the fallacy of the self-styled Jihadist who murders innocent civilians who...

    Christian Aumont : -How can you expect Muslims to be civilized when the Americans, the Israelis, the Russians, kill thousands of Muslim civilians and dismiss it as collateral damage? The Holy Qur'an permits an eye for an eye. If the unbelievers kill our civilians we have the right to do the same.

    The Scholar : Allah permits retaliation only against the guilty party, not against innocents. Surah 53, verse 38 says, "no soul shall bear the burden of another"

    Christian Aumont : The Holy Qur'an also says, "and kill them wherever you find them, and drive them out of the places where they drove you out, for persecution is worse than killing".

    The Scholar : You forgot the first part of that verse, brother. "Fight in God's cause against those who fight you, but do not commit aggression. God does not love aggressors". There are many who are seeking God, but end instead up following the Devil.

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