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Trapped in the Mind of a Serial Killer
claudio_carvalho16 August 2008
While chasing the serial killer Conrad Phibes (Patrick Kilpatrick) in a flower shop, Detective Burke (Jeff Doucette) shoots him in the head under the protest of his partner Detective Fusco (Romy Rosemont). Conrad enters in a deep coma and is near death, and Fusco seeks out Dr. Nathan Bradford (Bruce Greenwood). She explains that Conrad has killed many red-haired women with blue eyes and his last victim, Rochelle Davis (Dorion Davis), has not been found yet and might be alive. Kate Russell (Naomi Watts) decides to lure Conrad, painting her hair and wearing contact lens, and enters in his mind with Ben Costigan (Jeffrey D. Samms) trying to find the destiny of Rochelle. However, the evil killer has his tricks and the plan does not succeed, jeopardizing Kate's safety and sanity.

This episode was released in Brazil in a single DVD with "Pilot". However, the story is disappointing and confusing, maybe because there are many episodes missing. There are terrible and shameful mistakes in Brazilian title and the original title on the cover of the Brazilian DVD. My vote is six.

Title (Brazil): "Entre o Bem e o Mal – Quando a Realidade Termina" ("Between the Good and Evil – When the Reality Ends")
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