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Jim Cummings: Louie


  • Louie : [At the end of the episode; after saving the kingdom of Macadamia from a coup]  So are we going back to Macadamia?

    Baloo : Oh no, I've had enough of those nuts!

    Louie : We going out on that joke?

    Baloo : Looks like it.

  • King Amok : [after Trample is exposed]  Well, anything to say, Trample?

    Chancellor Trample : [bawling]  Convict me! Jail me! Torture me!

    Louie , Baloo , Princess Lotta Lamour : Sounds fair.

  • Baloo : Well, Here we are at last; On the Road to Macadamia.

    Louie : Huh, That sounds suspciously like a song cue to me.

    Baloo : Is that a request?

    Louie : No, I was warnin' the camels so they could cover their ears!

    [Camel brays] 

    Louie : See, your reputation precedes you.

  • Louie : [Seeing the Impoverished state of the Kingdom]  Dig, Last time we was here Macadamia was knee-deep in dough.

    [Three locals chase a chicken with cutlery] 

    Baloo : Well, it looks like the *Dough*, ran *low*.

  • Chancellor Trample : Your majesty; If you allow me to wed Princess Lotta Lamour, I will donate my fortune to save the Kingdom.

    Princess Lotta Lamour : No! I will never marry Chancellor Trample! He is a loathsome, festering carbuncle on the face of our Kingdom!

    Chancellor Trample : [undeterred]  What are you *really* saying?

    Princess Lotta Lamour : Touch me, and you're *dust*, buster.

    Baloo : I like that girl's spark!

    Louie : The rest of her ain't bad, either, man.

  • Princess Lotta Lamour : [after a Cobra appears under a hat]  What'll we do?

    Louie : Can't you *charm* a snake with music?

    Baloo : Yeah! I'll *sing*!

    Louie : I'll take my chances with the snake!

  • Chancellor Trample : En guard!

    [takes sword from shield] 

    Louie : Whoa! My Mama didn't raise me to be no cold cut!

  • Princess Lotta Lamour : I don't know what I can do to thank you.

    Louie : Well, I'd be happy to prepare a short list...

    Baloo : [picks Louie up]  And when it comes to *short*, He's an expert!

    Louie : Isn't it time for you to *hibernate*?

    [snaps Baloo's cap over his eyes] 

  • Louie : Let's make like a nose and blow!

  • Princess Lotta Lamour : [Sees Louie doing his "psychic" turn]  What is he doing?

    Baloo : An out-of-body experience; No wonder with a body like his.

    Louie : Better out of my body than out of your mind.

    [shines crystal ball in Baloo's eyes] 

    Princess Lotta Lamour : [groans]  I may go out of *mine*, if I have to marry Trample.

    Baloo : Now don't you worry blue-blooded head, ol' Babaloo will save you.

    [attempts to kiss her but Louie cuts in] 

    Louie : En contraire, Babaloo,

    [kicks him out of the way] 

    Louie : If anybody's gonna save her, it's gonna be me

    [cuddles up to Lotta] 

    Baloo : Tut, tut, now run along and scare up a seance!

    [shoves Louie out the way but, he returns and is about to hit him with the crystal ball] 

    Louie : Why, you Wolf in Bear's clothin'!

    Princess Lotta Lamour : Don't fight; You see I'm very fond of you *both*.

    [to Louie] 

    Princess Lotta Lamour : You're so Brave!

    [to Baloo] 

    Princess Lotta Lamour : You're so Strong!

    Louie , Baloo : You're so right!

    Baloo : You can count on, us Princess.

    Princess Lotta Lamour : Thank you.

    [kisses Baloo] 

    Princess Lotta Lamour : and You.

    [kisses Louie; both he and Baloo collapse love struck, Lotta sighs before leaving their suite, the guys run to the mirror to check themselves out] 

    Baloo : Guess I'm just her type.

    Louie : Yeah, Dumb, Dark and Hairy! Puff up your pillow and *dream*, I'm the guy with the Magic!

    Baloo : Good! Then why don't you just *disappear*!

    [yanks Turban down over Louie's eyes] 

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