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Candi Milo: Irma Lair, Principal Knickebocker


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    Will Vandom : [voiceover]  It was over. Took everyone and everything we had. Teamwork. Harmony. Yeah, that's how we maxed out our power. Anyway, we won! We all made tracks, and the Regents abandoned the glamour. The destruction downtown was blamed on the snow storm, which made no sense, but... people believe what they want to believe. Case in point: Nerissa. She would remain with Julian, and... maybe in time, father and son would make peace with what she had done. Meanwhile, the other baddies were back where they belonged, and so was a fully-powered Elyon on Meridian's throne, surrounded by people she could trust, including Raythor, who finally has a monarch worthy of his service. It was... kind of a new start for everyone. The Council of Candracar was back in business. Queen Kadma returned her heart to Zambala, but abdicated her throne for a more, uh, humble life on Earth, and a ghost-free Cassidy went home, too. Yan Lin introduced her family to her "long-lost twin sister", Mira, while the rest of us just tried to find our way back to "normal". It pretty much took all Winter Break, but by the time school started, I think we had finally decompressed.

    Mrs. Knickerbocker : Girls! Oh, girls. I'd like to introduce you to our new computer instructor. This is Professor Raphael Sylla.

    Sylla : And I'm looking forward to getting to know all five of you.

    Will Vandom : [voiceover]  Yep. Everything back to normal.

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