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Season 1

15 Mar. 2007
An accountant moves into an office formerly owned by a private investigator and begins picking up side work as a private eye, after clients looking for the office's previous occupant inquire about his services.
22 Mar. 2007
Fairway, My Lovely
Andy's client, Guy Halverson, dies during a round of golf. Though natural causes is the apparent reason, Halverson's wife is convinced he was murdered. Andy's investiagtion leads to the discovery that Halverson had multiple lovers: could one of them be his killer?
29 Mar. 2007
Three Days of the Chicken
Wally is blackmailed by Transcor, a chicken cartel that murders any of those who are against them. But this doesn't stop Andy from trying.
5 Apr. 2007
Dial M for Laptop
The case of the missing laptop and the credit card scam.
14 Apr. 2007
The Big No Sleep
Andy looks for a stuffed toy while investigating a doctor who is having an affair with a patient with a dubious illness.
14 Apr. 2007
The Lady Varnishes
Andy discovers a letter from a woman who was framed for murder some forty years ago. Lew's former partner, the real murderer, will stop at nothing to keep the truth from coming out.

 Season 1 

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