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Maxx the movie on DVD
comtekcc14 September 2006
I have seen this Iranian block buster film and I loved it.

A smash hit in Iran, MAXX is a delightful musical comedy starring a cast of fresh faces, including Farhad Ayish in the title role. In this hilarious tale of mistaken identity, Maxx, a performer in a Los Angeles night club, receives an invitation to participate in a music festival in Teran. Upon arriving in Iran, Maxx is astounded by the warm welcome and the many invitations to important cultural events. Little does he know that his invitation was originally intended for a prominent symphony conductor with a similar name. When authorities in Iran discover Maxx is a rapper, chaos erupts.
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samadkhatibi28 September 2006
For ones who know about Iran's social and political situation It's very easy to understand the great comedy of this story and be familiar with the jokes and get the concept. In fact many people doesn't have any clear idea about Iran and it's very important that we have some information about Iran before watching the movie. so this is all about it:

  • We have a very dogmatic government that controls everything, exactly through a movie. There's no movie that has not at least 2 censored parts. The whole concept of Maxx is criticizing the political-cultural relations in Iran and not only criticizing, but also LAUGHING at them

  • Maxx was filmed during the last years of President Khatami's period. We had a liberal atmosphere that never happen again. This is an important factor because without that little democracy not even Maxx, many films could not be produced.

  • Maxx has very powerful scenario that put a deep challenge through the government and also Iranian nation, with an extra-ordinary jokes and comedy situation. It reaches to a level that we don't have in Iranian movies, some slap-stick, some verbal jokes, and also great visual jokes. For foreigners it may reminds "Naked Gun"s or "Hot Shots"s... but it's totally different.

  • In my opinion, Maxx is a caricature from Iran. Even we don't have that much freedom like those days, but it reminds me about some little chances, some happiness, some hope... that doesn't exist today.

I recommend you to see this DVD.

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Hilarious Iranian Comedy!
sheiban-s1 January 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Watching a lot of Iranian comedies, I find them to be tacky and interesting at best. After watching Maxx tonight, I have to admit, this took the cake! Maxx is a café singer in Los Angeles and is invited to a prominent cultural event in Tehran. He is astounded by the warm welcome since he finds himself to be nothing special. He's very clueless and finds out eventually that the invitation to Iran wasn't meant for him but to another fellow with the same name, who has prominence and his music falls in line with the conservative government's values of Iran. Maxx's character in Iran had heads scratching, especially when he starts crying when he sees an Iranian toilet for the first time and starts singing cabaret music at important cultural functions! When the government learns the true nature of Maxx, all hell breaks loose! The story ends happily with Maxx being given a chance to do a concert that he was promised and then to leave, along with him fixing the lives of his hosts who were estranged from each other or very conceited.

Overall, this story is heartwarming and a funny edition. If you enjoy international films and comedies, then this should definitely be on top of your list.
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