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More Than Enough To Tell In U.S. History
DKosty12327 May 2019
Warning: Spoilers
"Never has a race given so much, but has been given so little." That sums up the contributions of Black people fighting for the United States throughout the hsitory of this nation. The main casting here is extremely appropriate with Colin Powell introducing and Halle Barry as an bright and intelligent hostess. Being Memorial Day, I wathced this series for the first time.

It is extremely impressive. Much in the style of Ken Burns Civil War series, the backbones of this series are the letters and notes written and left behind by it's heroes. There are more of them here, than ever covered before in any History Class. Too often, History's focus, like the main stream media, is focus on the villians of history and not on it's heros.

This series finds and tells the story of many, starting at the beginning and going up to when it was completed in 2010. This story helps paint the picture of a country that is always in conflicts throughout history and points out that through the different values which were the paradox of Black History in the United States, there were Black Heros no matter what the circumstances. It is a story of survival and the giving of the ultimate sacrifice in order to survive.

This series last part concludes with the ultimate goal of a black President and the beginning of the war on terrorism, which still continues. While there are so many glorious heroes, there always seems to be the need for more. Still, it is important that this history is here, before it gets lost. Often, the series effectively employs the graves of those heoes we have lost to have history.

The main thing that has changed since this series, but remains the same too, is that the U.S. is still going to need more heroes. Today, as the upstart young Western Nation, we are under attack more than ever from outside, and from within. Those attacks never seem to being peace, but do bring more paradox to a nation that invented mass destruction, yet must keep fighting not to have that destruction destroy all of us.

For Memorial Day, while we pause to remember, and reflect, this series is a great reminder that despite how much and many we have lost, we are still going.
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