Frontier(s) (2007) Poster


David Saracino: Tom



  • Tom : [lighting up weed]  Okay, that's my last joint.

    Farid : Liar.

    Tom : Okay, me second to last... third to last, maximum.

  • Tom : [driving around]  We're still in France here?

    Farid : We're in the Middle Ages.

  • Tom : Good evening, ladies. Can we get a room?

    Gilberte : Everything is possible here. All the rooms are available.

    Tom : Well, it's our lucky day.

    Gilberte : I don't know. You have a lucky number?

    Tom : Two. We can do so many things in twos.

  • Tom : Don't you want a guy like me? A real man. You probably don't see many in here.

    Gilberte : Usually we have truck drivers here. You... you look sensitive.

    Farid : He bangs anything that moves.

  • Tom : [to Gilberte]  I'm a sensitive guy.

    [points to eyes] 

    Tom : Look, my sensitivity is right there.

    [points to crotch] 

    Tom : And it's there, too.

  • Gilberte : Something wrong?

    Tom : Let's say that I didn't think we'd eat like a family, but I'm all right.

    Klaudia : It's more cozy.

  • Tom : [to Farid]  Fascist country. I told you that France was ten years behind the USA. Here it comes - finally we have our George Bush.

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