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Chase Masterson: Xela


  • Xela : Remember. A live fox is better than a dead one.

  • Conqueror Navigator Yara : Captain. A number of vessels were able to escape.

    Commander Garan : Hunt them down?

    Captain John Harriman : No... let them go. They shall bear witness to what happened here today.

    Xela : Cunning. Now you'll be feared ever more.

  • Xela : [aiming a phaser at Harriman]  Give me one reason I shouldn't kill you where you stand.

    Captain John Harriman : I can't... but there must be one, or you would have done it by now.

  • Commander Garan : We have the rebel vessel in our tractor beam.

    Koval : Allow me the pleasure of destroying it.

    Xela : [scoffs]  Typical Klingon. Act first, think later. What do we gain from destroying it?

    Koval : They are enemies of the Galactic Order!

    Commander Garan : Captain, intelligence indicates this might be the vessel we've been looking for.

    Xela : [saunters seductively over to Harriman's chair]  This could be very good for you. Capturing the fox is sure to impress Curate Prime.

    Koval : Man your station, tokhe straav'!

    [Klingon: "willing slave"] 

    Koval : Leave the battle to the men.

    Captain John Harriman : Koval, you need to be more courteous towards Xela.

    Koval : Why should I? She is a straav'!

    Captain John Harriman : Yes, but she's *my* slave. You need to remember that.

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