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The Star Trek Controversy: CBS and Paramount vs. Fan Films

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Paramount Pictures and CBS TV have drawn a line in the sand to stop the creation of fan-made films based on Star Trek. Because of the increasing high-quality of fan projects like Star Trek Axanar, the two big corporations have initiated a series of new rules designed to limit the scope and proliferation of the many independently made Star Trek projects. Is this fair?

Independently made Star Trek projects are nothing new. The first Trek fan-made movie was filmed in Super 8 back in 1978. Since the introduction of the internet, Star Trek fan films and ongoing series have exploded in number. Within the last decade, we’ve had Trek fan series like Starship Exeter, Starship Farragut, Star Trek: Intrepid, Star Trek the New Voyages (Aka Star Trek Phase 2) and, the best one of all, Star Trek Continues, to name a few. We’ve also had full-length independent films like
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Indie Film Star Trek: Renegades Coming to Crest Theatre

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The doors of iconic Crest Theatre in Westwood, CA will be opening for a Red Carpet event of the Indie film, Star Trek: Renegades on Saturday, August 1st, 2015.

After seeing the trailer below I am as giddy as a school girl! I Cannot wait to see this on Blu-Ray and you have chance to see it Before me!

Check out this Awesome Trailer And Poster!!!!!!

There were So many actors from the Star Trek franchise that made this film happen.

Cast includes: Walter Koenig as Admiral Chekov (Star Trek Series – Pavel Chekov), Tim Russ as Tuvok (Tuvok from Voyager), Adrienne Wilkinson as Captain Lexxa Singh (Zena/Star Wars), Sean Young as Dr. Lucien (Blade Runner), Robert Picardo as Dr. Lews Zimmerman (Voyager), Gary Graham as Ragnar (Alien Nation), Richerd Herd as Admiral Paris (V), Manu Intiraymi as Icheb (Voyager), Bruce A. Young as Borrada (The Sentinel), Edward Furlong as Fixer
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Star Trek: 47 geeky things about the Next Generation films

From Star Trek: Generations through to Star Trek: Nemesis - here are 47 nerdy spots in the Next Generation films...

Since Star Trek: The Motion Picture in 1979, the Star Trek cinematic outings have proved to be a smorgasbord of references and famous actors (or those who would go on to be), and often had complex behind the scenes events that stopped some rather, ahem, fascinating moments making it to the final version. We found lots of nerdy spots in the first six films here.

This time out we look at the films featuring the cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation and choose 47 factoids. Granted, there's a lot more than that of interest, but we've tried for ones that you might not be aware of.

Oh, and there are some major spoilers...

Star Trek: Generations (1994)

1. The first of the Next Generation films was something of a rush job as principal photography
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Benedict Cumberbatch addresses 'terrorist' role in Star Trek Into Darkness, insists it's not Khan

Ever since the announcement of a Star Trek sequel - which was before the 2009 reboot was even released - fans have been trying to guess what villain or threat the crew of the Enterprise would face.

At first Benecio Del Toro was offered the part of the baddie, rumoured at the time to be Khan Noonien Singh, the genetically-engineered superhuman memorably portrayed by Ricardo Montalban on the big and small screen. But he dropped out of negotiations in December, 2011, and in January 2012, Benedict Cumberbatch was cast in his place.

Since then, there has been chatter about whether Cumberbatch is playing Khan or perhaps Gary Mitchell, or even Sybok. But now a new name has been thrown into the mix.

Mitchell was a Starfleet lieutenant commander who gained Esp abilities after he was zapped by the Galactic Barrier. He became a danger to the ship and crew and Kirk was forced
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Star Trek: Renegades – Exclusive Interview With Trek Writer Jack Trevino

Star Trek is pretty much unique when it comes to fan-made movies and episodes that pay homage to the sci-fi series. Left alone by CBS and Paramount (as long as they don’t try to make money from them) fans build elaborate sets and even bring in recognisable Star Trek actors to produce work that is anything but amateur.

The latest hoping to go into production is Star Trek: Renegades, co-written by Jack Trevino and staring Walter Koenig, Tim Russ, Garrett Wang and Robert Picardo among others, names that will be familiar to any Star Trek fan.

Jack Trevino is no stranger to the world of Star Trek. Having written the hugely popular fan-made miniseries Star Trek: Of Gods And Men which stared a number of Star Trek actors including Walter Koenig and Nichelle Nichols. The series was awarded ‘Best Web Production 2008’ by SyFy Portal which is now Alpha Airlock.

Retro TV Stars Show Appreciation for Their Fans

Photo by Pop Culture Passionistas

This past weekend at the Hilton Universal City, hundreds of stars gathered to meet and greet fans, and reunite with old friends at the HollywoodXpo. For Trekkies the highlight of the event was the Star Trek: Of Gods and Men Internet series cast reunion. Personally, we preferred a few other star spottings—The Brady Bunch's Susan Olsen, Bewitched's Erin Murphy, Happy Days' Erin Moran, and Lost in Space's June Lockhart and Mark Goddard.

We asked some of the celebrities why they come to these kinds of events. Replies ranged from selfless charitable giving to a deep respect for their fans to a simple need to earn some cash.

We asked Susan Olsen, who played Cindy (the youngest one in curls) on The Brady Bunch, why she likes to do these kind of shows and she joked, "I actually don't. I really don't like these things.
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Don’t Miss the Hollywood Xpo

Photo by Pop Culture Passionistas

If you’re a Los Angeles based pop culture fan and you’relooking for something to do this weekend, boy do we have great news for you.Hollywood Xpo is coming to the Burbank-adjacent Hilton Universal City fromOctober 15 to 17. And, trust us, you aren’t going to want to miss it.

Over 100 stars will be on hand to address fans and signautographs during the course of this three-day event. And there’s something foreveryone.

As with any good entertainment themed convention, StarTrek fans are being well served. Prior to the Xpo kick-off on Friday, therewill be a special Thursday night screening of Star Trek: Of Gods and Men. Thethree-part Internet mini-series unites cast members from all five series andmany of them will be on hand for a special on-stage appearance at the HollywoodXpo on Friday. So, Trekkies should be thrilled to see Chekov (Walter Koenig
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Garrett Wang to Lead Dragon*Con Trek Track

Dragon*Con, North America’s largest fan-run Sf convention, has hired a pro — actor Garrett Wang of Star Trek: Voyager — to lead its popular Star Trek track at this year’s event.

The con recently dispatched longtime TrekTrak director Eric Watts “with thanks” for his 17 years of service and promised attendees that “nothing has prepared you for what we have in store for this year’s ‘Trek Track.’”

Wang, best known for his role as Ensign Harry Kim in Star Trek: Voyager, accepted the position of Trek Track director. In his seven seasons on the popular series, Wang became a fan favorite as the clarinet-playing operations officer of the USS Voyager.

The Dragon*Con announcement called Wang “a science fiction fan as well as a Star Trek insider [who] will bring a fresh perspective to this year’s programming.”

I worked with him on the semi-pro production, Star Trek: Of Gods and Men,
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