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Way better than Saw and the sequel is really good too!
dejavuicutooo29 March 2019
I truly enjoyed this movie. It was really good all the way around from my point of view. I definitely felt it was better than Saw, and if it had half the marketing that Saw did, I feel it would've made a Huge "cult" following. If you liked Saw you probably will like this, but even if you didn't like Saw you still might like this, lol. It has a different plot line, decent acting and not too far fetched. If you watch this and happen to feel the way I do, you will like sequel "The Collection" too. Enjoy!!
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Not Afraid To Be Horror
t-g-orrell8 July 2010
I've read reviews off and on that dog this movie. I wonder sometimes if the people that dislike this movie so much, dislike the horror genre. If I were to rate a musical, I would probably give it a low score myself.

This movie is not perfect, but because the horror in it is done well enough, it is worthwhile to suspend some disbelief to go along with the ride. This isn't a PG-13 teen scare. People tote the term "torture-porn" I think because the killing is done is such an unapologetic, organized fashion. Every kill is planned and gruesome. In the horror genre, what actually is wrong with that?

While Rob Zombie and others are destroying monsters (Zombie basically killed the icon of Michael Myers) by humanizing them too much, it is refreshing to have a new killer killing for killing-sake. Isn't that worth a ride (assuming you are into horror)?
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Visceral fun
Cujo10831 July 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Arkin is an ex-con turned handyman who cases the houses that he works on. When his wife needs money to pay off some dangerous loan sharks, he decides to break into the house that he's currently fixing up, that of the wealthy Chase family, ahead of schedule. The family is all set to go on a vacation, so he figures it shouldn't be too much of a problem. When he hits the house late at night, everything seems normal aside from a suspicious guard dog leashed in the front yard. Arkin shrugs it off and goes for the safe, but while attempting to crack the combination, he hears someone moving about in the house. You see, Arkin isn't the only intruder on the property. A sadistic madman has beaten him to the punch, only he isn't interested in collecting gemstones. He's interested in collecting people that he deems worthy, and those that he doesn't will meet a most unpleasant end.

Going into this film on the weekend of it's theatrical release, at the very least I had hoped for a pleasant diversion. It had certainly caught my eye, but the director's connection with the atrocious Saw franchise gave me reservations. Fortunately, not only did I have nothing to worry about, but seeing it wound up being the best time I had in a theater last year. What transpires for the majority of the film's running time is a tense game of cat and mouse between Arkin and the collector. You can tell that the latter suspects someone else is running around the house, but Arkin manages to avoid him while trying to rescue the family in the process. In fact, the collector never would have known about Arkin, as he was out of the house without ever having been spotted. That damn kid!

Marcus Dunstan and his crew really did a lot with the budget they had. The film has a unique look and sound design. The look is a large part of what drew me to the film in the first place back when the TV spots were airing. Solid use of music as well. It's fierce, it's visceral and it's nasty, but the atmosphere created here is what sets the thing apart from others. That and the collector himself, a wicked villain who goes after his victims with an intensity that I found refreshing. No slow slasher walk here. The eyes were a nice touch too, reflective like those of an animal.

The security system from Hell is an intriguing twist on your typical home invasion setup. It certainly makes for some unique situations. There's a different trap around every corner, so no running at full blast to make an escape and you had better watch where you fall. The boyfriend's fate is the film's best set piece, almost Grand Guignol in it's execution. There's also one demise that can best be described as human flypaper.

There are some suspension of disbelief flaws in there, but I enjoyed the ride too much to really mind in this case. It's a mean horror film that is strong on mood and takes itself seriously. Hard to believe it's from the guys behind various Saw movies, as I can't stand any of those.
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Very (Un)pleasantly Surprised.
tim-danaher20 June 2010
Pleasantly surprised since this is a way-above average shocker. Unpleasantly surprised because there's an awful lot of unpleasant surprises!

This had me jumping, open-mouthed, rewinding to check that I'd REALLY just seen what I saw...I don't think I've been as jumpy as this since the tower scene in 'In Bruges'.The editing of the gore scenes was brilliantly done, adding to the tension and the in- your-face, jumping-out-of-the-shadows quality. I'm also surprised that the writers and director were able to keep the ending they did: I thought it would have been preview- screened out of existence.

The film did take a while to get going, but when it hits its stride...phew! Although I'd never seen any of the actors before, the performances were top- notch.

Makes the last SAW films look like a teddy-bear's picnic...apparently, it was written by the writers of the last few SAW movies. They seem to have found their form again.
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Another flesh-and-blood serial-killer whose powers make Odin, Darth Vader, Pinhead, and Nosferatu red with envy.
fedor825 December 2012
Warning: Spoilers
It started some time in the 90s, roughly. The typical big-screen serial-killer's power, stamina, skills, intelligence, and incredible luck grew with every additional retarded thriller. Eventually – and this was a natural progression of the retarded regression of this increasingly cretinous sub-genre – the serial-killer acquired magical powers as well, but without becoming a ghost or a demon (which is the only way all this illogical piffle could be half-way justified). This is when the movie serial-killer became invincible. By the 00s, he had as much power as all the Nordic and Hindu gods combined, and then some. TC: another recent entry in a long line of such amazingly mindless little filmic concoctions. If green, bug-eyed aliens ever invade us and slaughter us all, they might one day find a copy of TC, watch it, and then realize: "Yup, we were right all along. We did the right thing."

The "Collector" (duh name) is a man (not a creature) who has no rhyme, reason, or purpose. He simply shows up at a random household, kills and tortures everyone in sight, but has a generally friendly relationship with spiders and large blood-sucking cockroaches (which he keeps in jars and occasionally feeds with blood pouring out of his victims' stomachs). We are told by his bloodied and beaten up "bait" that the Collector "kills people he doesn't need, and keeps those he wants". (Huh?) Not in one scene is there the slightest indication that this might be true; he kills everyone. Besides, what would he keep any of those dumb stereotypes captive for? They're awfully-written Tinseltown characters; who the hell needs them? I certainly don't. So in a sense "the collector" is quite right to kill them all, but while he's at it he should have gone for the writers' and the director's throats, too, and then jumped off a cliff: the only way to get rid of ALL of the wasteful carbon-based debris here.

Nor is it even clear how the hell "bait" knows this about "the collector", considering that the killer doesn't utter a word during the entire movie. I can't quite picture the killer driving, with "bait" sitting in the back of the van in his box, the two holding a conversation: "Well, you know, I keep those I want and kill those I don't want. That's kinda my shtick." In fact, when the movie finishes, you are none-the-wiser about either the killer's appearance, motivation or his background. He starts off as the perennial non-descript Man In The Mask, and he leaves the movie as the Man In The Mask, pissing off in his van. The point? None. What have we gained from TC? Diarrhea. The writers didn't even bother to give us a back-story, not even vague clues to it. To return the favour, I won't bother to watch anything else they ever did or will do in the future; certainly a great way to build up a fan-base.

The killer manages to set about a gazillion booby-traps within a single night, a workload that a team of experts would be required for, working for at least a day. The booby-traps are so intricate and spread out that it would require slow tip-toe walking – at all times – for this so-called "collector" to even move about the house without falling into any of them, especially since it is dark half the time. He has super-human strength (and this description might be considered an insult by "the collector" because his physical prowess is about 1000 times larger than super-human), and yet the burglar manages to throw him around the kitchen like a rag doll. Even sillier, by that point the burglar shouldn't have had energy left to punch out a baby seal, let alone a killer with Jedi powers; the burglar had already been cut, butchered, tortured, burned, slashed and diced… Perhaps he too has super-human powers? Why would I even ask this question: of course he does.

As does the little girl. Her very predictable survival is just one of the many symptoms of the clichéd script. Somehow she manages to achieve what none of the seven adults had. Not the only predictable plot-device or turn of events: did the writers of this tired script actually think that we didn't anticipate that the burglar would be hit by a police car? That's the oldest shtick in the book. What we could NOT anticipate however was that the writers would actually get "the collector" to ram his car against the ambulance and then pick up the burglar, whom he then very predictably sticks into his "bait-box" - nevermind the dozen police cars all around.

Just so the film-makers ensured that we know that everyone in this movie is either a mindless zombie moron or a hell-fire demon-god, the burglar actually CARES about the fact that he's got the diamond, and even ASKS the ambulance technician what time it is so that he can deliver it on time to his loser wife. That scene could have been so funny – in a silly ZAZ comedy. Why would they include such a goofy, funny moment in a sadistic-killer-on-the-loose thriller. I am so SURPRISED that such a perfectly put-together movie would have such a silly glitch.

But it's me who's silly; I am actually trying to tie some of these dumb shenanigans to the real world. TC's parallel universe makes the "Hellraiser" franchise seem like a BBC science documentary series. There is nothing in this run-of-the-mill flick that even remotely has to do with the world we humans inhabit. This ridiculous "story" might as well be set on planet Zong.
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The movie hard core horror fans have been waiting for
aprilataylor31 July 2009
Warning: Spoilers
If you're tired of all of the watered down PG-13 so-called "horror" movies of late and if the thought of sitting through one more remake (or "re-imagining" as the studios have dubbed them) makes you want to tear your hair out then The Collector will be a welcome respite. Yes, there are similarities to Saw and Hostel and yes some will deride this flick as being nothing more than the latest entry into the "torture porn" genre but if you're a horror fan and you let those things deter you from experiencing this film on the big screen then you're going to miss out on a truly enjoyable evening at the movies.

Full disclosure: I LOVED the original Saw and have at least liked all of the sequels. I wasn't a big fan of the original Hostel and there have been several other so-called "torture" flicks that have elicited no response from me other than a big yawn. The writers/directors of The Collector were involved in the creation of Saw 4-6 but I think that they've done a much better job with this movie.

Don't go into this flick expecting a complete retread of Saw because you're not going to get it. Sure, there's a killer who utilizes a form of traps to kill people but his methods are different. First off, he gets his own hands dirty, unlike Jigsaw, who sits back and watches from a distance. Second, redemption apparently doesn't matter to him. The major difference between The Collector and Jigsaw is that Jigsaw gives people a chance to save themselves. The Collector doesn't want you to live... unless you're the one that he's chosen to collect (see tag line, "He always takes one").

This film has a basic plot but it's in its simplicity that it excels. There are no convoluted layers to see past (or to laugh at, as is so often the case) and the basic setup doesn't try to be anything fancy. You'll learn everything that you need to know about the main characters within the first 15 minutes and then you can just sit back and watch everything unfold.

The camera work is excellent and the film comes across as extremely dark, discordant and claustrophobic. The soundtrack is perfectly in tune with the feel of the movie and really heightens the timing of each of the scares.

By now I'm sure that you've heard that the film is very bloody and that's an understatement. There is nothing contained within the trailers that will prepare you for what you're going to see on the big screen. The film made everyone in the audience be they young, old, male or female, gasp at least once.

If you're into gore I highly recommend that you see this film and make sure that you stay until the end of the credits.
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One of my favourite horrors
lukenolan-0187717 March 2019
If you can sit tight for the first 20 minutes which is a little slow your soon rewarded with a tense on the edge of your seat violent bloody thriller/horror were you find yourself rooting for the better of the villains you would usually hate but end up screaming at the tv in support of. Iv watched this loads of times now and still love this film please watch
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Disgusting,Suspenseful, Awesome
czavaleta731 August 2009
I saw this film yesterday with two of my friends.It was this or Funny People but I've lost faith in Adam Sandler since "You Don't Mess With the Zohan" And none of us wanted to watch Harry Potter so walking in to the The Collector it was fifty fifty that it was going to be any good considering it's from the writers of the last couple of Saw movies. But I was surprised at how great it was. The setup was quick the violence is gory and there was some scary disturbing moments plus the last couple of minutes were really intense. And The Collector puts Jigsaw,Jason,and Freddy to shame at least in my opinion.Plus this was way better than the amazingly crappy Transformers 2.
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one badass mousetrap
bihaughs3 August 2009
Warning: Spoilers
for horror movie fans, 'The Collector' has everything you would want and nothing you expect. From the writers of 'Saw 4-6' comes a new chapter in America's love affair with the sub-genre known as "torture porn". To me it plays more like an R-rated 'Home Alone'. You know, if Macauley Culkin's traps were made VERY effective.

I was expecting a standard horror/slasher flick when taking my seat and was pleasantly surprised. the opening credits mix somewhere between the opening sequence of 'Se7en' and a Tool music video, sets up perfectly the mood in which you will spend the next hour and a half. confused but intrigued. freaked out but with a big grin on your face. there is plenty of gore for fans but not nearly as much as one would expect from graduates of the Saw school of horror. whilst our "hero" sneaks amongst the booby-trapped household trying not to set up a carpet of steel bear traps (awesome!) or tripwires connected to swinging blades of death (also nice), perhaps the creepiest thing in the movie is the way in which the director (sparingly) uses the killer. We rarely actually see him acting out his brutality upon his victims. But when crouched in a corner, watching two hot young teens do what they do best, and the light reflects off of the corneas of his dead eyes hidden behind that odd silk mask... yeesh! Another pleasant surprise to the film is it's use of quiet, a rarity in horror movies (especially torture porn). Most of the film's action is in hiding which means the protagonist must avoid detection at all times. There were screams in the theater, but about 89% of those were coming from the audience.

I would definitely recommend this to a movie fan with a strong gut and a healthy sense of "what's going to be behind Door #3?" curiosity. Bonus points for being the fist movie to actually visualize the classic childhood game of "Can't-Touch-the-Floor-Because-the-Floor-is-Hot-Lava" well played
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Worth a view from all these CGI movies!
joselnieves8113 August 2009
I have seen all the big summer blockbusters and I have to say they were good some even great but I've grown a little old on all the CGI. The Collector yes it does take away from SAW and HOSTLE but in its on way is worth a viewing. Yes the story has many plot holes and it leaves you guessing on why and how but if your a big gore and horror fan then this is the movie to see. It holds nothing back in form of gore and torture. Cheaply done and yet very well executed. No big name actors or big budget effects. In my opinion its what has been missing this summer. I would like the second part as in SAW 2 to answer all of the questions that this movie left us guessing. I look forward to seeing The Collector character again!
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Does It Even Matter Anymore?
chicagopoetry25 September 2009
Warning: Spoilers
I'm still scratching my head trying to figure The Collector out. A guy who gets a job as a pest exterminator (right?) returns to the home of his employer to rip him off of some big diamond only to find the house has been taken over by yet another invincible maniac in a mask (how original) who has, wait a minute, set intricate traps throughout the entire mansion using wires and fish hooks and bear traps and spears and gummy bears (no not really) and so many wild gadgets that it would have taken a semi-truck to deliver it all, not to mention a spool of wire the size of a living room. Okey dokey, I guess it doesn't matter if it makes sense, because the lighting is good, think Saw sequel ripoff, the traps are like a demented Home Alone meets Last House On The Left, someone is screaming bloody murder in just about every scene, there is a small child that needs to be saved, and, ah, let us not forget, there is an invincible maniac in a mask killing everyone. Isn't that just what the world needs, another movie about an invincible maniac in a mask killing everyone. Since I saw this the day after seeing Laid To Rest, I can't help but to compare the two. At least Laid To Rest knows what it is and isn't trying to be so artsy fartsy about an hour and a half of torture and brutal murder. The truly sick thing about this movie it is that it is so well made on such a big budget with such thought put into it, that it is nothing less than a sin that all that talent went to waste on yet another BS movie about an invincible maniac in a mask killing everyone. Freakin' get a script!!!!
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One of the best thriller/horror movies in the past 5 years
EvilAxe20 February 2010
The people who have given this movie low scores truly don't appreciate a good movie of this kind. Movies this good are few and far between. The story is unique and keeps you interested throughout. The cinematography is creative and often very clever. The acting is top-notch, especially in the main character. You can totally sense and feel the panic and horror he feels.

The Collector drips with a tense atmosphere, but also manages to disturb with its graphic and violent scenes. Fans of the genre - do NOT listen to the morons who gave this movie a low score. Watch it, and you will NOT be disappointed.

Yours truly, A true horror fan.
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It's got more plot-holes than bear traps and fish hooks added together, but I still enjoyed it.
BA_Harrison3 June 2010
An ex-con, desperate to help pay his ex-wife's debts, breaks into the seemingly deserted house of his employer, only to find that he isn't alone: a twisted nut-job in a gimp mask has taken the owner and his wife captive and has littered the building with deadly traps.

The masked killer in The Collector has got to be one of the most organised and productive psychos in movie history. In one evening, he not only takes prisoner and tortures a married couple, but he also finds time to install numerous booby traps in their mansion, ranging from simple 'bear traps on the living room floor' to the more complex 'accidentally touch this filament and a chuffing great blade will swing down and cause you much pain'. I don't know about you, but it takes me the best part of a day to put up a bloody shelf.

The thing that really puzzles me, though, is why he bothers with all of these devices in the first place since he's already trapped most of the family (the youngest daughter is hiding in one of the many rooms), and the oldest daughter (played by buxom babe Madeline Zima, who kindly provides the requisite topless scene) surely wouldn't represent much of a problem when she returns from her evening out with her boyfriend. Still, without the traps there wouldn't be much of a film, and since I had a lot of fun watching the characters meet their gruesome fates via various ingenious means, I'm willing to be a little forgiving about both lack of logic and motive.

It's clear that what matters most to director Marcus Dunstan is not explaining why and how his killer does what he does, but rather that his film creates a palpable sense of dread—which it does—and that people die horribly— which they do. Dunstan successfully builds a decent amount of suspense and atmosphere and sure doesn't hold back on the graphic stuff, delivering plenty of moments that'll be particularly uncomfortable viewing for the more squeamish of movie-goers: amongst the gory treats we get a delightfully bloody death by bear-trap, a disembowelled body, finger chopping, impalement on spikes, fish hooks in the face, a mouth being sewn closed, and a cat slowly dissolved in acid before being sliced in half!

And since there's nothing quite like a half-melted moggy being bisected by a window rigged with a guillotine, I'm happy to—despite the flaws in the narrative—rate The Collector a pretty decent 6.5/10, rounded up to 7/10 for IMDb.
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An unnecessary collection of bad horror film clichés with giant plot holes
zubostl6 February 2010
Warning: Spoilers
I was really looking forward to this movie since it was announced. It sounded creepy, entertaining and suspenseful. What I saw was one of the worst horror films I ever had to watch.

My biggest problem was, that the traps were never explained. For whom did he install them in the first place? Either the family was running around as usual, then how could he rig the house. Or he had already kidnapped them, then why the traps? So that if MAYBE somebody broke in he died a horrible death? I didn't get the trap thing.

What I also hated was, that the movie was stupid and bad, but seemed to take itself serious. It had so many "Sigh, I bet now that happens!" which came true exactly the predictable cliché way. For example, how did he make the ambulance crash? And how did he get there so fast? Besides the nice creepy touch of the "collecting humans" the Collector was the lamest worst horror film character in a long time.

And when the credits rolled, all that happened was, that two sweet little innocent girls lost their parents (I assume the loan sharks got to the mother when he didn't deliver the money to her) and one unmenancing, a little gay, lame killer got away and will probably return for many sequels to come.
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Could have been great
Siamois11 February 2010
As the story of the Collector unfolds, it quickly becomes obvious that writer/director Marcus Dunstan is knowledgeable when it comes to the horror genre and knows what makes people click.

First, there is a 70s/80s feel to this movie. From the dirty-ish cinematography to the pacing, editing and the casting choices, a lot of this reminds me of the less polished horror films of these decades.

One of the aspects where this movie shines is with its protagonist Arkin. A down-on-his- luck handyman struggling to pay his bills. Josh Stewart was a revelation for me in this role. I can't wait to see what the future has in store for this actor. Is he a one-note actor who was perfectly cast or is this some serious talent? I for one would lean toward the latter. Stewart is perfect in making us feel Arkin is a decent guy with a will of is own but just suffers from a total lack of respect by the people around him. He oozes charisma despite the "loser" role he has to work with and reminds me a little bit of Sean Penn. What makes the film effective is really exploring the character of Arkin early on. There is a simple situation driving this man to do what he is about to do and we can relate to him.

Unfortunately, the movie begins to lose steam when Arkin gets inside the house. At first, the traps and situations are intriguing. But character and story development halts to a crawl. Who is the collector and what is the meaning of this collection? We don't really know and Dunstan doesn't seem to care in the least. Themes explored throughout the movies? Again, doesn't seem very relevant.

As the story progresses, the traps become the star of the film and the whole thing seems more and more far-fetched. What should be the meat around the bone becomes the entire movie. The concept seems more like the latest horror gimmick. It's a somewhat interesting and entertaining one but one must deplore all the character development of Arkin if the rest of the movie was really just about mindless fun.

All in all, this is a solid movie reminiscent of the trashy, dirty 70s and early 80s horror flicks. But it seems to be lacking in themes and symbolism that made those movies so great and I sensed the writing lost its purpose mid-way. I also deplore what I sense like a desperate attempt to build a franchise, as opposed to make a great movie. The movie seems like a setup for sequels, a TV series pilot more than a single work of art to be enjoyed.

The movie deserves a 5.5 and is relatively well-done. If this review seems harsh, it's just that the first half hour or so lets you think the movie will be much more powerful than it actually ends up being.

Very curious to see if a sequel will be done for this one.
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I'll give this an A for effort. It has a lot going for it to make this well worth seeing
callanvass4 September 2013
I've been a fool. I tried watching this a few years ago, and couldn't finish it. That inkling to give it another go just wouldn't go away. Well. Guess what? Not only did I watch the whole movie, but I wound up digging it for the most part! The comparisons to the Saw franchise are apt, I suppose. But the Saw series started to become redundant. The Collector is much more than just another cash-in attempt to make some coin. Director Marcus Dunstain clearly had a vision with this one. The killer in this one is not someone that asks questions. Jigsaw was a nasty individual as well, but he had a motive for doing what he was doing, a reason if you will. The Collector (Creepily played by Juan Fernandez) just likes to hurt people. He's gleefully psychotic and kills people in the most sickening ways imaginable for his own demented pleasures. There is no background on this guy, and that makes him all the more terrifying. In some ways that could have worked against it, but I didn't feel it was needed here, and added to the atmosphere. The gore scenes deliver. I won't spoil them, but gore hounds will be replenished for their thirst. My only real carps are I wish the finale went on a tad longer, and that is was hard to make out what was going in a couple scenes because I had trouble seeing. It was a bit too dark. William Prael plays for a very good reluctant hero. His desperation had me rooting for him. I enjoyed him a lot

Final Thoughts: Sometimes a second viewing does wonders. It sure did with the Collector. It's not perfect, but it's a highly suspenseful thrill ride that lacks the budget of a Saw, but is arguably better than a lot of the Saw sequels. Recommended. I'm looking forward to The Collection!

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Predictable, boring and unbelievable
czjrox_24 August 2009
Warning: Spoilers
The Collector, a new horror that's trying to bring about a new horror icon such as Michael Myers or Freddy Krueger, had good intentions but ultimately fails. The basic summary is an ex con skilled at opening safes, decides to invade the family's home (while they're on vacation) where he has been doing housework to steal a jewel intended on paying his wife's debt. But when he enters the house he discovers that not only has the family not left, but they're being held captive by a man known only as The Collector. Their only hope, the con is forced to race against the clock to save the family from the madman and find the missing daughter who's hiding in the house. There's just one problem: The Collector has rigged the entire house with boobytraps intent on killing those who trip the wire.

Overall, the entire thing is just too unbelievable. I couldn't even enjoy the clever mastery of the tricks, for they were too far fetched. The acting was sub-par, especially from the leading hero. He was as dry as unbuttered toast and I found myself not being able to care less if he lived or died. And it's obvious from the beginning that the movie is trying to re-invent a classic horror movie and icon so everyone dies, lamely and The Collector, while very much human, never portrays a scar. The basic point is that films like this are just getting old. I'm begging, begging for some originality, but won't receive it from this film.
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What an idiotic piece of trash
info-123881 August 2009
Warning: Spoilers
If there was any way of giving something a negative score, I'd do so in a heartbeat.

How did this guy set all these traps in the minimal amount of time he had? Boarding the windows and locking the doors, sure I can understand that... but acid on the floor? Bear traps? Trick (and resettable) chandeliers? Who writes this lunacy and worse, who greenlighted it? What possible purpose did any of these silly set-ups serve him (as opposed to providing some gross-out visuals for the audience -- love the bear trap scene... NOT)?

And let us not forget the robber with a heart of gold, who has some strange deadline imposed on the plot so we can have at least some tiny bit of tension. Lord love that proverbial duck, but that had to be close to the worse...

... until we get the coda scene, with the robber in the red box and the "collector" sitting on it. Yeah, a very fitting end visual: the audience trapped in a movie that makes about as much sense as HYPERCUBE.

This is just some juvenile screenplay given a big budget. What a pity we'll waste money on this junk and that it will no doubt spur a ton of copycats.
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bvallred30 August 2010
Warning: Spoilers
I signed up for IMDb just so I could vent on how much I HATE this movie. It begins with the most horrible character introductions and dialogue that I have ever heard. I can only describe it by calling it a "scary soap opera." My friends and I literally spent the first 15-20 minutes of the movie laughing. But we figured that wasn't why you watched horror movies anyway so we kept going with it.

Then as it moved into the more intense part of the movie, it just got worse. The main character Arkin, has scoped out a house that he's going to rob to pay child support (an attempt at character development?). He goes in the house while the family is supposedly away, and in the time that it took Arkin to crack one number on their safe, the collector has managed to set elaborate traps in EVERY ROOM of the house. The next twenty minutes of the movie are spent watching Arkin wander aimlessly through the house finding the traps and making pathetic attempts to escape. Then we find out that the family is already captured inside the house! Why on earth did he set traps??? For himself?? For random burglars that are coincidentally breaking into the house at the same time (does this happen often?)?? For any teenagers that just want to have sex in the house?? How convenient! All of those happened!

And just when you think that at least the ending MAY be decent, that gets ruined too! You spend 90 minutes watching this guy that you never really cared about finally escape from this house, just to watch him get smashed by the police coming to save him. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry or just punch the wall so I literally stood up and walked out of the room cursing the fact that I had just WASTED an hour and a half of life.

That's how bad it was. Pathetic.
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-- Exceptional terror movie, thanks Hollywood =-
formiga4510 July 2010
Exceptional terror movie. In the last 5 years only three films I consider as exceptional movies: La Herancia Valdemar, Quaratine and this film. They are state of art films in this genre. If you like Mortal Games you will love this. Mortal Games I (The first) is exceptional, newly, good film. The sequences are bad, very bloody films with little tho show. This film is perfect time, good acting, sound and a super end.

Begins with a safe robbery plan and the burglar finds that he is not the only one in the house practing criminal acts. Another one with very inventive methods is torturing the family and looking for something. You will understand what when you watch the film.
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A very great horror film!
wadehatfield9818 November 2010
I watch this not so long ago and was blown away. When I first heard about this movie I strongly thought it was stupid. But after sitting down and watching this I was truly amazed. This shows us how horror movies should be made. It had one best horror hero and villain ever. The hero of this film is great, it gives us reason why he is doing what he is. Then you have "The Collector" a treacherous villain is secertly detailed, which is brilliant. Now, the story was great. It never let me down one bit. When I watched it, the reason I had to was because of the writers of SAW. But now the story gave me great reason and the tagline "He always take one" is so sickly geniuos it's perfect. I wouldn't mind to have a sequel.
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The Perfect Horror movie.
sbx-31 August 2009
This movie is by far one of the best horror movies I've seen, and I believe the best to actually hit theaters.

While there is a lot of violence and gore the movie relies on suspense and really making you feel the characters fear.

It has the creepy vibe that The Strangers gave off and the intelligence of the Saw movies. This is NOT your everyday, run of the mill slasher movie that is equal to 90 minutes of random blood splattering.

You actually think and this film makes sense, 90% of the time anyway. Most horror movies you watch and sit there thinking how stupid the protagonist is but in The Collector he actually acts as most people would in reality.

The best thing about this movie is the over all creepy feeling it gives you with its realistic plot.

It is without a doubt the creepiest, scariest horror movie of modern times.
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Movies with no ending
hartmutboekler10 July 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I hate movies with no ending, when you start something, you gotta end it, you showed us the wife that had to pay loan sharks, what happened to her? you didn't have the imagination to show us, what did the police do after the hero was sent by ambulance? you didn't have the imagination to show us. The collector keeps collecting people, what should happen in the end? Somebody must find about him and stop him, this is exactly the reason why you make movies, unless you want to encourage the future generation to become collectors as well, you don't just allow a movie to end mysteriously like that. This is the most horrible way to end a movie, and this movie is definitely not one of those that one would wish to have a DVD of and watch twice or thrice.
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Horror movie that rates with the original Halloween.
ksweatman923 February 2010
I've been watching horror movies from the age of 5. I will be 52 in May. My mother is and always has been a horror movie fanatic. In the 60's she took me to all the Hammer films at the theater. The 60's, 70's 80's, 90's, and the great 21st century, I've seen them all, or damn close. I can't believe this movie is getting such bad reviews. The horror movie industry has been in the toilet for the past 25 years. This is the best horror movie I've seen since Halloween 5. The key to a good horror movie is the audience must feel some type of connection to the victim. In Halloween you liked Laurie, in Halloween 4 & 5 you liked the little girl Jamie. Even in the Exorcist the audience had a connection with Regan. In Movies like Friday the 13th there is no connection to the victims, who gives a crap if they get hacked up? If there was a character in Saw viewers related to it was probably the killer Jigsaw. That does not work. If viewers did not like the fact that The Collector wasn't realistic, it was a slasher flick not a documentary. Watch the news, in real life people are tortured, murdered and diced up like potatoes. It wasn't factual, but it was real enough. I liked the character in The Collector, I wanted him to survive. THAT was what made the movie enjoyable. I felt that I was with him in the house. I wasn't emotionally dead like I am for 99.9% of other horror movies. This movie was far from disgusting. Watch the movie Header if you would like to know the definition of disgusting. If you are a horror movie buff, you will enjoy this DVD. I'm going to add it to my collection, I liked it that much.
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kosmasp26 September 2010
The movie has a very strong beginning. But when you get to the end (or maybe even very early on into the movie), you will realize that there are quite a few flaws in this movie. There might some elaborate ideas involved, but you can't help but wonder why? Especially because there are just so many easier ways to get what you need. On the other hand you could also say, that there might be no way, that someone who is crazy can know that.

Of course this is a horror movie (the tag on the cover/poster should be a giveaway) and so you will have quite a few bloody scenes in the movie (I think it is not yet available, completely uncut in Germany), so you should know that this is not so much a psychological movie (a bit too), but more a movie about violence. Question is, do you really want to watch that? You could talk about an "overkill" of an idea, but that pun would be too easy. And in the end, it's not completely bad ... I just wished it had stayed with the strong beginning
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