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Nisha Pahuja On “The World Before Her”

India-born, Toronto-bred Nisha Pahuja’s beautiful and poignant The World Before Her won the World Documentary Competition Award at Tribeca Film Festival, where it premiered a few weeks ago. And while Pahuja grew up and lives in Toronto, she still has a fascination for her homeland. The World Before Her is her third film, after Diamond Road and Bollywood Bound, and her second dealing with India. It presents two sides of the country. For one segment of the film, Pahuja’s crew follows 20 “Miss India” contestants as they endure the pageant’s controversial month-long training regimen. The audience accompanies the women on every step of this boot camp, from Botox injection sessions to photo shoots. Pahuja focuses on three pageant hopefuls who are living a dream but who are also pushed into a new world and taken away from the patriarchal society they know. Ruhi is one of the competitors
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It's Over! Hot Docs '12 Finale Edition

The Hot Docs Festival wrapped late last week and a jury handed out awards on Friday.

Call Me Kuchu

I saw Call Me Kuchu after it won Best International Feature (each year they play three award winners during the festival's last evening). I had tried to avoid the movie because depression and anger aren't emotions I like feeling, especially with something that affects me on such a personal level. The anger is rooted in denial.  I'd like to think that the struggle is over for Lgbt people but it isn't in so many communities and countries. 

"Kuchu" is a pejorative umbrella term referring to homosexuals, male or female, for Uganda's homophobic government and majority opinion. Directors Malika Zouhali-Worrall and Katherine Fairfax Wright follow a small group of gay activists in this hostile environment and focus on David Kato in particular. His violent death took place during this documentary's production. His
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Meet the 2012 Tribeca Filmmakers #5: 'The World Before Her' Director Nisha Pahuja

Meet the 2012 Tribeca Filmmakers #5: 'The World Before Her' Director Nisha Pahuja
Nisha Pahuja, New Delhi born and Toronto raised, got into documentary filmmaking after studying English lit, working in social services and then by working as a doc researcher. "For some reason," after starting to make films thirteen years ago, she says, "I still make them--finding people with incredible stories that reveal to us something about the world we live in. And more importantly, something of what it means to be human. I could never 'write' a character like Prachi. The fact that she [the subject of 'World Before Her'] exists is extraordinary to me. Sometimes I feel she found me as much as I found her." Pahuja now lives in Bombay and Toronto. She co-wrote and directed "Diamond Road," winner of the 2008 Gemini Award for Best Documentary series, and her "Bollywood Bound" won a Gemini in 2002. What it's about: The Miss India beauty contest and a Hindu fundamentalist camp for girls--two competing ideas of...
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