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This Episode is A Winner!
Sylviastel26 October 2006
This episode should be submitted for the Emmys and Golden Globe Awards. It is truly one of the best episodes that I have seen of this show and reminds me why I love this show so much. We learn more about Sean's past and we understand him better as to why he wants his son to look normal so much. Dylan Walsh's scenes in this episode are brilliantly portrayed with complex of emotions. Julian McMahon also gives a brilliant performance without showing any of his flesh. If you watch this show regularly, you know that's rare and refreshing. His relationship with one of his patients, Hedda Grubman, is touching and sincere. Hedda is a wealthy widow who cares more about her appearance than anything else who was willing to sacrifice relationships in order to save her vanity. I don't know if it was Burt Bacharach in the show but I wouldn't be surprised. This season has been filled with A list guest stars like Brooke Shields, Larry Hagman, Catherine Denueve, Jacqueline Bissett, Richard Chamberlain, etc. The actress who played Hedda Grubman deserves an Emmy for guest performance in a drama. She was excellent and so was Joely Richardson as the concerned Julia.
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One of the best of the Season
PoisonKeyblade13 September 2007
I'm not sure why everyone strongly dislikes season 4. It had a lot going on, sure, but there was so much depth to the season and so much realism that took the world of Nip/Tuck to a completely new level. This episode is no exception, with some of the best acting of the season, and the final days of long-time character Mrs. Grubman. All of the performances were perfect, and they make this episode one to really treasure. This was one of the best episodes in a long time, and it had a lot going for it. Overall, 'Conor McNamara' is a sensational episode that furthers character development and an amazing story with some great montages and the ending of one of the series' strongest characters.
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