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It's a fairy tale, get it?
Jay_Exiomo31 December 2006
If the executives of "Eat Bulaga!" sat down together and decided to do a Christmas special, the result is "Enteng Kabisote 3: The Legend Goes on and on and on" ("EK3"). From characters fully aware they're in a movie, to painfully blatant product placements that's short of directly saying "This movie is brought to you by... ", the "Enteng Kabisote" franchise isn't much of a film than a merchandise. The box-office numbers don't lie. (By the way, the fact that this was recently awarded the Best Picture by the Metro Manila Film Festival committee doesn't anymore undermine the already dubious existence of the said organization.)

Like a noontime show gone to the silverscreen, "EK3" has barely a strand of plot that forces each cast member of "Eat Bulaga!" to have a role here, and which ties its various scenes work more like sketches for a gag show. A spin-off of the successful sitcom "Okay Ka Fairy Ko" which ran from the late 80s until the mid-90s (which in turn had also two film versions in the early 90s), the film continues the travails of Enteng (the irrepressible Vic Sotto), a simple mortal who married a fairy in Faye (played by Kristine Hermosa since "EK1").

Tired of her husband's womanizing ways and cheating his clients, Faye sends Enteng out of their house. Enteng realizes his mistake and decides to return home and apologize to his wife, but not before he and sidekick Jose (Jose Manalo) are swallowed by the ground and transporting them to another world. Soon they find themselves running from a skeletal pterodactyl, to being boiled alive by a tribe of hillbillies, to saving a race of Ewok-like beings.

Meanwhile, the fairy of all fairies and Faye's mother, Ina Magenta (Giselle Toengi) has her face accidentally transformed to look like Allan K (perhaps because Toengi was unavailable for much of the shooting schedule?) and her magical powers is slowly weakening. This concerns the Kingdom of Engkantasya since Ina Magenta has a scheduled duel with the evil fairy that's too aptly named Satana (Bing Loyzaga).

From a certain standpoint, there's not much in "EK3." As with the previous two installments, the visual effects are at par with the best our local digital artists can get but that's it. While there's a constant flow of slapstick humor that at least keeps one's interest afloat, director Tony Y. Reyes and the writers don't offer anything witty or inventive, and instead rely too much on the character's banters that are so self-referential anyone not fully familiar with the actors' shenanigans might find himself scratching his head. Sotto's performance isn't so much acting as being, well, Vic. And his blend of deadpan humor and everyman attribute contributes to most of the film's zing. But aside from that, everything feels derivative.

The narrative is so exhausted out before the movie even gets to its main point which takes so long. The fight scenes aren't that exciting and the style of slow-motion employed is distracting. Attempts to bring the franchise to space (with all references of "Star Wars" not so subtly placed) feel too arbitrary and doesn't add much to the plot.

"EK3" is definitely a love/hate kind of film; there's almost no middle ground. For it to work, either you're a kid, or a member of the built fanbase. Or you can leave all semblance of sanity out of the theater. If that still doesn't work, just accept it: it ain't made for us.
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A prime example of why the Philippine movie industry is dying
toughthrone29 May 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Okay, I don't know where to start.

The short review: It sucks.

The longer review: I can't remember when was the last time I watched a movie with my girlfriend and wanted to simply walk out and have my movie ticket refunded.

This movie was TERRIBLE. The sickest reason was its deliberate use of advertisements. Paid obviously. For example, near the start of the movie, we see the PLDT ads. Something about PLDT DSL internet café, and it's not just displayed, the actors shamefully plugs the product. Even to the point of giving fliers to "customers" WITHIN THE story of the movie.

Come on. Another shameful ad was when Vic had his shirt stained by her daughter (I assure you this was uncalled for and had no effect whatsoever in the storyline, if there is any). Thankfully, there is Ariel, and we see Ruby putting the shirt in an Ariel-filled water basin and exclaiming that Ariel is magic or something. This took about 5 minutes.

Again, that sucks! Come on now. There's also Xtreme magic sing ad etc etc. I know this is about money, but that is so damn annoying. I'm sure I'm not the only one complaining as the couple on the other row was also complaining.

Then, let's go to the so called "plot" or storyline. This movie had absolutely no sense whatsoever. The very first scene we get to see a Starwars-wannabe fight scene between creatures we do not know. It takes a long time and the only point of this scene is to let the audience see "Butiki", an alien who can shape shift to look like anyone. The scene wasn't even cool at all! Then, we have Ina Magenta turning to Allan K. Who thought of that stupid storyline??? It's because Ina Magenta wanted to look beautiful then somehow it backfired. And all fairies were laughing at her because she looks stupid. Now the story goes that Ina says that she shouldn't have been so conscious of her looks.

That's stupid! The fairies were laughing at her because she looks stupid, and then she says she shouldn't have been conscious of her looks? What was that? Logic got lost somewhere. Hello? And the other storyline was Vic womanizing, greedy and strict with his children. This conflict was resolved when Butiki posed as Vic and then his children didn't even notice and was even happy with Butiki. Okay, that made sense. Except for the fact that Butiki was robotic throughout and I have no idea why the children or the wife didn't suspect a thing.

The final scenes showed even further why it sucked. Suddenly the Kabisote family were fighting Satana and her snakes. And that's it. They won. La la la.

And regarding their ad in the paper, where you see a digital monster that looks like Shrek? It had like, 2 minutes of theater time, and the only significant thing it did was dance like a homosexual and that's it. Remove that scene with Joey De Leon and no one would have noticed. It's not funny at all.

If this is the movie that grosses 100M+ in the cinemas, then I guess it's the same logic why Erap won the presidency and FPJ would have won had he not been cheated.

This kind of movie absolutely sickens me and this is the very reason why I seldom watch Filipino movies. It's painful to watch. I was cringing in my seat lots of times and I assure you it's not diarrhea.

If you want to know why the local movie industry is dying, go watch this film. Just prepare a basin by your side in case your stomach can't take it.
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a total waste of time, money, effort and even a part of you sanity
oliver_d47 January 2007
this winning the box office only shows that we pinoys are not yet mature when it comes to movie viewing. this is the kind of movie that would make you feel unlucky to be a filipino. although I know that the main target of this are the masses, that does not make the fact that the poor would understand the mere existense of this film.(maybe they would like it, clearly showing they are shallow and uneducated of quality filmed movies.

The jokes are so meaningless, script is nonsense(is there even a script?), and effects are disgusting.

Enteng sux, MMFF sux(for making this win as best picture, because of you, i lost my respect for Filipino movie making industry).

I would quote the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines for calling this movie "brainless and morally-disturbing".

do not see it, for your own sake. 1/10 (is there even a zero grade, coz this deserves it)
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The Most Questionable Best Picture in my Opinion
Aeromaxx77729 April 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Is this really the best picture? From what I've heard; the MMFF made it's grossing the basis of this film's victory. I don't mean to be rude but; YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME! This movie was a spoof, A SPOOF! I don't understand it. I don't know about you guys but this is the first time I had witnessed a spoofed film became best picture. May I ask why is this best picture again? Seriously people; judging a film only by its grossing is a complete mistake. I mean look at "The Shawshank Redemption"; It didn't gross that much but it made to number 1 in this website. Enteng Kabisote's story is made up of several movies that already made up it's story. which means, they only got the idea by copying. Where is the originality in that? I don't know how this film became great to other people. Well to me, it comes with only 2 things: I am an ignorant fool who just doesn't like certain Philippine films for specific reasons; or some people just don't know what a great movie is made of. Love You!
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