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MPAA Rated R for war violence and language

Sex & Nudity

  • A discussion of sexual activity dips into graphic terms, such as what a man should do with his girlfriend.
  • A man jokes about visiting a brothel (he wasn't).
  • A young Iraqi boy sells DVDs to the troops and advertises with terms such as "donkey porn" or "gay sex."
  • A bit of wrestling and fooling around in the bunkers shows two U.S. soldiers shirtless, and then one "riding" the other in a jokingly sexual way.

Violence & Gore

  • A soldier tries to run away from a bomb before it can go off but is thrown through the air when he is caught in the blast radius. A lot of movement is shown in slow motion and some blood is on his mask when he dies after he hits the ground.
  • Human feet are found in the street of an alley that were blown off from bombs. Brief but somewhat graphic.
  • A man is shot at by soldiers after trying to kill them. He is later seen with several bullet wounds in him and a man makes a comment that he won't live for much longer. A mercy killing is ordered for him and he's shot offscreen. Quite intense.
  • A sniper shoots a man through the back from a distance. Some bloody mist.
  • A man is shot through the neck by a sniper and falls down dead with some blood.
  • A man is killed by a sniper's bullet to the chest. Blood can be seen on his shirt.
  • A man is shot through the head with a sniper rifle and his head briefly spurts some blood from a distance.
  • A man is shot by a soldier through the chest from a distance.
  • A man is shot offscreen and his dead body is then partially shown without blood.
  • A soldier finds a boy's body stitched up and cuts open the stiches to remove explosives from it. His hand is seen reaching into the chest cavity and some squishing noises can be heard as he moves it around. An overall graphic and intense scene.
  • A man is instantly killed when he trips a roadside bomb. The explosion is seen from a distance and the only remainder of him is his helmet.
  • A suicide bombing is investigated. A lot of destruction and some bloody bodies are shown at the site.
  • Shots are heard offscreen and a man's body is seen shortly afterward with bloody bullet holes in it.
  • A soldier fires an assault rifle at two men, killing them while accidentally wounding a third man in the leg. Some blood is shown in this scene.
  • A soldier attempts to free a hostage from a bomb vest, but is unable to do so and is forced to let it explode. No blood or gore aside from the soldier getting up with a bloody nose.


  • 78 uses of "fuck" and its variations, 54 uses of "shit", 3 uses of "dick", 5 uses of "hell", 3 uses of "bastard", 3 uses of "bitch", 2 uses of "crap", 4 uses of "Goddamn", 1 use of "damn", 3 uses of "ass", 1 use of "piss".
  • "Nigger" is used once.
  • One use of the middle finger.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • A lot of smoking.
  • Some soldiers drink in a few scenes.
  • One brief shot shows a few men sitting around a hookah.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The violence is pretty light-moderate, but the real suspense is the bomb-disarming the EOD team has to do throughout the film.
  • One scene with a civilian in a metal bomb suit is intense, especially the climax of said scene.

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