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Watch Eye-Popping Opening of ‘Look and See’ About Poet Farmer Wendell Berry (Exclusive Video)

  • The Wrap
To follow up on her Independent Spirit Award-winning documentary “The Unforeseen,” Laura Dunn decided to explore the life and work of poet, farmer and activist Wendell Berry. In “Look and See: A Portrait of Wendell Berry,” she uses Berry (and his Johnny Cash-like lilt of a voice) to document the changing landscapes and shifting values of rural America in the era of industrial agriculture. The film, which screens this week in the Spotlight section of the Sundance Film Festival after premiering at SXSW last year (under the title “The Seer”), was shot in and around the rolling hills of Berry’s native.
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New Yorker Films

New Yorker assets were auctioned off on March 12 by Technicolor. Meanwhile The Cinema Guild will launch a new home video label with two titles originally slated to go through New Yorker Home Video. The first release will be Christian Petzold’s Yella on March 31, and the second will be Alexander Sokurov’s Alexandra on April 28. The Cinema Guild will take over the distribution of three other titles, recently released through New Yorker Home Video, The Order of Myths and The Unforeseen - both Independent Spirit Award winners, and Primo Levi’s Journey.

Cinetic Rights Management recently closed a deal with Cinema Guild to help distribute their video titles online. This will begin in April with titles such as The Unforeseen. The films will be released on portals such as iTunes, Amazon VOD, Hulu, SnagFilms, Joost, and more.

Zeitgeist Films also made a related deal, acquiring the company’s Three Monkeys.

It is New Yorker Films' sincere hope that the purchaser of their assets will be a well qualified distributor with the intention and ability to manage and distribute the films in a manner consistent with New Yorker Film's 43 year history in the independent film world.

On DVD: "Boy A," "The Unforeseen"

  • IFC
By Michael Atkinson

The British have a thing about underage sociopathy -- we in the U.S. will puzzle and wonder as a culture about the latest school shooter or the very occasional death-metal bogus-ritual killing, but in tabloid-crazy England a news story of a child murdering a child pinches very powerful nerve endings, and the social wound of it is felt universally and lasts for years, if not indefinitely. While the American character, often amnesiac and marinated in ideas of personal freedom and frontier independence, tends to take these things in stride (does anyone even off-handedly remember the name of that Virginia Tech psycho?), the convention-loving Brits are commonly, in contrast, traumatized for good. (There's a reason England is the most surveillance-saturated nation in the world.) This is the underlying dynamic of John Crowley's adroit and heartfelt "Boy A" (2007), which is inspired at least in part by the 1993 abduction and killing,
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7/7: This Week in Film

  • Thursday Feb 28th:. NYC: Two more ops to catch a Q&A with Ramin BahraniRamin Bahrani
[/link] for Chop Shop. Click here for showtimes. Friday Feb 29th:. Claude Lelouch will kick off the 13th Rendez-Vous with French Cinema (Feb. 29 – March 9) at the Film Society of Lincoln Center's Walter Reade Theater and IFC Center. See Roman de Gare at the Walter Reade Theater, at 6:30 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. Saturday March 1st:. The Cinema Guild releases as of yesterday, Laura Dunn's excellent Sundance docu The Unforeseen in limited theater run. Sunday March 2nd:. Check your local listings for Oscar-winning documentary film by Alex Gibney Taxi to the Dark Side. Monday March 3rd:. Day Off. Tuesday March 4th:. DVD: Into the Wild (Two-Disc Special Collector's Edition): includes features entitled: The Story, The Characters and The Experience. Wednesday March 5th:. NYC: David Gordon Green talks Snow Angels at the Apple Store - SoHo,
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2007 Indie Spirit Award Winners: Juno makes triple play

[/link] and the gift she gave to Jason Reitman. Juno picks up a trio of awards and trailing with two awards each is another Fox Searchlight flick The Savages and the Cannes Julian Schnabel and his cinematographer were well rewarded for The Diving Bell and the Butterfly's aesthetic brilliance. Here is the complete list of noms and winners below. Best Feature: Juno         Best Director: Julian Schnabel         Best First Feature: The Lookout           Best Documentary: Crazy Love         Best Foreign Film: Once         Best Female Lead: Ellen Page           Best Male Lead: Philip Seymour Hoffman         Best Supporting Female: Cate Blanchett         Best Supporting Male: Chiwetel Ejiofor Best Screenplay: The Savages         Best First Screenplay: Juno           Best Cinematography: The Diving Bell and the Butterfly           John Cassavetes Award: August Evening         August Evening Writer/Director: Chris Eska Producers: Connie Hill, Jason Wehling Owl and the Sparrow Writer/Director: Stephane Gauger Producers: Nguyen Van Quan,
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Docu 15: Academy Awards shortlist is challenged

  • In recent years I've often criticized the Academy Awards for not having the foresight and fortitude to include docu films that have not only completely reinvigorated the genre, but have pushed the medium to new possible artistic and narrative terrains. This year's short list of 15 titles only further confirms that the Academy has tremendous difficulty in acknowledging the wider scope of films that merit year-end salutations. The formula for the docu-filmmaking and docu movie-going experience has significantly changed since Y2K, yet the most prestigious award film ceremony seems to come up short when it comes to new trends in storytelling and filmmaking. Today IndieWIRE reports AJ SchnackAj Schnack
[/link] will collaborate with online independent film distributor IndiePix to launch a new nonfiction filmmaking awards event, set for March 18, 2008 at IFC Center in New York City. Below you find a Top 15 list of films that will be nominated for eight categories,
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2007 Indie Spirit Nominations: Abandoned But Not Forgotten

  • Underrated, overlooked, and mostly unknown, I’ve decided to highlight my four favorite award sections separately from today’s lengthy list of Indie Spirit noms. Why? because a). I haven’t heard of half these films and want to further research them, b). I want to add the missing titles to the database and c). I think it’s in the best interests of indie film lovers to familiarize themselves with the budding/future talent. Commencing with the John CassavetesJohn Cassavetes
[/link] award noms (the name of this section says it all) which is given to the best feature made for under $500,000; and followed by the noms for my favorite category the Someone to Watch Award and the listings for the Truer Than Fiction Award the Producers Award.August Evening is a two-time nominee thanks to the votes going to actor Pedro Castaneda. Owl and the Sparrow was actually
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