"Thundercats" The Book of Omens (TV Episode 1989) Poster

(TV Series)


Larry Kenney: Lion-O


  • [first lines] 

    Panthro : What's going on, Lion-O?

    Lion-O : It's another one of our mysterious earthquakes. They're getting worse each week.

  • Lion-O : Sword of Omens, enter the Book.

  • Lion-O : No one may possess the Key. It belongs to itself, as surely as a soul belongs to its body.

    Mumm-Ra : [laughs]  But in my hand, it will do *my* bidding! It will destroy you, and your soul!

  • Guardian of the Book of Omens : There is no way that the Key of Thundera will harm the Sword of Omens. These two are part of the Book of Omens, and as long as they are in the hands of opposing forces, they are impotent.

    Lion-O : Then, how may I retrieve the Key?

    Guardian of the Book of Omens : The way it has been done since the beginning of time: good must overcome evil in unarmed combat.

  • Lion-O : Are you ready, Mumm-Ra?

    Mumm-Ra : Anytime, disciple of good.

    Lion-O : Justice, truth, honor, and loyalty!

  • Mumm-Ra : I will twist off your lion head!

    Lion-O : It will take more than the feeble arms of a mummy!

    Mumm-Ra : It is not the strength of arms that will win this battle. It's the strength of will!

  • Mumm-Ra : There's no way to fight fire.

    Lion-O : Oh, yes, there is. You fight fire with fire.

  • [last lines] 

    Panthro : You can never get rid of evil. It will always exist in some form or another.

    Lion-O : The best we can do is to keep evil at bay, by remembering our responsibility, by remembering our duty, by remembering ourselves, and who we are.

    Cheetara : We are Thundercats.

    Panthro : Upholding justice.

    Snarfer : Truth.

    Wilykat , Wilykit : Honor.

    Snarf : And loyalty.

    Panthro , Lion-O , Cheetara , Snarfer , Wilykat , Wilykit , Snarf : THUNDERCATS, HO!

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