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Feb. 2012
We cover everything you ever wanted to know about suppressors with Advanced Armament Corp. An inside story into greatest boon to good shooting.
Feb. 2012
Survival Trail
Michael endures 24 hours, 36 miles and five shooting challenges of the Survival Trial.
Feb. 2012
Ruger Rim Fire Challange
A look at the Ruger Rim Fire Challenge World Championships.
Mar. 2012
Hollywood Guns
Michael travels into the wilds of Hollywood to see how guns really make it into TV.
Mar. 2012
We travel to Tombstone, Arizona to find out what really happened at the O.K. Corral.
Mar. 2012
Terminal Ballistics
Michael Bane explores terminal ballistics from the base line through the extreme, and everything in between. Find out what really happens when bullets hit semi-fluid media.
Apr. 2012
Knob Creek
Michael Bane has an inside look at America's largest full auto rally at the Knob Creek Machine Gun Shoot in Kentucky.
Mar. 2012
72 hours in Brazil on a crazed trip to Taurus, one of the world's largest arms manufacturers.
Mar. 2012
Future Guns
Michael Bane examines three gun systems you and the US Military will be buying tomorrow.

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