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Season 5

13 Aug. 2011
iLost My Mind
Sam voluntarily commits herself to a mental institution over her suddenly emerging feelings about Freddie.
10 Sep. 2011
iDate Sam & Freddie
After the events of "iLost My Mind," Sam and Freddie begin a rocky relationship. Meanwhile, Gibby hopes to bond with Carly over a puppy and Spencer enjoys the new lawn in the apartment.
17 Sep. 2011
iCan't Take It
Mrs. Benson discovers Sam and Freddie's relationship after Gibby, now the subject of Sam's abuse, concocts a plan to split them up.Will Carly fight for Sam and Freddie, or help Gibby break them up?
24 Sep. 2011
iLove You
Carly tells Sam and Freddie to try each other's favorite hobbies. Meanwhile, Spencer bumps into his old babysitter and asks her to dinner. After reverting to their old roles, will they stay together?
1 Oct. 2011
Carly tries to impress a new boyfriend by trying to look smarter than she is. Meanwhile, the gang tries to find T-Bo a new place to live after he gets kicked out of the Groovy Smoothie.
28 Dec. 2011
iBloop 2: Electric Bloopaloo
Christopher Cane (the British actor who plays Rex on Victorious) hosts the iCarly gang on his show for a discussion of their acting and bloopers.
31 Dec. 2011
iStill Psycho
After finding out their old captor, Nora, is being released from jail, the iCarly kids try to halt her release, but decide to allow it. They then return to her house, but will they make it out again?
7 Jan. 2012
Freddie decides he'd like to go in front of the camera, while at the same time creates some new 3-D effects for Carly's web-show. The trouble is, those special effects have some unforeseen side effects.
16 Jan. 2012
iMeet the First Lady
It is Carly's dad birthday and they decide to put him a surprise party but when their dad had to go to another country, Carly gets upset and mad. Freddie and Sam decides to put Carly and Spencer online to talk to their dad online but when they are about to get arrested, the First Lady Michelle Obama comes to help them.
21 Jan. 2012
iToe Fat Cakes
Carly gets her toe stuck in a spigot before a date. Meanwhile, Sam, Freddie, Gibby, and Spencer take a trip to Canada and Sam gets caught smuggling fat cake snacks.

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