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Season 2

11 Jan. 2009
Peter feels miserable as he can't square his many ambitions and responsibilities, but will suddenly get professional breaks from both newspaper and lab. Spiderman faces a new challenge, Mysterio, who claims to fight the evil effects of technology and seems to perform magic with Latin spells. Spidey finds out neither is quite true, but not who is behind him.
18 Jan. 2009
Destructive Testing
Peter feels great now Liz and Gwen appreciate him more as a tutor. Russian big game hunter, Sergei Kravinoff, who catches wild beasts with his bare hands and has a 'pet' lion, Gulyadkin, fails to overpower Spiderman. At ESU lab, Miles Warren agrees to transform him with leonine mutagen, transforming him into lion-man Kraven.
25 Jan. 2009
Sandman and Rhino escape in the Christma season. Kraven frees Electro from Otto's lab. They all rejoin Mysterio's gang with Vulture, and are presented to the Master Planner, who wants them to inaugurate a heyday of crime by eliminating Spiderman. Gwen refuses to be Pete's 'second choice' anymore. Spiderman fight the six under winter conditions and in the mall.
8 Feb. 2009
Shear Strength
New Year's Eve. Dr. Octopus, who hid in Dr. Osborne's lab, finally pits his master plan in action. He hacks in by satellite to most computers in the city. He kidnaps Gwen to blackmail her dad, police captain George Stacy, into handing him the top-secret national network access codes. Spider-man must liberate her from the monsters' layer before the captain hands Dr. Octopus virtual world control.
15 Feb. 2009
First Steps
At his first school day, Peter feels it's too good to be true: he is with Flash's ex Liz; Harry is back, with Gwen and hopefully cured of his Green Goblin mutation. They double-date at Flash's birthday blast. After a museum alarm, Spiderman sees Eddie outside but finds and fights Sandman inside. Hammerhead has a dirtier job for him, attacking an oil tanker. Peter wonders if the symbiont is back.
22 Feb. 2009
Growing Pains
Editor J. Jonah Jameson's son John, the astronaut, has been infected by space spores. They give him super-powers, so Jonah fit him a hero costume as Colonel Jupiter, who turns on Spiderman because of crimes committed by the black goo's creation Venom. Meanwhile Spiderman must handle Eddie, who transformed into that monster and threatens Peter to keep him silent, while Harry finds glory in school theatre. Police captain George Stacy believes in Spidey's innocence. The spores prove addictive and Venom betrays Peter's secret.
1 Mar. 2009
Identity Crisis
Editor J. Jonah Jameson's analysis who might be Spiderman indicates Peter, so he sends reporters to question everybody about his whereabouts. Eddie returns to the lab and steals a gene cleanser to rob Spidey of his powers and deals with helpless Peter and his loved ones. Jealous of the media attention, Flash poses in a Spiderman suit. Crooks see his crutches and think Spiderman is at his weakest. Captain Stacy holds a seminar on identity risks.
8 Mar. 2009
Peter volunteers as photographer for an old Pullitzer winner discarded by Jonah. The discover the underworld's recently release former kingpin Sable Manfredi is auctioning genetic technology to create monsters at will. As Spiderman, he tries to keep it out of the bid-winner's hands, but soon finds that also means taking on sore losers.
15 Mar. 2009
Probable Cause
The kids grumbled when paired by lot-drawing at a project riding along in cop patrol cars. Peter has to rush between his identities to fight the crime world's new Enforcers, supplied by Norman Osborn's secret new scientist. Meanwhile Flash turns in the Mustangs for winning the cup while Harry was doped.
15 Mar. 2009
On Valentine's day, the youth has gathered for a glamorous dinner in LC's dad's restaurant. The New York crime high life gathers in the Metropolitan Opera. It's unclear who invited the others, but achieves his (Hammerhead's) plan: they start fighting each-other. Peter must leave the table fun of kicking Flash each time he puts his jock foot in his dumb mouth, to 'cover breaking news', an excuse Jonah craves just to leave. As Spiderman, Pete tries to stop the fighting fiends from demolishing the Met.
16 Mar. 2009
Pete's team mate Marcus Allen is addicted to horse races. His bookie, one of the Green Goblin's crime barons, offers him one out of gambling debts: a single injection. Alas, Dr. Curt Connors's potion installs an 'armor' of fire, creating the 'Molten Man', whose glow is controlled by a device the Goblin gets. Spiderman must counter, yet save the uncontrollable arsonist.
17 Mar. 2009
Opening Night
Editor Jonah roots against Spiderman when he tests if a new Oscorp top-security penitentiary design is escape-proof. Not only does he succeed in tricking the guards, Green Goblin-orchestrated sabotage releases the freak-thugs, so they can chase Spidey while he's trapped inside.
18 Mar. 2009
Final Curtain
Spiderman has his hands full with unusual crime activity coordinated by the Green Goblin, now his crime lord competitors have been eliminated. As Peter he worries with Norman Osborn about Harry, who finally confesses to them he fears to be transformed by the Globuline he got addicted too. After establishing some crimes chronologically can't be Harry's doing, they discover the complex truth, involving Globuline-creator Donald Menken, who has fled Oscorp.

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