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Holy god
bradlewis9829 November 2009
"Old Dogs" is simply mind numbingly awful. It's like two hours of being raped in the face by fart jokes. Is it funny to see Seth Green pretend to get hit in the balls? Well then this is totally up your alley. When people talk about how films are getting worse this is what they are talking about. The inexplicable amount of decent ratings for this mess of idiocy kind of explains why the publishing industry is tanking. I refuse to admit I live in a world where those who enjoy this dreck actually know how to read.

"Old Dogs" is an ugly artless stupid film that has been created only to keep your kids quiet for a couple hours; although making them sit through this should legally be on the same level as child abuse. In a couple years we will forget this ever existed.
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Much better than expected...in fact, I sort of enjoyed this
Jackpollins25 November 2009
Warning: Spoilers
I went to see the new family comedy Old Dogs expecting not to like it. The only reason that made me think it wasn't gonna be garbage was the great cast, so I gave it a shot. I was surprised to say I actually sort of liked it. The film stars Robin Williams and John Travolta as Dan and Charlie, two businessmen and long-time best friends. One day, Dan's ex-girlfriend, Vicki (Kelly Preston) takes him to dinner and says she's going to jail. She tells him of how her friend's gonna to watch after the kids and how he needs to check in on them every once in a while. To further explain this scenario, the kids are Dan's kids. When Dan puts Vicki's friend in the hospital, Dan is forced to watch after the kids with a little unenthusiastic help from Charlie. If this plot sounds bad, then you're on the same page as me. The surprise element of this movie is that it's actually pretty damn funny. It doesn't hurt that a great supporting cast including Lori Loughlin, Justin Long, Matt Dillon, Seth Green, and the late Bernie Mac are in it. Obviously this is not a perfect film, nor should it be, and it's not for everyone, but I certainly found it funny enough. Check it out because you may feel the exact same way I feel about this film walking out of the theater.
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Not as bad as I Expected
bubble462926 November 2009
While looking for a family Thanksgiving movie, I realized I had only 2 options, this or Twilight. Since there was no way in hell I was going to see Twilight I decided to read some review and go see this. Oh god the reviews were awful. After seeing this film I will admit, its not THAT bad. The acting is for the most part good, and some of the jokes are funny.

Admittedly this joke runs way to long, and not to spoil it but the producers could have cut at LEAST 15mins out of it, that drag the whole movie down. Id go see it again, at least it doesn't have glittering vampires.
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Save your money
kxok63030 November 2009
You worked hard for your paycheck; which is a lot more than can be said for anybody involved with this movie. Like an old dog that needs a bath, this thing stinks something awful.

Robin Williams and John Travolta have done better. Unfortunately, in this outing, neither delivers. It's not enough to prance into camera view, and call that acting. To label their performances as "phoned in" is being too generous. All they do is mug and mechanically recite lines. "Warm and fuzzy" scenes look contrived and phony, "comical" scenes are about as funny as having your teeth pulled out with a wrench and no anesthesia. And no, even anesthesia won't help you endure this movie.

The "touchy-feely" premise is this: two obnoxious swinging single mid-life-crisis guys, are old friends and business partners. Through some dumb circumstances (one has kids he didn't know about-so original yecch), they wind up with two kids to care for. Idiotic? Yes. Original, no. Interesting; definitely not. Writing is flat, the rest of the cast is flat, the plot is flat, and the director should be banned from making movies ever again. The story goes nowhere, and is never involving. The characters are not likable, and the intended laughs are as sparse as igloos in the Sahara desert. It even stoops to the old groin injury bit: sad.

At least the title makes sense. It's all old stuff. And it's a dog.
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Easy to watch
kbwhite28 December 2009
This was a fun family movie. Not too taxing on the brain and plenty of laughs. A few toilet jokes kept the kids amused and a few well placed adult puns made me smile.

I just wish that the television trailers hadn't shown ALL the good bits - which took away all the surprise funny bits and really just left the mushy stuff in between to watch....

Travolta and Williams are living breathing classics and make the movie well worth watching.

I simply can't understand the low overall rating this movie has received up until now - it really ain't that bad....
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If you liked this movie, you are the part of the reason why Western Civilization is doomed
RakDaddy27 November 2009
This is the movie that has me rethinking the policy of the Cultural Lifetime Pass. If you made a record or a painting or a movie that helped lift up the standards of culture and made the world a better place, even for a brief moment, then I think you should get a pass if you're forced to make dreck to put food on the table.

I was ready to give Robin Williams his pass for "Reality...What a Concept," "Moscow on the Hudson" and "Insomnia." John Travolta had a potential pass for "Pulp Fiction" and "Get Shorty." Seth Green gave us "Robot Chicken." Matt Dillon, Bernie Mac, Amy Sedaris, Ann-Margaret, for God's sake....

Ladies and gentlemen, no longer. I hereby revoke your passes.

This movie was a pile of trite, clichéd garbage. You could have slotted any other actors into these roles, and you would have gotten the same result: a lot of mugging, a lot of canned reactions, and a lot of tired nutshot jokes. This was such bland pablum that I should have walked out, but I was dragged to this flick with family.

So, was the paycheck worth it? Probably, seeing how so many people gave it a 10 rating and are mocking the critics who rightly called out this turd for what it is. More and more people will pay good money to see Seth Green get cuddled by a gorilla or watch Williams and Travolta go through the same list of gay panic jokes (with a little racism thrown in for extra flavor) that was excreted on screen for "Wild Hogs." Keep polishing that turd, folks; it won't change what it is.

Don't force the ones you love to see this movie. Stay home. Read a book. Play a board game. Do anything but see this waste of time. Please, for the sake of the children, I beg you: do the merciful thing and put down "Old Dogs."
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Enjoyed this movie!
dkuha14 February 2010
Don't believe the reviews that say it stinks. It's just got a low key vibe, and if you need a ton of clever dialogue or special effects to keep your interest then of course you won't appreciate the subtlety of what are portrayals of real relationships. Although the movie starts out feeling like a bachelor gone wild party, and you don't get the feeling that it is a family movie, it gains momentum and totally turns into a respectable family film. My husband and I found it endearing, well acted, hilarious in spots, and we weren't worried about watching it with our four-year old in the room. Thoroughly enjoyable movie, although we could have done without the first ten minutes.
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Old Dogs
neww17810 January 2010
Oh My God this was the funniest movie. It kept my husband and myself laughing through out the movie. Just good clean humor.

John's daughter and wife were terrific...I would recommend this movie to any age group.

I had read the reviews and disagree with the negative ones. I just don't understand how anyone could not like it. It went by fast, certainly kept our attention and we laughed until hurt. Actually the entire audience laughed through out the movie. All the actors were great, they worked well with each other, and although it may have been predictable, it was delightful
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Old guys who are still trying to keep everything together!
brownah181 December 2009
Warning: Spoilers
John Travolta and Robin Williams are a great comedic duo with their slapstick comedy throughout this movie. This movie shows what best friends are like and what situations friends get you into. Friends will stand by you no matter what your situation is. Never make a promise to a kid unless you can make it happen. Even though you might have trouble with parenting at first, you will get the hang of it and find a better person you never knew you could become. Once you have decisions that you have already made it's hard to go through with them when you want something else.

It shows you real life situations of what could happen if you find out something unexpected in your life and anyone can relate to these situations. All of this will be shown throughout this movie which makes it an interesting one to watch. Robin Williams has been out of the picture for some time, but was last seen as the voice of Roosevelt in the latest "Night at the Museum" and in "Worlds Greatest Dad." John Travolta I had last seen as Ryder as the train hijacker on "The Taking of Pelham 123" which is a really great action movie starring Denzel Washington too. Both actors have come a long way and are going through tough times in their lives.

They come out shinning in this movie made by Disney and are very funny and fun to watch in this movie together. Also Bernie Mac has made an appearance in this movie and it was great to see him since he will be forever missed. This movie will have you laughing throughout and leaves you with a great message in the ending.
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Not too bad - it was funny!
zzzinsun1 January 2010
There were no other family flicks out that my older kids would sit through, so we decided to give Old Dogs a shot. I have to say that we laughed very hard and enjoyed it. This is a kids/family film, and in that context it delivers. It certainly is not a bad film. John Travolota and Robin Williams work well together and make this film worth seeing. I hope they have a chance to collaborate again as they have good chemistry. There were some surprises in the plot, which is unusual for most kid films. This film is not going to be an academy award winner, but it certainly was not a waste of time. I expected to be bored and found myself laughing from beginning to end. I want to thank the producers for making a family film that is worth seeing. The kids loved it and when that happens they develop a loyalty to the actors and trust them to deliver again the in future. I hope that is the case.
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Incomprehensibly Awful
brettster23 November 2009
A friend and I saw a screening of this feeble excuse for a major motion picture right before Thanksgiving, and the look of exasperation we exchanged during the closing credits is one I hope we never have to show one other again. Evidently, John Travolta, his wife, daughter and siblings needed an excuse to take a working family vacation with Robin Williams, and this cinematic open sore is the result. It is an insult to the intelligence of anybody over, or under, the age of 10. Here's an example of the film's logic: Kelly Preston (Mrs. T) plays a mother of 7-year-old twins; on the eve of being sent to prison, she tells Robin Williams that he's the dad. Even so, she is extremely concerned about whether he can live up the responsibility of taking care of them while she's in the cooler. (The irony is not played for laughs.) If you relish stupid situations, potty humor and extreme predictability, this is the movie for you.
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Laugh Till we Cried and . . . . .
mcharnley-621-35988629 December 2009
This is a movie for a feel good afternoon. In the genre of serious films - don't bother with it - but if you just want a good time, laugh till your sides hurt and just forget about everything else negative in your life - Robin Williams, John Travolta and cast provide entertainment that anyone can enjoy. The entire ensemble was a great cast; well chosen. It was hard at times to catch your breath between gags; some predicable of course but a great feel good movie. It was great to see the Travolta family together in a happy situation. Would definitely see it again and buy the DVD when available. Would recommend it to anyone of any age.
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A good dose of spray-on fun
paul_haakonsen22 February 2010
This movie was funny, heartfelt and good. By far one of the better comedies I have seen come out of 2009.

The cast of "Old Dogs" is really good, as everyone have great on screen charisma, and everyone is a gifted actor, so that works well in a great way. I always like Robin Williams, but I must say that John Travolta did a really good job in this movie (and I am usually not a big fan of his work).

The movie is good for fun and laughter, whether you sit down to watch it alone, with your significant other, or with your whole family. There is something in this movie for everyone.

"Old Dogs" have a somewhat sassy story, sure, it was a Disney product after all, but it worked out well anyway. I was thoroughly amused throughout the entire movie, and I was laughing a lot as well. The majority of the movie revolves around comedy, but the drama aspect of the story worked well entwined with the comedy. It came together as a heartfelt wholesome.

I recommend this movie warmly for its good story and laughs, and I say this movie is the type that you will pick up again and watch at a later time.
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Very funny
lwunner13 January 2010
I do not like stupid films at all. This had a little bit of stupidity, but it didn't stop me from laughing from beginning to end! My friend loved it too. Really good for a comedy and great actors! This is one to watch over and over and share with all.

It was fun to watch Travolta's family in action. His daughter was adorable.

Robin Williams was at his best. He handled being a new dad with aplomb. It is always great to see men deal with kids and feel their way through it.

Williams was the star - Travolta played second behind him. Williams is of course a natural comedian. Travolta has to work harder.
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do not waste your money,critics got it right
dancergalchick144 December 2009
basically don't waste your money,i went to see this a couple of days ago, and about 20 minutes into the movie wanted to go home.if your going to take children to see something for the holidays, go to a Christmas carol so much better. the only funny parts of this movie were the previews, the plot of the story was just dumb, jokes were dumb, they were just old stuff, critics got it right for once, usually whenever i hear critics reviews of it. i happen to like the movie and want to see it again and again, but not this one they got it right, save your money,if you want to see it wait until it comes to red box for 1$
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Thank You Disney For Ruining Two Great Legends
FilmMan471 December 2014
Warning: Spoilers
This is not a sequel to wild hogs 2007 please keep that in mind that film started John Travolta too but this one is not least bit funny or entertaining at all seriously every critic hated this but when i watched it ignoring bad reviews first of all specially for robin Williams he is my favorite what was he thinking didn't he read the script or he was low on cash or something.

The Plot:best friends Charlie & Dan face trouble when they have to take care of two 7 year old kids left by a woman Dan married 9 years ago.

I mean what is this 80s or 90s these type of films don't work these days plus why it had to involve annoying kids the story should have been about the friendship instead the lame characters were added out of nowhere.

Everything was forced here including comedy & chemistry between characters plus Travolta ask kids if they have seen controversial films like casino & godfather Seth green scenes are funny though specially the park scene with a monkey.

From start to finish this film gives pain in head nothing more its so boring watching two old men baby sitting kids this was a Disney release oh god they should stick to making animated & fantasy movies this is not their territory.

The Cast:Robbin Williams a great actor of our times pure legend he got wasted here its sad that he is no more with us & passed away soon i will miss him forever second guy is John Travolta dude please make a sequel to pulp fiction don't waste yourself on dud projects like this.

Overall Old Dogs 2009 is not even worth for die hard fans of John & Robbin Fans Disney officially ruined 2 legends in mess of a film my rating is 3/10:Skipp It
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best family comedy i've seen in ages
deanw-666-40279220 February 2010
Warning: Spoilers
as a father of 4 boys i get to watch quite a lot of family motivated movies which some can be bluntly put as rubbish. having seen a trailer for this movie i thought it looked quite entertaining, after reading a couple of bad reviews i thought i would still give it a shot which is why i decided to attempt a review.this film had me rolling about in hysterics for quite a few different parts of the movie. 1 in particular was with john travolta after having taken the wrong daily medication after a mix up he gets some really bad facial twitches. i could not stop laughing out loud for a good 10 minutes. my wife and kids were looking at getting me some serious medical help as my ribs were aching from laughing so much.......... if you like a good family comedy old or new clichéd or not then this is a good film..... robin williams and john travolta are a great pair together.... funniest film i have had the pleasure in watching for quite some time
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An uneven, uninspired mix of slapstick and schmaltz
brchthethird13 November 2014
Disney has put out some good movies, and some stinkers. This movie fits firmly in the latter category. John Travolta and Robin Williams phone in their performances in this uneven mix of slapstick and schmaltz. John Travolta and Robin Williams play business partners who run a sports marketing firm, but when Robin Williams' character finds out he has children, he and Travolta have to play dad for a couple of weeks while the mother serves a little time in jail. Nothing about the plot was fresh or interesting although, to Disney's credit, they really don't deal with much outside of formula filmmaking anyway. There were a couple of visual gags that were legitimately funny...the first time around. But then they just keep using the same jokes over and over again. Kids might enjoy adults getting hit repeatedly in the groin, but not me. And then to make matters worse, there's some humor insinuating that the main characters are gay, which will go right over children's heads. Ultimately, this film is aimed at families with young children, but the humor is hackneyed at best and I don't see parents enjoying it too much. The message about the importance of family is admirable, but Disney has done much better than this in the past. Ultimately, this won't go down in the annals of Disney history as even a good film, and it certainly is one of the worst films that John Travolta and Robin Williams have ever made. Some old dogs just need to be put to sleep.
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Man, I haven't laughed so hard in a loooong time!
adi-cat21 February 2010
Travolta and Williams are an explosive combination in this one. Scratch all the bad comments you may have read. Sometimes, people watching movies try to be too damn smart and eclectic for their own good. Instead they end up just being plain snobs.

This is supposed to be a light-hearted funny comedy, not philosophical argument. You shouldn't have to keep your Freud, Heidegger or Kant books at hand just to feel good about a movie you watch. It's okay to just kick back, relax, go with the flow and enjoy yourself every once in a while.

This is supposed to be silly, crazy entertainment and it delivers... in spades! These two sacred monsters of the screen show us that they still got the "mojo".

If you loved Robin Williams' "Mrs. Doubtfire", I think you'll most certainly love this one as well.

So, do yourself a favor on this one, don't listen to others... just see it and make up your own mind.

Some of the comments are way off. I've even read one that said this movie is racist because most of the main characters have blue eyes. Can you believe that? We have a racist, "anti-racist". (lol)!!!

On that note, it's racist that the actors happen to have blue eyes but it's not racist from the commenter's part to pick on their appearance or looks. Some think that just putting yourself on the "right", "anti-racist" side, allows you to make any comments about others; even if they're way overly-racist. God help us!

As for the rest of the guys who are all bitter about it... well, go to a museum instead, look at some paintings with a few crossed lines, some dots and paint splashes and marvel at the "deep", "overwhelming" artistic emotions they inspire in you. And feel good about how "different" and "profoundly superior" you think you are. ;-) Don't spoil our fun.

I'm sorry, you guys who complain about this, that this one couldn't meet your expectations. It's true, there's no cruel humor, no tits and ass, no explicit sexual content or innuendos... what's to laugh about, right?

Well, it was never meant to be. Just plain old-fashioned fun... for those who can still enjoy it. :D

As for the rest of those who keep balking at it: you are hereby and henceforth banished from the fun side! :D
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I Want my half hour back!!!
b_dj6 April 2010
Seriously, i turned off the movie half an hour into it.. i couldn't let myself keep watching something so awful. The story was moving at a very awkward pace, every one was acting as if they've popped a lot of pills before the set. I knew there were some funny scenes coming but i didn't want to let myself suffer to get to that part.. I've seen many movies, I like stupid comedy, in fact, i like all kinds of comedy, but comedy was not present in this movie. Everyone was trying too hard and it just wasn't working.

Save your time, rent something else. Im very glad i didn't watch it in theater.. i'd hate to be that guy that walks out of a movie half an hour into it.
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This is Fun!
namashi_16 February 2010
Walt Becker's critically panned 'Old Dogs' is one of those films, that entertain till you are in the auditorium. It's aim is simple: Entertainment, the audience has to enjoy it, calling it as a 'Fun' fare. I liked 'Old Dogs', I laughed & enjoyed it.

Films like these is never meant for critics. Critics are losers, 'Old Dogs' is an out-and-out audience film, and the box office returns prove that. These films are not meant to be remembered, such films comes, earn money, tackle your funny bone, that's it! 'Old Dogs' is a winner... mainly because it's intentions are clear, and it succeeds in it's way!

Becker's direction is not as good as compared to his classic 'Wild Hogs', yet it's passable. Coming to acting, John Travolta & Robin Williams steal the show with terrific performances. Plus, it's a pleasure to watch two legends come together. Seth Green is superb, especially in the climax. Kelly Preston is good. Ella Travolta & Conner Rayburn are lovable. Lori Loughlin does her bit well. Bernie Mac, in a minor posthumous role, is as good as ever. Justin Long is fantastic in a brief role. Matt Dillon is wasted.

On the whole 'Old Dogs' is entertainment at it's best!
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It Doesn't Deserve The Word "Bad"
fatemaster200311 December 2009
First and foremost, for anybody who read my review and wanted to say that I'm a total idiot for loving this one, than forgive me for my love to this movie.

Old Dogs is a movie of a family comedy genre, so anyone that wanted to have a bad joke or rude joke just like the ones in Tropic Thunder, than this one is definitely not for you. It got a very good family atmosphere and this is definitely the one for them who values family the most.

When I see this movie, all I have to think is, how they portrayed some problem in human's life greatly and they (Travolta and Williams) did a great job here. They could portrayed all of that problem and mix it with ridiculous jokes that's not harmful to the young generation who watch this.

So why the bad review? If you want to watch a crude joke about life, watch American Pie or anything of some sort. This movie is only watchable for them with open mind and could accept it as something that we could learn from. Do you know that a lot of movies were inspired by a true story from human's life? It could be yours, it could be mine, it could be anyone's. So respect it and watch it. It's a very good family movie.

My rating would be 10/10
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Same Old Crap!!!
dick_james18 December 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Wow, is there a movie that John Travolta doesn't dance in? And why isn't Robin Williams dead yet? These are questions I seem to be asking myself time and time again, every time I go to see one of these antiques splayed across the screen like a fresh kill on the hunt for mediocrity. Also, why is it the director or producer or whoever made the decision, choose to cast Travolta? he charges like one hundred million dollars per movie because he has to pay his scientology bills or something like that. They could've saved that money to write a BETTER GODDAMN SCRIPT!!! The end can be seen a mile away, Travolta and Williams don't close the deal, nope, instead they be there for the kids. Oh big surprise, in Liar Liar, Jim Carey loses his job at the law firm or whatever, to be there for his son. Or like every other family drama. Why doesn't it show the part where they end up in the poor house because of those stupid kids? What do they know about the real world? Nothing! At least Liar Liar had a good story. But what I really want to see is the gritty reality to these situations, like if instead Robin Williams not only closed the deal and ignored his kids, but then cheated on his wife with Travolta, then sold the kids into the Taiwanese sex trade. It would be raw, gritty, and true to real life. It's time for these whiny kids to bite the bullet and find out the truth, nothing goes their way, because they're just stupid children who watch too many stupid movies. I grieve for the future of America's children, raised in a state of semi-retardation from all of this crap pumped into their heads!
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Good natured hilarity
aharmas29 November 2009
Warning: Spoilers
One thing can be said about Williams and Travolta: they're both first rate charismatic stars. If we don't have any more hits and good movies, it's definitely not the fault of these two. They can induce insane laughter and capture their audience with a wink, and one knows that given the right material, the results can be spectacular.

It has been a while since Williams gave such a relaxed and free performance. For a while he has been showing the a restrained man who was delivering "funny" lines a rather "funny" script. Now, he goes back to the basics and uses some silly, physical comedy, throws a few "one-liners" around, and with exciting chemistry with Travolta, delivers more than a couple of home runs. Williams comes across as a good man, without pushing himself too hard, and Travolta might play the eternal teenager but he is just another side of a good soul.

The two bachelors are suddenly facing a new family, and they have to deal with the unexpected side effects of an immediate family. Some of the physical gags are hilarious, and seeing Matt Dillon come in and join the fun ia a riot. Seth Green also shines in a couple of outstanding moments. Overall, the film is a crowd pleasure, not too long, not too cerebral and just doing what one expects, 90 minutes of craziness, around a big heart.

Hope they make a sequel to this.
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This was a great family movie!
tess-619-17263127 December 2009
The movie was almost over before it dawned on me that it didn't have any bad language in it AT ALL. This is so refreshing where we live in a culture that misuses God's name at the drop of a hat and foul words as if they had no meaning whatsoever. I would recommend this movie to families on that basis alone. If you don't like this movie when you see it, it will be because you're so used to hearing foul language and have come to accept it as natural speech that you actually miss it when it's not there. Critics, let's let people see this movie and decide for themselves if they like it or not. It is purely personal preference and personal taste if you don't like it and has nothing to do with the quality of the movie at all.
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