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MPAA Rated PG-13 for some violent images and brief nudity

Sex & Nudity

  • 1:16:44: As the troops are arriving home from the Falklands War, two topless women are briefly shown among the welcoming crowd; there is also a shirtless man.
  • A low-cut dress (reveals cleavage) A woman adjusts her bra.
  • Kissing scenes between a man and a woman.

Violence & Gore

  • We see a fire burning in a building and a blood-covered body on a stretcher being carried from the building, and hear reports that 5 people died.
  • We hear an explosion, a woman runs after a car that a man had been driving and we see the burning shell and debris following a car bombing; the man is not shown, but it is apparent that he died in the explosion.
  • We see a violent protest in the streets and police with nightsticks beat rioters as they throw firebombs.
  • We see fires burning in streets as violent protests rage while we hear reports of bombings and we see a horse lying dead on the street.
  • A bomb explodes outside a hotel and a room where a man and a woman are staying is blown up; we see the woman and the man covered with dust and the room is littered with debris.
  • A violent street protest shows people being beaten by police with sticks, police on horses tramples one protester and we see a protester covered with blood and lying on the street.
  • We see a man on a stretcher with blood on his clothing and hear a report of a retaliatory attack on a naval ship that caused many deaths and casualties.
  • A rocket is fired into a naval vessel and we understand from news reports that it was sunk.
  • We see planes circling naval vessels and dropping bombs on them (fires flare but we do not see people being struck).
  • We see many dead bodies wrapped in tarps in a large hole in the ground.
  • A family hides under a table during an air raid in 1940s England, while bombs explode outside (we see flashes and hear loud explosions).
  • We see an armed guard in the hallway of a residence.
  • An elderly woman imagines that she sees her son as a young boy running through the hallways and out into a garden.
  • A woman caring for an elderly woman is upset after the elderly woman had left her home unbeknownst to the staff, and insists that the doors must be locked at all times.
  • Men and a woman argue in the House of Parliament in several scenes.
  • A woman is dismissive and insulting to a man in front of colleagues.
  • Women are asked to leave the room after a dinner and the men remain to talk.
  • A woman tells her elderly mother, "Dad is dead."
  • We understand that a woman's husband has died.
  • An elderly woman repeats to herself, "I will not go mad."
  • Two children plead with their mother not to leave them as she drives away in a car.
  • We see large piles of garbage lining a city street and a man and a woman react to the smell.
  • We hear about union strikes, blackouts and petrol shortages.


  • 8 mild obscenities and 2 religious exclamations.
  • Name-calling (hoity-toity, nackers, reckless, inept, filly, old girl, thugs, old boy, spineless Pygmies, fools, vacillators, weak, popularity seekers, lily-livered, silly old sausage), exclamations (bloody, buggar it, rubbish)

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • There are two prescription pills on a woman's plate and we hear another woman saying that she suspects the woman is not taking her medicine.
  • A woman drinks whiskey in many scenes.
  • A man tells a woman "you drink too much."
  • A man opens a bottle of champagne and pours glasses (we do not see anyone drink.)
  • A man drinks alcohol from a bottle.
  • A man smokes a cigarette and a man smokes a cigar.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • A few violent images are shown -- notably of the Falklands War and of upset demonstrators, as well as of a character being killed by a car bomb
  • A character's dementia is a significant plot device throughout the film, and its portrayal (while often comedic) may be confusing and/or upsetting for some viewers.
  • The above mentioned scenes of war footage may also cause distress for some viewers.

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