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Season 2

1 Oct. 2019
A Bad Feeling & Chirp, Buzz, and Other Sensations
A Bad Feeling (14min) The day after suffering a miscarriage, a young couple attend their local comic con. Chirp, Buzz, and Other Sensations (15min) A conservatively religious fifteen-year-old girl experiences her first sexual attraction.
1 Oct. 2019
I Got This & How To Get A Boyfriend
I Got This (22:27) A young couple schemes to get DNA samples from three men. How To Get A Boyfriend (7:44) A high school student gives a tutorial on love.
1 Oct. 2019
Shark Week & They Fall Fast
Shark Week (16:04) A glance into the life of siblings who confront their personal issues. They Fall Fast (11:56) Two strangers hike through the desert to a destination that may change their lives.
1 Oct. 2019
Sharpé & Rotsy
Sharpé (10:07) A disassociated man finds his life becomes worth living when he butchers something - Rotsy (16:24) Three serial killers shoot the breeze in their secluded drinking hole, where one of them makes a surprising confession.
1 Oct. 2019
Amydee & This Modern Man Is Beat
Amydee (15:48) A violent assault forces a 30 year-old bartender to re-examine her life and place in the world. This Modern Man Is Beat (17:10) In a world of cultural confusion and erroneous judgment, a man reconciles with his wife.
1 Oct. 2019
Light Me Up & Ce Qu'il Reste De Toi
Light Me Up (10:08) Life Begins in the Dark. Ce Qu'il Reste De Toi (16:24) Two lovers don't dare to think about the future until fate gets on their way.
1 Oct. 2019
Jonah & The Running Man of Pasadena & Martyr
Jonah (2 mins) Jonah pulls himself up using his bicycle. The Running Man of Pasadena (11:22) A 70 year old Lebanese immigrant finds community through running. Martyr (11:22) A man must convince a stranger to kill an innocent student.
1 Oct. 2019
The Blind Center & New Age, Olde English
The Blind Center (15 min) A fund-raising video for a community center for the blind reveal a surprising story of a center for the blind. New Age, Olde English (14 min) A hitchhiker is picked up by a well-spoken man.
1 Oct. 2019
The Hunter & The Creeping Ritual
The Hunter (7 min) Some things in the forest are naughty and not very nice. The Creeping Ritual (19 min) Matt wants fresh coconut water in the shell before yoga class. He can't find it.
1 Oct. 2019
Puppet Life 2: Human Dating & Crosby
Puppet Life 2: Human Dating (13 min) Find out what it's like for puppets to date humans. Crosby (23 min) Albert Fitzhugh is an unsettled teen who can't find a trace of good fortune.

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