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6 Mar. 2019
Thai Meth Bust
Jimmy gives up his job as a postman to open a bar in Thailand, but quickly starts dealing meth. The police get wise and in a dramatic takedown bust him and send him to prison.
13 Feb. 2019
Greek Border Bust
David embarks on an epic road trip, where he attempts to smuggle hash from Afghanistan to Germany. He is caught in Greece and imprisoned on an island.
9 Jan. 2019
Caribbean Coke King
Unemployed Michael Singh tries cocaine smuggling to make money. But after 7 successful runs, Michael is caught and left to rot in a Dominican prison.
2 Jan. 2019
Mexican Cartel Hell
In Mexico, Carlos Quijas is falsely imprisoned and tortured for drug smuggling. Inside Mexico's most dangerous prison, he has to get tough to survive.
6 Feb. 2019
Narco Wine Bust
Champion skier Nick Brewer flees home after life changing accident and works his way to the top of a multi-million dollar cocaine empire in Argentina.
30 Jan. 2019
Bangkok Betrayal
Hip hop dancer LaTasha thinks she's been offered the opportunity of a lifetime, but opportunity turns to nightmare when she finds herself locked up and pregnant in a Thai jail, having been fooled into smuggling heroin by a man she thought she loved.
23 Jan. 2019
Jungle Crash
On a mission to find drug labs in the Colombian jungle, Keith Stansell crashes. He's kidnapped by FARC guerrillas and held hostage for over five years.
27 Feb. 2019
Canadian 21-year-old Christina Jocko loves spending money, partying and taking drugs. But when she discovers opiates her life spirals into addiction. Out of work, out of money and out of luck, an offer of an easy $10,000 for running cocaine from Panama looks like a way out. Little does she realize the tempting adventure will cost her five years of her life.
20 Feb. 2019
Indian Hash Bust
Australian hippie Mark O'Brien is dissatisfied with life. He joins an ashram in India, led by the infamous guru Osho, looking for enlightenment. But when a fellow disciple encourages Mark to join her in a plan to smuggle an exotic form of hash to Amsterdam, it sets off a chain of events that leads him to a very different commune: the notorious Yawanda Central Prison.
16 Jan. 2019
Peruvian Parent Trap
When cousins Paris and Maron go to Peru to help out family on a business opportunity, they get more than what they bargained for.

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