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‘American Animals’ Misses Out At BAFTA–Can The Oscars Handle Authentic Truth?

  • Deadline
‘American Animals’ Misses Out At BAFTA–Can The Oscars Handle Authentic Truth?
If there’s a takeaway from this awards season, it’s that true stories are back with a vengeance. For proof, look no further than Rosamund Pike as war reporter Marie Colvin in A Private War, Sam Rockwell as President George W. Bush in Vice, Mahershala Ali as Don Shirley in Green Book, Melissa McCarthy as forger Lee Israel in Can You Ever Forgive Me? and Rami Malek as Freddie Mercury in Bohemian Rhapsody.

’Authenticity’ is hot right now too, as evidenced by Bradley Cooper’s approach to press for A Star is Born – a film seemed to be a shoo-in for awards glory. In all the vast swathes of publicity that accompanied its release, Cooper stressed all the ‘realistic’ elements in his otherwise fictional tale, from literally taking away Lady Gaga’s glam-pop image with a wet-wipe to playing live at the Glastonbury festival in the UK as a
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American Animals Review: A Fascinating True Crime Story

American Animals Review: A Fascinating True Crime Story
American Animals is a fascinating true crime story; made even more engaging by its brilliant format. The film intercuts the portrayal of an infamous heist with interviews from the actual people involved. We learn the motivations of the characters from two key perspectives, real time and hindsight. It is a meticulous and highly creative exploration into the vagaries of human nature. Acclaimed documentarian Bart Layton reaches greatness with his first narrative feature.

American Animals opens in 2003 Kentucky. Barry Keoghan stars as Spencer Reinhard, a disenchanted art student at Transylvania University. His middle-class, suburban life has left him hollow. He yearns for the passion and adventure that inspired the great artists. A chance tour of the school's library leads to a presentation of its rare book collection. The showcase piece, John Audubon's "Birds of America", is the most valuable book in the world.

Evan Peters co-stars as Warren Lipka, Spencer's best friend from high school.
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‘La 92’ Is A Harrowing, Incendiary Epic Of The 1992 Los Angeles Riots [Tribeca Review]

As heartrending as it is heart-racing, “La 92” will make an uneasy fit when it gets broadcast on National Geographic alongside episodes of “Monster Fish” and “Locked Up Abroad.” Receiving its world premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival, Daniel Lindsay and T.J. Martin’s unnerving documentary is one of several retrospectives coming out this year on the 25th anniversary of the 1992 Los Angeles riots.

Continue reading ‘La 92’ Is A Harrowing, Incendiary Epic Of The 1992 Los Angeles Riots [Tribeca Review] at The Playlist.
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'Supernatural' season finale recap: 'I'm proud of us'

'Supernatural' season finale recap: 'I'm proud of us'
Despite warnings that Supernatural’s season finale would be a whopper of an episode, I didn’t plan to spend my entire summer trying to recover from the trauma. But it looks like that’s exactly what I’m going to do, following an emotionally exhausting hour that capped off the show’s stellar season 9 Tuesday night.

That may sounds hyper-dramatic. But it’s really not, considering all that happened.

First, I’ll start at the top: Gadreel didn’t die from the wound he received from the First Blade. But he did die later. He sacrificed himself to help Cas escape angel jail.
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Discovery Buys UK Independent Production Company Raw

  • Deadline TV
The firm behind shows including Gold Rush, Unexplained Files, and Dangerous Persuasions will have the freedom to expand into scripted programming and produce “high-quality independent films” following the deal, the companies say. They didn’t disclose how much Discovery paid for Raw, but say that it will “continue to operate independently from its London headquarters” with all of its current staff. “We are looking forward to Raw infusing our ever-expanding creative pipeline with compelling stories that will be seen on Discovery’s networks around the world,” Discovery Studios and Production Group President Lee Bartlett says. He adds that the deal is being unveiled on the same day that Discovery rebranded the Military Channel – now called Ahc: American Heroes Channel. The two events illustrate “Discovery’s ongoing strategy of increasing investment in new brands, new content creators, new programming genres, and new opportunities across more platforms in more regions of the world,
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James Gunn Talks Groot, Rocket, Thanos

Following on from the "Guardians of the Galaxy" trailer reveal last week, the film's director James Gunn has talked some more about that wacky Marvel sci-fi feature hitting in August.

Specifically he touched upon the two CG characters starting with Bradley Cooper's Rocket Raccoon. He tells Pointless Podcast:

"Rocket is a result of countless and cruel, illegal genetic experiments, where he's been turned--from an innocent little creature, where he has an Iq of three, and he becomes this thing that's completely alone; this gnarled little beast... he's pretty sad."

There's also the walking tree Groot who can only say one line and is voiced by Vin Diesel. Talking about Diesel's performance, Gunn says:

"All of the 'I am Groots' that were earlier voices didn't sound very good at all, they sounded like sh#t. It just didn't work. Then Vin Diesel came in and, in one day, lied down
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James Gunn on Guardians Of The Galaxy - Thanos, Rocket, and Filming

Director James Gunn recently showed up as a guest on Pointless Podcast to talk about his highly anticipated Marvel Film, Guardians of the Galaxy. He discussed Rocket Raccoon, Vin Diesel's "I am Groot" delivery, shooting an overhead scene with Peter Quill, the villain Thanos' motive, and much more. 

When talking about Rocket Raccoon this is what he had to say,

"Rocket is a result of countless and cruel, illegal genetic experiments, where he's been turned--from an innocent little creature, where he has an Iq of three, and he becomes this thing that's completely alone; this gnarled little beast. He's pretty sad."

He then moved on to Groot,

"All of the 'I am Groot' that were earlier voices didn't sound very good at all, they sounded like shit. It just didn't work. Then Vin Diesel came in and, in one day, lied [sic] down all these 'I am Groot' tracks, and he's a perfectionist.
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'Guardians of the Galaxy': James Gunn Talks Groot, Thanos and Post-Production

'Guardians of the Galaxy': James Gunn Talks Groot, Thanos and Post-Production
Last week, Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn teased new details about this Marvel Phase Two adventure in an interview excerpt with Pointless Podcast, including why the Skrulls aren't in the movie and the characters he's saving for the second trailer. The full, hour-long version of the podcast debuted today, where the director offers more details about the movie, including Rocket Raccoon's origins, Vin Diesel's process of saying "I am Groot," the Infinity Gauntlet, and how Thanos in this Marvel movie universe may be different than the comic book version.

First up, the filmmaker talked about how Vin Diesel became the perfect embodiment of the tree-like Groot, even though he only has one line of dialogue.

"All of the 'I am Groots' that were earlier voices didn't sound very good at all, they sounded like sh#t. It just didn't work. Then Vin Diesel, came in and, in one day,
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‘Guardians of The Galaxy’ Director Talks Thanos, Rocket, and Groot

  • LRM Online
Director James Gunn, in an hour-long chat with Kevin Pereira on the Pointless Podcast, opened up about his upcoming Marvel film, Guardians of The Galaxy. With the first trailer dropping last week, it looks like the folks behind the movie are ready to start peeling back the veil of secrecy that has surrounded the project since its inception.

Amongst the topics that were discussed was Thanos, the super-villain that was teased at the end of The Avengers in 2012. Gunn says that Thanos’s “employees” will be primary villains in Guardians, and implies that we won’t know too much more about the character’s true intentions during this film. “Here’s the thing, truthfully the Marvel Cinematic Universe takes out of both the 616 and Ultimate Marvel Comics universe, and then they recreate some elements themselves,” revealed Gunn. He then continued, “What Thanos wants in the comics is not necessarily what
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Global Showbiz Briefs: Ecosse Films Inks 3-Year Deal With Shine International; Film4′s Katherine Butler Headed To UK’s Raw; More

  • Deadline TV
Ecosse Films Inks First-Look Deal With Shine International The UK’s Ecosse Films has pacted with Elisabeth Murdoch’s Shine International in a three-year, first-look deal that will see the latter handle the producer’s TV sales and distribution. Ecosse’s TV credits include three seasons of Mistresses for BBC One (the U.S. remake was recently renewed for a second season by ABC); Life Of Crime for ITV and biopic Fleming for Sky Atlantic HD. Ecosse also has feature credits that include Diana, Becoming Jane and Nowhere Boy. Shine will rep finished tape and format rights for Ecosse Films’ new television output from January 1 onward. Katherine Butler Leaving Film4 For UK Producer Raw Film4 Deputy Head of Film Katherine Butler is leaving to join UK producer Raw. She will head up the film and TV drama division. Traditionally a factual producer, Raw launched a film and drama wing in
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Katherine Butler departs Film4 for Raw

  • ScreenDaily
Katherine Butler, Film4’s Deputy Head of Film, is to become head of film and TV drama at UK indie Raw, producers of TV series Gold Rush and feature doc The Imposter.

After nine years at Channel 4’s film arm Film4, Butler will move to work alongside Raw’s Founder Dimitri Doganis, Creative Director Bart Layton, new CEO Joely Fether and head of development Zander Levy.

According to Raw, Butler will spearhead the company’s drive to become “a major force in film and drama production building a slate of bold, authored UK and Us productions”.

Butler will leave Film4 at the end of February.

Raw’s TV output includes Gold Rush, which airs on the Discovery Channel, and National Geographic’s Locked Up Abroad, as well as Channel 4 series Blackout.

Ties between Raw and Film4 are strong. While at Film4 Butler executive-produced Raw’s BAFTA-winning feature The Imposter about serial imposter Frederic Bourdin and the
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Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa Review

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

It’s been a busy couple of years for Alan Partridge, who despite being fictional is enjoying a career renaissance that most regional disc-jockeys can only dream of. He’s written a bestselling memoir, embarked on a nationwide book tour of East Anglia and fronted a soul-searching documentary for Sky Atlantic, all the while continuing to pour ‘radio gravy’ into the ears of listeners right across the North Norfolk area. As if that wasn’t enough, he’s now ‘top daddy’ in a new movie from ‘the French dudes’ at StudioCanal and his hated former paymasters at the BBC.

Alpha Papa is a siege drama that Partridge might pitch as ‘Jason Statham meets Roger Moore on a Dog Day Afternoon in Norwich City Centre (plus the A140 to Cromer) for the Mail Online comments-section generation, but without the gay agenda (of Dog Day Afternoon, not Jason Statham

TCA: Rob Lowe and the 'Killing Kennedy' Cast and Crew on Playing Historical Icons and Working Off a Book by Bill O'Reilly

The National Geographic Channel has been slowly stepping away from the type of nature and travel specials you'd once associate with the brand, toward poppier, ratings-friendlier unscripted series like "Doomsday Preppers," "Locked Up Abroad" and "Brain Games." While also being home to programs like "Jobs That Bite," sister network Nat Geo Wild has picked up some of that slack -- at the Television Critics Association press tour, kicking off today in Beverly Hills, the channel showed clips of the "Planet Earth"-like "One Life," a lavish nature special narrated by Daniel Craig and set to air on December 2013. And Nat Geo did announce "Cosmos," a "reboot" of the Carl Sagan series hosted by Neil Degrasse Tyson and executive produced by Seth MacFarlane, at, of all places, Comic-Con. But it's Nat Geo's odd forays into scripted fare that have been especially interesting in form, if not necessary in viewing experience yet
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National Geographic Channel Gets A Reboot

New York (AP) — David Lyle, CEO of the National Geographic Channel, has seen enough of the letters to know how they go. The writer is typically a longtime reader of the magazine, who perhaps recalls the times he leafed through its glossy pages while perched on grandpa's knee.

"The second paragraph," he said, "would always be, 'So you can imagine my disappointment when ...'"

Fill in the blank. Maybe the person saw the channel's documentary about escort services, or a show about a man who sculpts with a chain saw. Perhaps it was a show about gypsies, UFO hunters or people stocking up for the imminent end of the world. Maybe more letters will come after this Sunday, when narrator Rob Lowe starts a nostalgic three-day look at the 1980s.

Every day Lyle and his executive team face the challenge of building a successful network in the era of Honey
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John McCain On NatGeo’s ‘Locked Up Abroad’: Video

National Geographic Channel announced today that Locked Up Abroad will be returning for its ninth season on April 17 at 9 Pm. The season opener features a profile of Ernie Brace, the longest-held American Pow of the Vietnam War. The North Vietnamese imprisoned Brace for almost 8 years, during which he suffered torture, starvation and more. Former Gop Presidential candidate Sen. John McCain met Brace when the Navy man himself was a Pow in Vietnam and in solitary confinement. Though the two never saw each other face-to-face until they were released, they communicated through the walls of their prison. Here’s a Locked Up clip with McCain (via Politico) talking about Brace:
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John McCain Ready To Tell 'Amazing Story Of Heroism'

John McCain Ready To Tell 'Amazing Story Of Heroism'
Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) is returning to television.

Six months after making a cameo on NBC's "Parks and Recreation," McCain will appear the season premiere of National Geographic Channel's "Locked Up Abroad" on April 17.

In an advance clip made available to Politico, McCain attests to the "amazing story of heroism" that will be showcased. PR Newswire explains that the show is set to focus on the story of McCain's friendship with Ernie Brace, which developed during their time as prisoners of war during the Vietnam conflict. McCain, who was held as a Pow for five years, was held captive in an adjacent cell to Brace, who was the longest held prisoner of war at nearly eight years.

McCain recently penned an op-ed for the Wall Street Journal reflecting on Vietnam on the 40th anniversary of his release. He was also praised on the Senate floor and received a
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Indie Horror Month Exclusive: Dallas Roberts Discusses Shadow People, The Walking Dead and More

Out this week courtesy of Anchor Bay is the indie thriller Shadow People starring Dallas Roberts, which is based on a true story about small town radio personality Charlie Crowe, who unravels a conspiracy about encounters with the mysterious shadowy figures.

As it turns out, these "shadow people" are the cause of hundreds of unexplained deaths over hundreds of years in many different cultures throughout the world. Through his own investigations, Charlie (Roberts) encounters Cdc Epidemic Intelligence Agent Sophie Lancombe (Alison Eastwood), whose discoveries end up leading them both into a dark world and a decades old cover-up.

Directed by Matthew Arnold, Shadow People (review) also explores the actual historical evidence of these occurrences and the real phenomenon of an inverse placebo effect where the mind can actually kill the body through false belief.

Dread Central recently chatted with Roberts exclusively about his involvement with Shadow People in honor of
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Snitch Review

I have a longstanding respect for and really enjoy Dwayne Johnson, so I went into Snitch expecting not to hate it, 2/5 stars. I know that ain’t much, but it didn’t look particularly substantive, so that was the baseline (though “inspired by” true events, if that’s all that’s said, it often still qualifies as fiction).

Then a funny thing happened, one that in over 2700+ titles hasn’t occurred quite this way before: the stars just kept climbing, step-by-step, hand over fist, as the film progressed. I could actually feel it… “hey this isn’t bad at all”… “you know, this is pretty good”… “whoa, good job”… “that was really well done”… and so on, half-star by half-star until here we are at 4/5. I think I’m as surprised as some of you may be!

Let’s get one thing out of the way at the start: the trailer misleads.
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DVD Release: The Imposter

DVD Release Date: Jan. 22, 2013

Price: DVD $19.97

Studio: Indomina Releasing/Vivendi

What if your 13-year-old son went missing? What if he was found three years? But what if he was different? That’s what happened to the subject of the acclaimed documentary The Imposter.

Director Bart Layton (TV’s Locked Up Abroad) follows the story of San Antonio, Texas-native Nicholas Barclay, who went missing on June 13, 1994, his 13th birthday, without a trace. On Oct. 7, 1997, he was reported found, thousands of miles away in Spain. Nicholas said he had been kidnapped and tortured.

His family are understandably thrilled to have Nicholas home. However, even though this boy looks like the Nicholas that wen missing, they start to see differences. When an investigator starts asking questions, things get even stranger.

The Imposter only ran in limited theaters, but impressed critics. The R-rated film garnered 96% approval from critics, according to Rotten Tomatoes.

The movie
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This week's new DVD & Blu-ray

The Imposter | Take This Waltz | The Girl | Doctor Who: Legacy | British Legends Of Stage And Screen

The Imposter

As with all the best true stories, this one offers a premise that you just couldn't make up – it would be considered too far fetched. After Texan teen Nicholas Barclay disappeared in 1994, his family slowly grew to accept they'd almost definitely never see him again, certainly not alive. But three years and four months later they received news that the boy had been located in Spain. What they found wasn't Nicholas but a completely different person, a confidence trickster called Frédéric Bourdin, who was seven years older and with different colour hair and looks from the person he was impersonating. You'd expect this sad story to end there, but there's more. A lot more. Rather than turn away such an obvious fraud, the Barclay family took Bourdin in. They had lost
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