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my notes
sstrunks-0524524 July 2019
Hilarious. not really a movie. a long episode of sunny funny (about 4 viewings)
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Okay Christmas special, fans of the show will enjoy it
Horst_In_Translation12 February 2020
Warning: Spoilers
"A Very Sunny Christmas" is a Christmas special from the year 2009 that is ppart of the long-running (still until today a decade later) television show "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia". It runs for as long as two episodes basically and shows us ho the gang spends the holidays. And we find out a lot about the past and about the now actually. The director is Fred Savage, a really successful child actor back in the day. I don't need to say too much about the cast, do I? It's the same folks like for the show and the one most memorable to me is probably Danny DeVito. Probably also to most others. he is the big star here. Now, as for this specific special, of course if you know the show, you will know they will be as shameless as always with their comedy and there are no taboos. The best example is when two guys talk about how they spent Christmas with their families back when they were young and while one of them did not realize that they were burgling houses and stealing presents from others, the other did not realize that the Santa Clauses coming to see his mom had a special gift in mind. She was a prostitute basically. I mean there must be something wrong if a midget is walking around in your kitchen with his pants down, even if he is wearing an Elf costume. Frank (DeVito) gets his moments too shine again too. be it the big yellow sports car early on that another character as dreaming of and that he got to make the other character feel bad (not to give it to him) or when he fakes his death in order to get the gang to the hospital. I mean in another film it could be because he feels lonely and wants to see them and he is so desperate or because it is really emotional and he is severely injured, but of course this is "Always Sunny" (as the fans call it I believe, so none of it is true and he keeps insulting them and they keep insulting him (also before they leave the room), but you don't feel bad or anything. Aside from that, we get a nice little animated sequence that shows us what the characters would look like in a cartoon world and we also get a nice little "Christmas Story" reference and costume involving an old business partner of Frank, but this was really the best, almost only good moment about this whole story. The smoke and how he thinks there is a fire and he is about to destroy the window and then he is about to attack the old man because he actually thinks he is a ghost and so on. As always, with this series, nothing really goes as it is planned admittedly and I know fans love the show for that. That in the end they still somehow manage to bring their own specific brand of order to all the chaos, even if it seems impossible. Well, the idea here is that there is a bit of a lesson taught that it is about appreciating the holidays with your loved ones now and not really think about the past and what could have gone wring there. I did not think it was working too well. Leave these to South Park, folks. I personally would not say I am a huge fan of this show, but I have seen a couple seasons and I liked it overall. Same for this Christmas special. I cannot be too enthusiastic about it, but it had its funny moments and is worth checking for the holidays for sure. I give it a thumbs-up.
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