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Keith Carradine sings!
htnorris-618-16549218 November 2019
Keith gave a pretty good performance on guitar and vocals, really quite good. I was taken back when comparing this to a performance his brother David gave at the Willie Nelson's 1974 4th of July Picnic at the World Speedway in College Station, TX. Apparently he had aspirations of becoming a country western singer following his highly successful TV series Kung Fu. He was terrible! People began leaving in droves, I mean DROVES!
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Diminishing the Role
lisa-457605 November 2019
I've always enjoyed watching this show. The actors do a good job and the writers bring attention to many current issues. TV shows are becoming so political at times trying to influence people. An individual has to remember to understand entertainment & not take everything at face value. Now that the lead character has been elected President I'm so distracted by the wardrobe of Tea Leoni and some of the staging of the props. Really, portraying a woman President does she have to wear blouses with a tie around her neck. Please does a female President have to be shown wearing a tie like a male President. This is just demeaning & ridiculous.
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