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Season 1

5 Dec. 2008
La Boite Noire
About different forms of exorcism, religion, Islam, Iran, and the Black Stone of Kaaba, an Islamic relic which, according to Muslim tradition, dates back to the time of Adam and Eve.
12 Feb. 2009
Le Baptême
A black child is being washed, Muhammad Ali visits the Paris Studio, Dollar Brand/Abdullah Ibrahim uses the keys on the grande piano and some beautiful women.
23 Feb. 2010
Dead Leaves
About an ongoing social-psychological-political discussion, death cults, Venice, male organ competitions and more.
26 May 2010
La Seconde Mort
Jean Cocteau for the twenty-first century.
4 Jun. 2011
The Cosmic Roundabout of Father Fear
Death, cults, philosophy, Michael Jackson and Roma Caravans.
16 May 2013
Architecture, knives, rituals, violence, religion and Mediterranean Aboriginies.

 Season 1 

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