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28 Jan. 2018
Politicians for Hire: Cashing in on Brexit
Dispatches goes undercover posing as representatives of a Chinese company to investigate how politicians, including former cabinet ministers, are looking to make money by advising businesses about Brexit.
12 Feb. 2018
Undercover in Premier Inn
A reporter goes undercover as an agency housekeeper working at a Premier Inn hotel in central London and discovers some uncomfortable truths about what it is like for some of the people working there.
15 Feb. 2018
Football's Wall of Silence
In an Al Jazeera investigation, Reporter Deboarah Davies reveals how former youth football coach Barry Bennell spent his days coaching children and nights abusing them.
19 Feb. 2018
Undercover Inside the Priory
Faced with a shortage of places to treat mental health patients, the NHS is placing patients in private hospitals. Dispatches goes undercover inside one of the American-owned Priory Group's hospitals to investigate.
26 Feb. 2018
Britain's University Spending Scandal
At a time when students are graduating up to 58,000 pounds in debt and university staff are protesting about cuts to their pensions, Dispatches investigates the expenses of Britain's top universities.
5 Mar. 2018
The Week Britain Froze
The Week Britain Froze examines the causes of the Beast from the East, tells extraordinary stories of human courage, and asks if this freezing weather is a sign of things to come.
12 Mar. 2018
Undercover: Who's Policing Your Bank?
Dispatches goes undercover to discover if the UK's Financial Ombudsman acts in favour of banks and against their customers.
19 Mar. 2018
The Truth About Your Pay
With the deadline for companies to disclose their gender pay gap approaching, reporter Tazeen Ahmad reveals how the figures presented may not be all that they seem.
26 Mar. 2018
Who Speaks for British Muslims?
Across Britain the police, government agencies and other public bodies have been reaching out to Muslim groups in the fight against extremism - but how much do they know about some of these groups?
26 Mar. 2018
Russian Spy Assassins: The Salisbury Attack
Matt Frei examines former Russian double agent Sergei Skripal's past - and the murky world of espionage, politics and crime - to find potential motives for his poisoning in Salisbury.
9 Apr. 2018
Britain's Diesel Scandal
An undercover investigation into how British hauliers are using hi-tech cheat devices and computer hacking to disable the emissions controls on their lorries saving them money but worsening air quality.
16 Apr. 2018
The True Cost of Green Energy
An investigation of the government-subsidised renewable energy industry turning trees into fuel, asking whether burning wood is really a more environmentally friendly alternative to burning coal.
7 May 2018
Britain's Benefits Crisis
Morland Sanders asks if the changes made to the Universal Credit system have forced some people to become homeless and to turn to food banks for support and if the nationwide roll-out of the changes should be halted.
14 May 2018
Myanmar's Killing Fields
For the past five years an undercover network of Rohingya activists have been risking their lives to secretly film evidence of years of repression, violence and mass murder by the authorities in Myanmar.
8 Jun. 2018
After Grenfell: How Safe Are We?
A year on from the Grenfell Tower disaster Ed Howker investigates claims that even after the Hackitt Review of building regulations Britain's tower blocks are still not safe.
16 Jul. 2018
Getting Rich from the Housing Crisis
Britain faces a major housing shortage so how is it that some of those who are responsible for providing the social housing that is so desperately needed seem to be doing so well out of the crisis?
17 Jul. 2018
Inside Facebook: Secrets of the Social Network
Dispatches goes undercover in the secretive world of the people who decide what can and can't be posted on Facebook, exploring how their decisions are made and the impact they have on users.
18 Jul. 2018
Plot to Kill: Britain's Neo-Nazi Terrorists
With exclusive access to the secretive world of Britain's new neo-Nazis, Dispatches tells the inside story of a far-right terrorist plot to murder an MP, and how the plan was betrayed to the police.
23 Jul. 2018
Homeless and Working
Datshiane Navanayagam goes behind the scenes at two homeless shelters in London to reveal the growing number of people who are in work but are unable to afford high private rents in a low wage economy.
30 Jul. 2018
Breastfeeding Uncovered
Journalist and television presenter Kate Quilton investigates why Britain has some of the worst breastfeeding rates in the world and also explores some of the scientific evidence for the benefits of breast milk.
22 Aug. 2018
How to Lose Seven Billion Pounds
Liam Halligan reveals the story behind the collapse of Carillion, the vast British company built on billions of pounds of public money and that imploded in January 2018.
8 Oct. 2018
Lawless Britain: Where Are the Police?
An increasing number of victims of crime are claiming that the police are not fully investigating their cases, while police cite a lack of resources. Are we entering a new era of policing?
15 Oct. 2018
Witness Intimidation Revealed - Stitches for Snitches
Livvy Haydock explores the dark world of online witness intimidation, meeting those who threaten 'snitches' and the families of witnesses who paid the price for telling the truth in court.
22 Oct. 2018
Cannabis: Time to End the Ban?
Over 2 million people smoke cannabis in the UK. Some police forces no longer prosecute for possession. Canada and several American States have legalised it. So should the UK follow suit?
29 Oct. 2018
Born on the Breadline
Examines the growing need for baby banks in the UK and meets the working parents who are turning to them to provide their young children with nappies, clothes, toys and cots.
Harvey Weinstein
An examination of the allegations against Hollywood film producer Harvey Weinstein, after dozens of women have accused him of inappropriate behavior, including rape and sexual assault.

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