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  • With the town's second murder in a week, Jason is again the number one suspect, but Tara provides him with an alibi. Knowing that both Maudette and Dawn had frequented the Fangtasia vampire club, Sookie asks Bill to take her there as she tries to find evidence that will clear her brother. Both of the dead girls were well known at the club and Sookie meets Eric, the vampire elder. Sam Merlotte seems to have a few eccentricities of his own. Jason buys vampire blood - an aphrodisiac - from Tara's cousin Lafayette and despite clear instructions to never take more than one or two drop at any one time, downs the entire vial with somewhat painful results.


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  • Sookie sees Dawn's body lying dead in bed and screams for help. "Sweetie, what did your get yourself into?" Sookie turns around to see Jason has walked in, he's holding flowers (a natural response to being shot at the previous episde). The neighbor who saw him running away the night before comes over and accuses Jason, who denies he had anything to do with it. They call the police.

    Outside, neighbors gossip, excited that something has happened. Sookie talks to the sheriff, saying the door was open when she got there. She hears Jason wondering how he's going to get out of the mess, he's too pretty to go to prison. Detective Andy Bellefleur interviews the neighbor, Mrs. Lafeve, who recounts the fight. He leads Jason away in handcuffs like he was the last man to sleep with two women who are now dead, i.e. bashing him into stuff. As Andy leaves Jason in the backseat to wait, Jason realizes he has a vial of highly illegal vampire blood on him. He chugs the whole thing.

    Sam joins Sookie on the steps, saying he's sorry she found Dawn. He asks her if he should shut down the bar. "All that'd do is deny people a good stiff drink when they need it most," she says. A cop asks Sam for keys to Dawn's storage locker since he was her landlord. Sookie watches the coroner bring out Dawn's body.

    At the station, sheriff Bud and detective Andy are trying to trip up Jason. It's working. They've got him saying he found the body. He becomes distracted by a swelling in his pants. He rushes like a 13-year-old boy to the restroom trying to, uh, deal with it. Andy and the sheriff discuss, the sheriff doesn't think Jason did it. Jason seems to resolve his issue, but screams in pain as he does so. Andy and the sheriff go to investigate. As they knock on the door, Tara storms in and gives Jason an alibi, saying he was with her. They let him go.

    Sookie goes to visit Gran, who implores her to listen to people's thoughts to find out who might really be responsible.

    Working at Merlotte's, Sookie hears all sorts of dirty thoughts and judgments. Arlene is peeved at Dawn for inconveniently dying on them. She says it wouldn't have happened if Dawn didn't spend her nights at the vampire bar in Shreveport.

    Tara arrives late and Sam wants to talk about last night. She tells him to forget about it because she told the police she was with Jason. (Presumably trying to put the fact he barked like a dog in his sleep out of her mind.)

    Meanwhile, at home, Jason is tending to his crotch problem, which keeps coming back with a vengeance. It also seems to have done something to him that he finds distressing.

    At Merlotte's, Sookie thanks Hoyt Fortenberry for being the only person in the bar not thinking nasty things about Dawn. Jason comes in, still distressed. Sookie asks him point blank if he killed Dawn. He says no and rushes off to see Lafayette for input on his record-setting manhood triumph.

    Lafayette tells him there's nothing he can do.

    Bill comes in. Arlene waits on him, rudely, not giving him what he wants. Sookie fixes it and brings him the Tru Blood he likes. She takes him outside to tell him about Dawn. She wants to know about the vampire bar in Shreveport. He knows it. It's called Fangtasia. (He reminds her vampires are old and puns used to be he highest form of humor.) She asks him to take her, but clarifies it's not a date. Sookie tells Sam why she wants to leave early. They have a tedious conversation about separate but equal as Sam rails against vampires.

    In the car, Sookie has worn a bosomy dress for her non-date. She asks Bill what he's thinking. He tells her she looks like vampire bait. She tries to find the compliment in it.

    Tara brings food into the walk-in fridge and finds Jason with a steak on his privates. He shows her his issue and she insists they go to a hospital to deal with whats medically known as priapism.

    At Fangtasia, Sookie thinks the red walls and leather-clad crowd make it look like a Disneyland version of a vampire bar. Several of the vamps recognize Bill. Sookie shows the bartender, Longshadow, pictures of Maudette and Dawn. He says they both had been there. He says Maudette wanted to die. Sookie notices a blond, longhaired man in the corner. She asks who it is. Eric, the oldest thing in there.

    At the hospital, the doctor inspecting Jason's pants tent asks Jason if he's taken any drugs. He vehemently dies it. The doctor wants to drain the blood out of Jason's manpart. Tara wants to leave but Jason puppy-dog eyes her to stay. The doctor pops Jason's tent.

    Back at Merlotte's, Arlene asks Sam to walk her to her car. Sam says sure, and stuffs a latex glove in his pocket. We see a picture of him with Dawn at the bar.

    Back at Fangtasia, Sookie hears 100 different versions of people hoping to get laid. Bill sees Eric is about to summon them. He does. They have no choice but to go over. Eric says he heard that Bill was "mainstreaming." Eric tells Sookie if she has questions she should ask him. She shows him the pictures. He says one offered herself to him, but he found her too pathetic. The other one, he tasted. When Sookie mouths off to him, Bill gets nervous, gripping her hand. Sookie hears an undercover cop wondering where his back-up is. She warns them, adding that a woman is feeding on the man who Eric kicked earlier. When Eric asks how she knows, Bill shakes his head at her to keep quiet. She does, just as the cops storm in.

    Bill whisks her off and Eric also escapes.

    Tara drives a very spent Jason home, remembering a time when they were kids when Jason protected her from her drunk mom on a rampage. She smiles at the thought, apparently over that whole draining-Jason's-penis thing.

    Bill drives Sookie home. She asks him to pull over, she needs a few minutes of quiet. As they're about to kiss, a cop pulls up. He asks if they were at Fangtasia. He asks if he can shine his light on Sookie's neck. He does and Bill shows him his fangs. The cop pulls out his gun. Bill glamours him into giving him his gun. He points it at the cop, giving him etiquette lessons. The audience is hit over the head with a driving-while-black analogy. Bill tells the man he's going to keep his gun. Sookie is freaked out. After they drive off, the cop pees down his leg.

    Sam, wearing latex gloves, uses his keys to get into Dawn's house. He looks around her bedroom, smelling her sheets. He buries his face in her pillow and writhes on her bed because, hey, everybody grieves differently.

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