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  • Sookie is thrilled to learn that Bill wasn't in the fire that killed four people, which included his three vamp friends. Her enthusiasm doesn't sit well with either the customers or her co-workers at Merlotte's Bar. Meanwhile, Jason and his new girlfriend, Amy Burley, are desperate to get more vampire blood for the rush of it. They decide to follow Lafayette to his source, but Amy's actions reveal that she has clearly done this before. Following her exorcism, Lettie Mae is a new person - sober and hard working, she has also become an active member of her church. Tara is pleased with the transformation, but is not happy with her own lot in life and considers an exorcism of her own for her angry and belligerent behavior after lashing out at Sookie and Sam for no reason. Elsewhere, Arlene Fowler asks Sookie to baby sit for her children while she and her fiancée Rene, go out. But Arlene is taken aback when she realizes that Bill will also be spending the evening. Later, Sookie is not pleased when Bill agrees to let Eric, the head of the vampire clan, borrow her for an evening at Fangtasia to use her mind-reading powers to root out a thief.

  • Sookie goes to the cemetery to put flowers on Bill's grave and she discovers that he is alive. Jason and Amy follow Lafayette to see where he gets vampire blood. They abduct Eddie, locking him in the basement of Jason's house. Tara's mother is sober after the exorcism and is behaving normally at home. Eric orders Bill to bring Sookie to Fangtasia to help him to discover who is embezzling the money of the cashier.


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  • Four coffins are removed from the charred house. Andy Belleflour tells Sookie there are four sets of remains. She runs past him to the remains and sees bubbling, oozing puddle of blood where a vampire once was. She runs off.

    Sookie goes home and calls Bill's cell phone. She sees that she tracked mud in and starts cleaning it off the kitchen floor, but flashes back to wiping up her gran's blood.

    At Tara's house, her newly unpossessed mother is taking out all her old bottles of "demon juice." She hasn't had a drink all day, and she made ho' cakes.

    Jason wakes up in bed with the V pusher chick, basking in their afterglow. They agree they felt something in each other. She thinks he's wise, which he points out no one who knows him has ever called him. He doesn't want her to leave, he suggests they lay in bed all day and have sex and do V. She tells him they'll have to wait on the sex, which he finds confusing because he's pretty sure that's what they did all night. But no, her underwear is still on. It was the V.

    Tara goes to Sookie's house and finds her with her head in the oven - cleaning it. Tara starts talking about her changed mother, oblivious to what Sookie has just gone through. When Tara sees Sookie's bite marks and judges her for them it quickly leads to Sookie swearing at her and telling her to leave.

    Jason, with the V chick, is really excited to not have sex with her again. But she's out of V. Cold pizza tides him over. She asks how his parents died. He hesitates, but says it was a flash flood, they were carried out to the river. He and Sookie were at their grandmother's. They were on their way to pick them up, and Jason blames himself because if he'd been a better kid they would have trusted him to watch Sookie and wouldn't have been on the bridge to pick them up. He starts spilling, saying he's the worst brother in the world. But she's seen who he is inside and thinks he's good. They kiss.

    Terry stops by Sam's and soon asks him if by chance he was out running naked in the woods that morning. Sam says he was working on his car, but Terry thinks it looked a lot like him. Terry thinks maybe he's seeing things again, but usually when he sees things it's insurgents.

    At night, it rains and Sookie sits around her house. She gets flowers and, as it dries up, she takes them in the dark to the cemetery where she lays them on Bill's old grave, crying over it.

    She walks barefoot among the graves until a hand reaches out grabs her, zombie style. A man starts clawing his way out of the dirt and she struggles to get away. Then he says her name. It's Bill. He's covered in dirt but with her down on the ground with him she goes from being attacked form the grave to having dirty vampire sex in record time. When he goes to bite her she tells him "not the neck."

    Jason and V chick visit Merlotte's, where she's into all the dead animals on the wall. She talks about the circle of life and Jason proclaims: "I wanna lick your mind."

    Sookie runs into work late, apologizing to Sam for being late. He gives her his condolences for Bill, but she's giddy. Bill's alive and she's great. Sam's less excited. She hugs Arlene, telling her she loves her, even if she is a bigot. She tells Hoyt and Rene that Bill got her voice mails that something might be brewing and decided to sleep in the cemetery. Rene wonders who the fourth body was. Sookie says they think it was a fang-banger, someone the vamps kept around for sex and blood. For someone who can hear what people are thinking, she doesn't seem to register the disapproving looks on their faces.

    Jason's V chick, Amy, delivers Sookie's order while she's busy gabbing. Sookie isn't happy to see her brother, but he really wants her to like Amy. She charms Arlene, who tells Sam she thinks they might have found a replacement for Dawn. "Looks like you did, too," Sookie tells him.

    At Tara's house, her mother is dressed up for church with clean laundry drying in the back. Tara is dubious about her mother's transformation, and responds profanely to the churchwoman's suggestion she go sometime.

    At Merlotte's, Arlene's babysitter falls through and Terry offers. She brushes him off and he compliments her clavicles in a way that makes her need to be somewhere else.

    Amy and Sookie chitchat as they clear tables until Sookie tells Amy her brother is a dog and will stop calling as soon as he's tired of her. She tells Amy she seems like a sweet girl and she doesn't want her to get hurt. Amy says Jason hasn't realized half of his potential.

    Arlene apologizes to Sookie if she said some things she didn't mean. And Sookie says yes, she'll babysit.

    Hoyt tries to compliment Tara, who tells him to eff off in response. Sam, when he finishes pouring out bottles of Tru Blood, asks to talk to Tara, who's five kinds of angry, in his office. She goes in expecting to get chewed out. Instead he tells her they're the only ones that get it. And then the making out against the door begins.

    Lying in bed with Bill, Sookie asks him if making love for more than 100 years ever gets old. Not with her it doesn't. They cuddle. She asks him what it's like to sleep in the ground. Not entirely comfortable, but safe. The doorbell rings, it's Arlene with the kids. Sookie tells Bill to stay, it'll do Arlene good.

    Arlene's not thrilled to see Bill. She makes the kids each put on a silver bracelet and tells them to stick close to Sookie.

    In another bed somewhere, Tara and Sam also bask. When his praise for her naked skills is less than effusive, she asks what she's doing wrong. He says it's minor, she grunts. Somehow this warps into her sounding like Serena Williams playing tennis and her calling him racist. She's up and putting her clothes on in no time flat, cursing the world.

    Sookie and Bill, who's great with children, entertain Arlene's kids over ice cream (Bill's "lactose intolerant"). When they ask to see his fangs, he puts chips in the corners of his mouth and vamps for them, harmless. The kids eat it up.

    Arlene and Rene are stopped in the woods. She's in a rush to get back to the kids, but he needs to change the tire. He asks her to bring him the flashlight. When it doesn't work he tells her to check the batteries. There's a ring inside. He proposes.

    Back at Sookie's, Arlene's excited. "I know I've done it four other times, but it never gets old," she says. She asks Sookie to be a bridesmaid again. Rene says maybe they'll be next, then pauses awkwardly. When it's legal, he means.

    Sookie comes down for breakfast, sun streams through the windows as Bill reads the paper. He's cooked her a huge breakfast. When she points out it's daylight, Bill turns and the side of his face starts bubbling. He bursts into flames and Sookie wakes up, alone.

    The coroner gets a call from the sheriff, telling him that his assistant Neil was ID'd as the fang banger they found. The coroner sobs over the news.

    The sheriff and Andy talk to Sam, who has little information on the night the men set out to torch the vampire house. He suggests they work on the murders of Maudette, Dawn and Adele. Andy leaves then comes back in, asking Sam if he recalls spending any time in the woods lately. Sam says yes, but Andy already knew that. Sam says he comes from a family of "naturists," which is a clothing-optional lifestyle. His parents spent most of their life at a nudist colony in Texas. He says ever since they died he honors their memory once a year by running naked through the woods.

    Lafayette tells Tara she got conned, but Tara says the messed up thing is that her mom's exorcism worked. "Compared to a lifetime of Zoloft, $445's a bargain," he says.

    Sam walks in on Sookie taking a vitamin and is upset when he finds out it's B-12.

    Jason picks up Amy, who is jonesing hard for V. But Lafayette won't sell it to him.

    Cut to Bill's. He comes home and senses someone's in his house. He goes upstairs to find Eric in his tub surrounded by candles. He has a favor to ask. Bill asks if it's a favor or an order. "Honestly, did you think you could keep her to yourself?" Eric asks him.

    Amy and Jason wait for Lafayette to leave his house. Amy is starting to tweak. She tells him the best way to follow Lafayette's car.

    There's a knock at the door of a man's house, it's Lafayette, asking if the man is ready to party. He's a slightly dorky, middle-aged...vampire. He pours Lafayette some wine, nervously. He starts to nuzzle Lafayette, who stops him, saying he needs his juice first, then they'll party. He takes out his syringe. "I always look forward to Monday nights, first I watch 'Heroes' then I have you," Eddie says. He asks Lafayette if he'd still want him even without the blood, Lafayette says of course. They start kissing (as the Bangles "Eternal Flame" plays on the stereo).

    Bill takes Sookie to Fangtasia, at Eric's request. He tells Sookie why they're there and that Eric is sheriff of Area 5 and they do not want to anger him. As long as his requests are reasonable, they should go along with them. She tells him about her dream. He says it wouldn't happen quite like that, he wouldn't immediately burst into flames. "So I guess we'll never have breakfast together," she says.

    Tara visits the voo doo woman, who was expecting her.

    Andy checks up on Sam's naturist story, where the naked man who answers the phone says they've never had any Merlottes.

    Inside Fangtasia, which is closed for the night, Eric asks Sookie to listen to their accountant. They think he stole $60,000 from them. Eric says it would be a favor to him and Bill if she'd listen to him. It's humbling to have to ask a human for help, glamoring him didn't work. She agrees, but only if they promise to turn the guilty person over to the police. She listens.The accountant is innocent.

    When Lafayette leaves Eddie's house, Amy and Jason prep to go in. She takes off her long, lariat silver necklace. Jason sees something she has and asks what the hell it is.

    Inside, Eddie watches right wing TV condemn vampires on a pro-vampire talk show. His doorbell rings. Jason says he's a friend of Lafayette's and Eddie opens the door. Amy throws a chainmail silver hood over him and he falls down, screaming with the sound of flesh sizzling. Amy orders Jason to tie up his feet with her necklace. Jason is shocked but helps her carry him to the car.

    Sookie listens to the last of the human employees, a woman named Ginger. Sookie hears her honestly think it wasn't her, but she knows who did it. When Sookie asks who, the name has been erased from Ginger's mind. The vamps figure out she was glamored by a vampire and just then the bartender lunges across the bar at Sookie - fangs out - and grabs her by the throat.

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