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Solid little addition to Phantom Thread
Horst_In_Translation9 October 2019
Warning: Spoilers
"Phantom Thread: For the Hungry Boy (Deleted Scenes)" is a fairly long title for this rather short film that stays under the 5-minute markt and what you read in brackets, is probably most crucial because it says exactly what this is: a handful of scenes that did not make it into the final cut of Paul Thomas Anderson's Oscar-winning 2018 movie "Phantom Thread". Earrly on we have a monologue by Krieps' character where she elaborates on what she does not like about her body. Then there is a journey by the two protagonists that offers the most beautiful view of the mountain side before we get a scene that has most of the talking in here as we see lead actor Daniel Day-Lewis order a very particular meal and check if his waiter could remember. The latter is Krieps of course. And finally we see the most inviting pool of colorful balls on display where you just wanna jump in immediately. I liked it overall. It surely helped in my case that I am a big Daniel Day-Lewis fan and it makes me a bit sad that there is no new project listed for him and he is 62 now already. I am not sure if he is really retired, but it could be. Anyway, it's still nice to see a bit more from his latest (final?) movies here and same is true for Paul Thomas Anderson, who focuses more on directing music videos again now and also has no new film coming out soon, which is certainly a pity too. All in all, how much you like this one here will come down to how much you liked Phantom Thread I am sure. But DDL's charm is irresistible there is no denying and I am saiyng this as a straight male, so unless you really disliked Phantom Thread, you can check this one out too, but why would you dislike it, if even I liked it as somebody who has zero interest in the world of fashion. So yeah, actually you don't need me to (not) recommend this collection of snippets. Obviously you should not watch without having seen Phantom Thread as you probably have no idea what is going on, but actually even then I think it comes pretty easy to enjoy this one. Go for it!
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