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Season 5

20 Sep. 2012
Broken Peace
Team One is looking for an armed and abusive man who has tracked down his ex-wife demanding to know where their daughter, who is celebrating her 18th birthday, is. The situation escalates when he drags his ex-wife to near the edge of a hotel rooftop, where Ed and the rest of the team face a huge moral dilemma. The dramatic conclusion leaves Team One questioning themselves, each other and even their jobs.
27 Sep. 2012
No Kind of Life
Team One's pursuit of a gunman in an office building gets complicated when Sam is abducted. With the life of a child at stake, the team must unravel the secret of the gunman's past before violence overtakes him, the doctor whose help he sought, and Sam.
4 Oct. 2012
Run To Me
A criminal picks up homeless teenagers and forces them to commit bank robberies for him. Leah Kerns returns to Team One.
11 Oct. 2012
Eyes In
A known computer hacker learns his student's boyfriend plans to hijack a delivery truck of volatile chemicals. The hijacker gets into Team One's computers and sends videos of the hijacking.
18 Oct. 2012
Sons of the Father
A man kidnaps a nurse. The man has been known to kill others. With no leads, the team asks the man's brother to help them in find the killer.
25 Oct. 2012
Below the Surface
A car bombing outside a children's party kills the leader of a gang and his wife. Team One, believing it to be the act of a rival gang, soon discovers that it was perpetrated by members of the leader's own gang, and that an undercover informant who has infiltrated the gang has been exposed.
1 Nov. 2012
Forget Oblivion
A young man with a brilliant memory is abducted and forced to remember the specifications for a new "smart gun" in a high tech research facility, which his kidnappers intend to sell on the black market.
8 Nov. 2012
We Take Care of Our Own
The SRU is called in to stop some ex-soldiers robbing an armored truck with millions of dollars. They learn about the background of the group leader who tries to maintain a place for ex-army men and women with nowhere to go. Jules and Sam receive some personal news, but don't know whether to share it with the team.
15 Nov. 2012
While on a ride-along with Greg and Ed, Dean and Clark are ordered to stay in the truck when a shootout breaks out at a drug den. Ignoring their dads orders, and moving in for a closer look, the two boys witness a cop fleeing the scene and dropping a bag in the garbage and go to investigate.
22 Nov. 2012
A World of Their Own
A senator wants to develop an airport on occupied farmland. One owner does not want to move because it is the only life his deaf nephew knows and feels secure. The senator is kidnapped so the farmer can talk to him.
29 Nov. 2012
Fit for Duty
Team One races to catch a disturbed and armed man on a ferry.
6 Dec. 2012
Keep the Peace: Part 1
A man sets explosives in public buildings where he can cause the most destruction.
13 Dec. 2012
Keep the Peace: Part 2
The team tracks down the bomber who has been causing panic around town. He is a former psychiatrist and has strapped a vest of bombs to himself.

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