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The 2nd game of the series. Overlord Zenon has cursed Holt Village, turning the people in the town into monsters slowly, that also includes memory loss & conscience slowly growing too. Enter Adell, as he is the only human unaffected by the curse. He vows to defeat Overlord Zenon to lift the curse. And one day the village tried summoning him, but the summoning of the Overlord goes wrong and Adell having summoned Zenon's daughter, Rozalin, instead, must go the long way around to defeat Zenon instead. In 2 other sides, Hero Axel, has lost his fame and was almost kaput. Will he shine as a star once again? Meanwhile, Etna (Who's the Demon Lord vassal of Laharl from the original Disgaea) has lost her levels and joins with Adell to get her levels back & defeat Zenon. Will they succeed?

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