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Season 1

23 Jul. 2008
The Day Tammy Wynette Died - Part 1
Peggy bails Bitsy Mae out of jail; Latrelle becomes obsessed with discovering her mother's whereabouts; Ty auditions for a play that includes nudity; Noleta refuses to make love to G.W. without his legs; Brother Boy flips out when he gets word that Tammy Wynette has died.
30 Jul. 2008
The Day Tammy Wynette Died - Part 2
The spirit of Tammy Wynette visits Brother Boy, and he meets Dr. Eve, who announces she's going to dehomosexualize him. Bitsy Mae drags Peggy to the bar, where Latrelle spies her dancing with G.W. Noleta spends time with her new, electronic sexual aid. Ty has several run-ins with his ex-girlfriend.
6 Aug. 2008
Pills, Poison and Penises
LaVonda, Latrelle and Peggy go to the mental institution to see Brother Boy, who's lapsed into a coma. Noleta tries to kill G.W. Ty becomes overly self-conscious about appearing nude on stage. Latrelle's Valium addiction begins to spiral out of control.
13 Aug. 2008
Secrets and Lies
Noleta considers several methods of murdering G.W; Bitsy Mae finds out the truth about the fire that burned down her mobile home; Ty finds himself hiding his sexual orientation from friends; Sissy and LaVonda discover Latrelle's stash of pills.
20 Aug. 2008
The Fall and Rise of Brother Boy
Brother Boy awakens from his coma and butts heads with Dr. Eve. Meanwhile, Sissy squares off with a neighbor's goat, Ty befriends an older neighbor, and Peggy sleeps with G.W.
10 Sep. 2008
Call Waiting
As LaVonda sits in the beauty parlor, she learns that Peggy and G.W. are having an affair, so she calls all over town trying to nip the story in the bud.
17 Sep. 2008
An Audacious Affair
Juanita tells Noleta that G.W. and Peggy are having an affair; Sara attempts to win back Ty; Brother Boy's performance is interrupted by a seemingly-deranged patient; LaVonda learns that her hair color has been discontinued.
24 Sep. 2008
Guess Who's Coming to Bubba's?
When Bitsy Mae disrupts a church service, Glyndora admits that she started the fire. Bumper is intent on getting even with Latrelle, whose family discovers her in a drugged-out stupor. Peggy makes a confession to Bitsy Mae. Wardell impersonates Willie Nelson to foil Juanita's plan to break into the radio station. Walker unexpectedly passes away.
1 Oct. 2008
Those Pesky Little Stalkers
No one at the institution believes Brother Boy's claims about Bumper; Peggy and G.W. resume their affair; Sissy invites Latrelle to stay with her; Sarah moves into Walker's apartment.
8 Oct. 2008
Desperately Seeking Ty
Bumper attempts to rape Latrelle; the church starts a campaign to close down Bubba's bar; Sarah is in denial about Ty's homosexuality; Max lands a role in Ty's play; Bitsy Mae makes amends with Glyndora.
Compromising Situations
Brother Boy decides to blackmail Bumper; Sissy tries to give up smoking; Glyndora leaves Richard; Ty comes out to Hunter; Jacob becomes jealous of Max; G.W. makes Noleta question her own sanity.
The Trip
LaVonda and Noleta go to California to see Ty's play; Richie kidnaps Bitsy Mae and Glyndora; Sara tries to break up Ty and Jacob; G.W. proposes to Peggy; Bumper helps Brother Boy escape; Sissy admits that she killed the goat.

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