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Belly laughing...
mayablue887 December 2008 what this show is. I found it by accident and I really can't wait to get Season 1 on DVD! I sure hope the series is renewed. All of these characters really ARE like extended family members and one just can't wait for another episode. I never saw the movie, never even knew it came from a movie, however,the cast for the TV series is the best. No one is better than the rest, they all make this show hilarious. I especially love the names the characters have, not the ordinary names seen on other TV shows! Comedic timing is excellent, just takes one away from the real world and gives you a dose of what is needed in these times, laughter, real entertainment and love, seemingly twisted as it is! Bravo.
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Best Yet to be Discovered by Prime Time Comedy
classact48 October 2008
Great comedy, when will F/X or Bravo pick it up? Sordid Lives should be seen by a larger audience. Livy, Rue, and all the wonderful cast, finally bring a comedy I can set up my folding chair to, crack a beer or three, and watch in utter amazement. Kind of like a Texas train wreck. The telephone episode was shear (no pun intended) delight, the comic timing of Lucille Ball, and the droll, wittiness of Seinfeld. What a great escape from my miserable life! It's always nice to see an ensemble cast of actors who are comfortable in their own skin. Of course drug use, albeit prescription drugs, drunkenness, adultery, gay encounters, self gratification, and kinky leg's off, sex, will have any good Texas Republican in a stew; but we all know they will be watching in the privacy of their own homes.
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Love the show...Love Del's writing
mgwmarygay88815 August 2008
I have waited for the show for glad it is on. I have been a fan of Sordid Lives (the movie) for years and LOVE Del Shores' writing. Anyone who is a TRUE fan will love the show because if you have watched the movie as many times as "some of us" have... the characters are like family and you can't wait to see what happens next and what Del has written and how the actors "bring it". I too wish ALL of the actors from the movie were in the show... but we will learn to love the new actors just as much. I cannot get the LOGO channel and have to drive 13 miles into town to watch at a friend's house. Wish I could watch it on-line and I hope they make a DVD of the first season for purchase. Already can't wait for season II. Keep it up Del... and can't wait for Southern Baptist Sissies (the movie). So get back to work!!! LOL
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The show is outstanding.
alohajoninorlando18 October 2008
I do not enjoy television much as many shows that are suppose to be comedies have little humor in them, but this show is really funny. It also deals with what is happening in the real world while making it interesting by adding humor. I remember when stationed in Big Spring long ago, some of airmen went down to a civilian hospital to donate blood at their request, and the doctor with the needle in my arm found out that I enlisted in Atlanta, so he started talking about how great George Wallace (governor of the neighboring state of Alabama) is. Since he controlled the needle in my arm, I did not say what I really thought of George Wallace (or Lester Maddox of Georgia), which was much different from what he thought. This show reminds me a little of those days in Big Spring in the heart of west Texas. All the actors in the show are really great as they grab my attention and hold on to it until the show is over.
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What a BLAST!!!!
vwagers14 July 2010
I love this series, I have loaned it out to friends so much I am going to order another DVD from Del Shores site. If I have a stressful day or just want to chill and laugh, I pick one of the shows from the season and I feel great. All of us have family we can identify with from this show. Rue McClanahan was so funny in this show, I understand she was recovering from surgery and still finished her commitments to the show. Leslie Jordan is as funny as anything we have ever seen him in. I loved him on Will and Grace but I hope he gets the opportunity to work more as his character Brother Boy. Caroline Rhea, AWESOME!!! TY, we all need more Jason Dottley in our lives. Sissy played by Beth Grant makes me crack up every time she is on. If you can not laugh at this show, you take life way to serious. Thank you Del Shores, I hope we have more to look forward to with this series.
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Sordid Lives.... hit's to close to home??
scsc-791-83459214 July 2010
Sordid Lives is the most realistic comedy I have ever seen. As someone from a Baptist family, living dead center in the middle of the Bible belt, (South Carolina/Georgia border) this show hits closer so close to home, it makes most people cringe, close their eyes, and turn it off. when no one else is around, it's the first thing they watch. Trailer Parks, hypocrisy, pill-popping, bars, sweet tea, smoking cigarettes, and ending every sentence with, Bless their heart", is as close to southern living as it gets. This is the REAL South, not the Atlanta metro south. Sissy, Latrelle, LaVonda, and the rest, (except for Ty, but more on this later) are fantastic actors. Del Shores either grew up in the South, or did the best research ever done, to get this so right. This show will make you laugh your a** off, from start to finish. the church scenes are REAL, right down to Brother Boy. (I grew up with a dead-ringer to Brother Boy. He was gay, stood 5 feet, and acted EXACTLY like Brother Boy. His name was Brian, and everyone called him cousin Bri) If you want to experience what living in the South is REALLY like, watch this series, but get ready to feel yourself being portrayed somewhere on this show. Two things. One...Ty PLAYS an actor on the show, so his lack of acting ability is most likely intentional. The second thing,,,this show was cancelled after I believe the second season, so the ending is a cliff-hanger that will NEVER be completed, leaving you with this...'ARE YOU KIDDING ME' feeling. Still, take the time to watch the episodes up to then, you will NEVER forget it.
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fun fun fun...
yves_couvert25 February 2010
Quite an excellent brilliant show... not at all betraying the spirit of the homo-graphic film. A nice and sharp portrayal of a very funny dysfunctional southern family with the "Billy Wilder touch" hitting Tennessee Williams where it hurts... never cynical and outrageously funny. Let's hope a second season might some day get to the screens... until then it's worth enjoying the first one on DVD even more though as some pretty good bonuses were smartly included. Especially do not miss the bloopers !!! and enjoy the uncensored dialogs. Director / writer Del Shores deserves a special review for shaking the establishment once again with intelligence if not to say wit. He is indeed a "smuggler" as Martin Scorcese would say and we're pretty much in need of them in what would otherwise be our very "sordid lives"...
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blakemster11 September 2014
WishWouldWish this series was picked up by somebody. Crazy funny and entertaining. Totally bummed, when it abruptly ended! The writing was really unique and different than the usual norm. Loved how all the characters were a little nuts. Absolutely loved Leslie Jordan's character. . Off the wall and out there, yet totally believable. We binged watched this series and didn't know there would be a abrupt ending. Wow, it left us breathless and upset that it just stopped. There would seem to be a real opportunity for someone to pick this one up and further develop it. After reading all the reviews, i felt strongly enough to write a review. I usually don't write them. Now, I come to realize that it has to be one thousand words? What's that all about. What I could sum it up in a few, like: "I loved it" or something like that.
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A disappointment compared to the movie
rah62-590-10735520 January 2014
The cast changes for the series really did it for me, and not in a good way. Caroline Rhea is nice enough but she's no Delta Burke, and Jason Dottley (Del Shores' boy-toy at the time) is definitely no Kirk Geiger. Kirk brought a believability to the role, whereas no one in their right mind could ever think a little queen like Jason Dottley was straight or even closeted (reminds me of the pilot episode of "Will & Grace" where Jack was shocked that people knew he was gay right off, and Grace said "My dog knew you were gay"!). The plot incongruities were also jarring.

The movie was cute and entertaining, but the TV series was poorly executed. Nice try, but no.
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The Good and The Bad - Spoilers have ******
redjennger6 March 2015
Warning: Spoilers
This could have been such a fine movie and TV show IF....the time spent on Ty was reduced to near nothing.The therapist meetings were useless. Yes, Ty - You are gay, honey. Don't need to pay $200 an hour to find out. It seems like there are two stories; one of Ty's exploration of who he really is and another of a delightfully peculiar family.Beth Grant is perfect as Aunt Sissy and I would hang out with her any time :) ***** ***** ***** Yes, Ty is GAY GAY GAY. His mother doesn't know She is told and loves him anyway. Whole damn series would have been better if she'd found out earlier and story lines had included Ty and Mama's knitting of the two cultures.
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Fabulous characterizations!!!
enway22 February 2011
Shucks, I hadn't watched this since it appeared on LOGO a couple years ago (shame on that network for not renewing for another season!!!), but this weekend I had a good ole former Friend from Houston (now Iowa) up to visit, and he'd never even heard of it before. We;;, cue the DVD player!!! I have an autographed copy of the series, and we spent a day and a half just reveling in the superlative acting and the interplay of all the characters. My face hurts from all the laughing we engaged in, but it rekindled great memories of life in Texas.

Of particular merit, Beth Grant (Aunt Sissy), Ann Walker (Aunt LaVonda) and Rue McLanahan (Mama) really steal the show. Which isn't to say that everyone did a lousy job - far from it - but their performances really were Over The Top imho.

Think Southern Baptist Texans in a hard-drinking, pill-popping', cussin', adulterous spectacle and you have the basic premise of the series (AND the movie); saying anymore would amount to be giving away spoilers.

You won't be ready for this series, but once viewed, you will probably wind up being just as hooked as all us other fans :o)
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Not funny
kenny-vandenberg30 December 2008
When the most memorable line of the series is: "You don't even know how to spell pussy," you know you're in trouble. The scripts are awful. Too many characters--too many subplots Delta Burke's comedic talents are sorely missed. The guy (I can't call him an actor) who plays Ty, Jason Dottley, has to be one of the worst "actors" to ever grace the screen. The only saving grace of this train wreck is Ann Walker--Episode 6: Call Waiting--which featured Walker is the highlight of the season. Rue McClanahan, Beth Grant & Bonnie Bedelia are totally wasted. When you have actresses as funny and talented as these three are why waste screen time on Jason Dottley? Perhaps if the writer, Del Shores (who happens to be married to MR. Dottley), would focus on his fine ensemble of actresses and ditch the Ty subplot this mess could be saved. Bottom line, don't waste your time.
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GREAT TV Lots off Enteraining Characters
physcgoth29 October 2013
OK First off MR who said this is crap The Guy who plated TY is great... Delta Burke is crap for this role so stereotypical of them too pick her and Too many characters? too EHHH IT was too go on for 5-6 seasons so for give me for calling you a moron but if you can get 5-6 seasons out off 4 characters good luck too you i don't think i hated one person in the show expect that fat Jesus freak and even she had her moments

The only bad things about this show is there is no second season and that there was a crappy movie first. I have a new found love for Caroline she really did play the trailer trash down well ... Delta Burke being so stuck up and posh in real life I cant really take too her playing a tramp in a trailer on a vibrator LOL.

PS: The Show didn't end because of bad ratings it ended because it was produced by a much smaller TV company called logo who just didn't have the money

Over All my Professional rating for the show is 7/10

My Personal Rating is 8/10
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