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Unoriginal and unexciting cash grab. Blegh.
paul-szkibik23 August 2014
"The Prince" is entirely unoriginal as it doesn't show us anything we haven't seen before. It's generic and formulaic. Everything in this movie you've seen in other movies that came before it, only those movies did it better and they did it first. Uninspired would be the word. No creativity to be found anywhere.

Characters: bland. Action: bland. Story: bland. Cinematography: bland.

The setup is (too) similar to "Taken" where an "aged father formerly known as Prince" who happened to be a big deal in the local crime scene in whatever city two decades ago goes looking for his missing daughter killing a bunch of bad guys along the way.

The movie tries and fails to establish the main character as this legendary criminal who kicked butt long ago and who now has come back to his old turf in order to save his daughter. How do we know he is this legendary tough guy? Mostly because people in the movie claim that he is (please: show, don't tell), but Jason Patric just can't pull it off as the lead, even if he might be an otherwise competent actor.

I think this is mostly the result of poorly written dialog & scenes that just fail to sell us on his violent past. He kinda just seems like a nice guy. Maybe if the movie hadn't tried so hard to be "Taken" in the first place and instead made the main character appear more vulnerable & relatable, then discrepancy between what we are promised and what we actually get to see wouldn't be so glaring.

Speaking of promises: Despite what the movie poster might imply, neither Bruce Willis nor John Cusack get much screen time, though it's not like their characters are interesting in any way. More screen time with them wouldn't have saved the movie. Willis doesn't give a damn because "yay money" and Cussack apparently lost a bet or something, because why else would he want to be part of this movie.

I don't mind unoriginal movies, if at least they are well executed in a "guilty pleasure" kind of way. A good example of this would be the semi-recent sci-fi action flick "Lock-Up", a movie which scratches certain itches and succeeds to be entertaining, even if it has no Oscar worthy performances or a mind-blowing story. "The Prince" doesn't provide any guilty pleasure. It provides a reason to call customer service and demand your money back or at least a free rental of "Lock-Up".

Some may say "Well it's a genre movie. It doesn't try to reinvent the wheel. Take it for what it is: An action movie!" I am. The movie doesn't succeed. I have watched my fair share of Jet Li/Jason Statham/Vin Diesel etc. movies and suffered through mediocre acting and story telling and in turn got rewarded with at least a couple of interestingly choreographed fight scenes or otherwise neat visuals or interesting set pieces. Not so here. It's just some guy punching or shooting bad guys at boring locations. No interesting fight choreography, camera work, tension... nothing. Most of the action involves our main guy being shot at by incompetent stormtroopers... I mean bad guys, quickly taking cover, then eventually shooting the bad guys because they suck at taking cover -> Level complete.

It's not that the people involved in this movie were entirely incompetent, the actors are doing an okay job, the lighting is fine, the camera is, well... capturing what needs to be captured, the story is at least not a confusing mess, the character motivations are mostly clear etc., but ultimately nothing in this movie stands out as original or particularly well done. There is not a single "Hey, that was cool/interesting/impressive." moment.

"The Prince" will leave you entirely unsatisfied as you won't care about any of the characters or the twist-free conclusion nor will you get a rush out of any of the action scenes. This movie is not worth your time and especially not worth your money. It's an incredibly lazy straight-to-rental cash-in, using Willis and Cusack to lure people into watching it. Please don't reward such business practices.
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What a waste of time!
Jeffjeruss22 August 2014
My wife and I are huge John Cusak and Bruce Willis fans. This was such a terrible movie that we just had to keep watching in disbelief! There was NOTHING professional about this movie: the writing was a joke, the directing was so bad that we promised each other to keep our eyes out for this director in the future ( if he EVER directs another movie again), so that we NEVER watch another movie he might direct. The acting was awful, but I cannot blame the actors for this. The directing was actually so horrible that he destroyed the performances of John Cusack and Bruce Willis????? How much of an idiot can someone be to pull THAT off? I've never acted or directed anything but I guarantee I could have done a much better job. This director could have done better if he had just shut up and let everyone else make the movie without his input! I'm seriously flabbergasted at this POS waste of time. I'll be asking Comcast for my money back for this excuse for a movie. John and Bruce, wtf were you thinking? Did you agree to be in this POS as a favor to a friend?
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Anemic Action
3xHCCH9 September 2014
"The Prince" is a deceptive film. It had a well-made poster, with an intriguing title and well-known actors in its cast. It looked like it would be a solid action film. The opening credits looked very good as well and smartly conceptualized. However, they did not deliver on their promise.

Paul (Jason Patric) loses contact with his daughter Beth, who was supposedly in college. It appears she had fallen into bad company and was heavy into the drugs habit. Paul just so happened to be a former topnotch assassin with massive skills to kill. While rescuing his daughter, Paul single-handedly routs the entire drug organization, who turns out to be led by Omar (Bruce Willis), a man with the biggest score to settle with Paul.

The action sequences in this film were so basic, with nary any imagination put into them. They had little to no intensity nor excitement, since the protagonist just was conveniently too perfectly superhuman.

So if the success of this film all depended on the charisma of the protagonist, then Jason Patric simply does not have "IT". In fact, he never had it throughout his career. He was already in lead roles back in the 1990s (albeit in unfortunate films like "Speed 2: Cruise Control) but he never did catch on as a major star. Liam Neeson, Bruce Willis and even Jason Statham have done this very same story before, and all with better results than this.

John Cusack had very little to do as Sam, Paul's friend. 50 Cent was at least more interesting as a cool drug lord named "The Pharmacy." Korean superstar Rain wastes his talents as Omar's right-hand man Mark. Jessica Lowndes was just annoying as Beth's addict friend Angela. Gia Mantegna was one-note throughout her performance as drugged-out Beth.

Overall, this film is just an anemic cousin of films like "Die Hard" or "Taken" but with none of its excitement and entertainment value. Jason Patric fails yet again as the lead actor.
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50 cent is too much for this movie
killerbee69622 August 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Not Bruce Willis, nor John Cusack or Tara Holt or Jessica Lowndes or 50 Cent is the main star of this movie but the person billed 6th on IMDb Jason Patric has the lead role in this movie. A tat misleading.

Second the synopsis of this flick reads:A retired assassin is drawn back into the life he gave up when his daughter is kidnapped. To rescue her, he must confront his former rival. Also a tat misleading since the daughter lives in a drug house hooked on heroine.

The synopsis should read: Psycho dad jumps into overdrive after a weird guy picks up his daughters phone to whom he just spoke on Skype. Together with his daughters former roommate who he just can't seem to shake throughout the movie, they are going to find her, shooting everybody who stands in their way.

Sounds cliché? Yes it is. And guess what: My synopsis is about 3 stars better than the movie.

Let's review the 'big names' in this movie: Bruce Willis is the 'bad guy' Omar. Mr. Willis isn't known for his roles as bad guy and this movie shows why. The 5 scenes where he shows up he looks like he is bored out of his skull.

John Cusack is Sam, the inevitable helper (2 scenes), who wants everything neat and clean and the paycheck for this garbage so he can buy his mom a poodle.

The only one who shines here is 50 Cent as the heroine dealer The Pharmacy.

The rest of this movie is either bad or cliché or both.
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Boring and pointless movie
lideln23 August 2014
Soooo disappointed after watching this movie!

We thought it was going to be great, because of Bruce Willis.

But not at all... Fight scenes are lame and not slightly realistic, the car pursuit scene is lame as well. We didn't clearly understand the story.

Also, the hero was not charismatic at all, neither was he convincing.

Nothing in this movie was worth our time. We were three people, one of us was toying with his phone, the other one with the dogs, and myself I fell asleep.

Do not watch this movie.

You've been warned.
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No Oscars waiting in the wings, but entertaining anyway
dongillette122 August 2014
I saw John Cusak, so I figured it would be worth a shot since he hits a winner about 75% of the time. Well--this was one of the 25%, but it was still an entertaining shoot-em-up sort of film. Bruce Willis must have needed the dough because his character could have been played by anybody; he didn't bring any "Bruce Willis" to it. 50-Cent was ridiculous as he is in any movie they stick him in. I don't know who told him he could act, but it was probably the same guy who told him he could rap. Jason Patric doesn't really have that leading man thing going on--he never has had it-- but he was pretty good in this film. The guy's a solid actor, just nothing to write home about. Overall, it was a good, mindless 90 minutes of entertainment with a sketchy plot and an unbelievable premise which means it was better than 80% of the crap coming out of Hollywood today.
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with this cast what could go wrong (spoiler, a lot)
hp-anzinger22 August 2014
I was really looking forward to this film. The cast is excellent and the trailer looked promising. But boy was I disappointed. Of course the expectation was high and so the movie experience even worse (I almost gave the film 3 stars).

In short why this film wasn't for me:

I didn't care about the main character / The "Lolita" girl made the film worse (and it shouldn't) / The bad guys are really stupid (like in a B movie) / The "good" guy makes ONLY stupid decisions (why? why didn't he ...)

... you get the point

When 50 Cent is one of the best characters in a movie something is really wrong.

At the time of writing the IMDb cast mentions the main actor really late - you could not guess it (by the way it's not Bruce Willis)
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Yawn... go watch DIe Hard again
rob-167-19976522 August 2014
The only reason I gave this a 3 out of 10 was the Bruce was in it, and so was Rain. Every time I saw a Jason Patrick I was reminded of Speed 2. Overall, not a horrible movie, but this falls under the premise of "Hey Bruce agreed to do the film, and we got that rapper dude, what's his name... 50 Cent. This should be a hit!"

Cliché' after cliché' tended to ruin the flow of the story as well. Daughter in college, goes missing, dad used to be a bad-ass hit-man back in the day. Oh and he killed the bad guys wife and daughter. I think the movie would have been much better if it had been about Bruce trying to avenge his wife and daughters killer. Now that would have made for a much better movie.

Poor story lines, bad script, just overall bad. I love Bruce and John Cusack but even they weren't enough to save this film.
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Ummm..... As I am writing this as I am watching the film......
kerry-shacklock24 October 2014
... Means I have lost the will to live. Formulaic, boring, and nothing going for it - even Bruce and John. Sad that they have added their names to this. Misleading and just pretty damn awful - although I am sure that the B actors are all performing their socks off.....l Watch if you have nothing better to do. Other than that - avoid. I am sure I could have done something better with the last 90 minutes of my life.

Oh I have to add more lines..... OK.... Ummm.... Guns, druggies, bad acting, underwhelming locations, more bad acting, odd cars, bad filming, awful director, terrible lighting, strange Japanese man, ... Just odd. Could have been great and I am so disappointed. No spoilers - because you can predict the film start to finish.
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I am not sure how this took 90 minutes of my time.
fastpuppy31 August 2014
To say there isn't much to this movie is an understatement. Paper thin plot with no real surprises or even any sense. Willis, Cusak and even Patrick have certainly done better.

Patrick's character is a mere shadow of similar characters as is Willis's vengeful kingpin. Cusak's character seemed like that friend who you barely know who helps you move... he was there for a bit out of some past debt who's only function seemed to be to explain a minor plot point that even the thickest person watching would have picked up on by that point.

All in all a waste of time even on a rainy (no pun intended) afternoon.
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Bogus Reviews
fluffybunny040815 January 2015
Maybe I have too much time on my hands. So what? After having recently watched the director, Brian A. Miller's "The Outsider," checking IMDb to see what the reviews were because it sucked, and the first review I read being a 10 which related only to some lawsuit rather than about the movie itself, I became curious, did some research, and discovered that the review was written by the director's girlfriend (cuttlemonkey).

Long story short, read cuttlemonkey's review for this movie and tell me it doesn't sound like the director, himself, looking for an ego boost. So I thought, "who actually likes this movie?" As it turns out, no one who isn't related to the movie in some way, shape, or form.

The looper 14: friends on the most famous social network (whose name for some reason is forbidden on this site)with cuttlemonkey Jameson Hesse: friends on you guessed it with Brian A. Miller Tonie Farace: Actually worked on the film. Look at the credits on this site. There she is.

Iain McLean: Friends of the director Athena Simpson: Friends of director's girlfriend I'm a consumer who only wants to spend his money on quality products. I rely on sites like this to help me make informed decisions about where I spend my money. It offends to no end that people make crappy products then glorify them (or entice others to do so on their behalf, knowing their product blows) to satisfy their own narcissism. If you make a crappy movie, own it and stop making crappy movies. Then, maybe you can get some legitimate decent reviews.

For the record, I had to watch the movie before my conscience would let me post this. Not quite as bad as The Outsider, but it was still one of those movies you have to force yourself to watch. Couldn't do it in one shot as the clichés got to me after awhile. Brian A. Miller clearly has a thing for "tough guy's daughter goes missing and now he's out for revenge" flicks. It's called Taken. You can't do it. You're just embarrassing yourself.
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Amateurish script, lots of tough talk and fake interactions...skip it!
secondtake6 February 2016
The Prince (2014)

Ha! A joke. The main character is played by a Bruce Willis wannabe, Jason Patric, and he's decent, barely…but Willis isn't just decent, he's compelling. Still, this movie could have been decent. Barely.

But the writing (and direction, overall) are horrid. I mean so unbelievable and amateurish you have to laugh.

This is a tough guy movie—Patric plays a guy who is just a nice (handsome) old car mechanic with a cute daughter away in the big city, but he has a past as a super fighter, great with guns and wits. But the writer has him enter a bar and say absurd tough guy things, and then the people around the bar say absurd things back, either tough stuff, too, or just whiny mean stuff. It makes no sense.

Of course, you do wish he could save his daughter. And guess what, he does! And kills a lot of people along the way, generally bullet proof in the process. Oh, and his daughter's teenage girlfriend has the hots for him. Etc.

Wait, I'm not done! The movie shows Bruce Willis himself as a character! Yup, and he's pretty good, working with a lousy script. John Cusak shows up, too, and is almost pretty good, also with a lousy script. Don't be fooled. This is Patric's movie, and he is at a loss in the mess.
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John Cusack - why, oh why....
dinatekno29 May 2015
Kind of sad to see the talented John Cusack & Jason Patric in sub standard fare such as this. It's like a Lifetime movie for macho guys. The only good acting comes from them, then the cast tries to match their intensity - with spotty results. Overall, a decent time waster, for those John Cusack fans, like me. Still, with better writing & artistic direction, it might have looked like something more than a bad late 80's TV pilot. BTW, 50 Cent is really good for the short time he is on screen. Jonathan Scheoch, is hardly recognizable. And Bruce Willis, is Bruce Willis. The young girls were just not up to the caliber of the lead cast. It was close, but still had the overall feel of a low budget TV movie. Such a wast of Cusack's talent.
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When a movie with a good cast goes straight to DVD.......
bobrec22 August 2014
....its because it SUCKSSSSSSSSSSSS ....pls pls don't waste your time.

This is what happens with a silver spoon USC film grad son of some big producer needs a favor to be called holds bar.

Would you really watch a movie where Patrick whoever was the lead, John Cosack makes a 5 min cameo, 50 cent even shorter? Can you believe a bunch of exes sitting around a table and greenlighting a movie today where a noname want to be father bad ass kills 200 people with automatics and only with his small gun. This isn't dumb.....its just an exercise in making a movie to lose money and write it off.

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dandreu-88-62032523 August 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Lost my daughter, can't go to the authorities, must fight violent thugs, light but expected plot twist, finds daughter, the end.

Monolithic yawn.

Perhaps it's just me but I found that nothing, absolutely nothing about this movie felt original or even slightly intriguing. Not the score, scenes, plot, scripts or even the stunts. I kept waiting/hoping for some sort of reveal or additional character developments. Alas, they never came.

Feels like this was just another cash grab film with little passion and panache from the studio behind it. Would not recommend this film, even on a two-month, cross-country, minivan road trip.

A second viewing of Die Hard would have been far more entertaining.
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A very disappointing movie
agentorange00711 September 2014
Warning: Spoilers
It's very strange how on the movie poster Bruce Willis is put front and centre, yet only makes a few appearances in this movie. John Cusack looks awkward and Jason Patric is just not convincing as the hard man he is supposed to be, he's also incredibly emotionless. The story line is also very weak and the gun fight at the end is fairly bad. There's a part where the lead actors are walking (slowly) across a lobby and somehow dodge every bullet from an automatic weapon firing at them in clear sight from above.

I also love the bad guys in generic sunglasses while indoors.

All in all, this is quite disappointing.
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Total waste of time and money
kumru-can8 October 2014
From the very beginning I was ready for an action packed movie. What I actually got was a slow paced, C movie with a complete lack of interesting plot, acting or anything else which makes a movie worthwhile. Did the entire cast and director aimed to be nominated for rotten tomatoes nominations? They fully deserve them. They will definitely get my vote. PLEASE don't go to this particular movie. It hurts your eyes and will damage your ears. Don't say I didn't warn you. There are plenty of other films more interesting, such as.... a still from an aquarium with some boring gold fishes in it. Complete and utter waste of your time and mine.
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A poor man's John Wick
yungprinz19 December 2017
This is like a poor mans photocopy of John wick with a little splash of Taken. Bad
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Violence Does not Equal Entertainment
leftbanker-126 August 2014
Warning: Spoilers
How many people got killed in this movie? Too many for me to count. It was worse than D-Day so instead of Saving Private Ryan we have Saving Junkie Ho Daughter.

Is it me or has this story been used a lot already? How about a little twist on it at least like they steal the guy's cat, or his favorite house plant, just anything in the way of motivation besides a guy's daughter being kidnapped. Taken was a bad movie and this is a bad copy of that film making The Prince a bad copy of a bad movie…and the director made an earlier movie with a similar plot called The Outsider. Dude, stop, please stop. At the time of this writing the film has a 4.6 rating here which is a bit generous.

Seeing how his daughter is a junkie ho it's pretty obvious he was crap as a father and now all of a sudden he's out to win parent of the year? Bruce Willis, please choose better vehicles for your career. Here's another little bit of advice, cut down on your living expenses so you aren't forced to make completely awful movies like this just to pay your monthly nut. You'll lose your self-respect if you haven't already.

The young girl with the assassin is a terrible actress and her part was totally annoying and superfluous. Remove her from the film and the rating would go up two whole points.

How many times have you seen someone shoot somebody and they fall into a pool, the shooter's own swimming pool? Now you have to drain the damn thing, clean it, and the refill it. Wouldn't it be easier to kill the guy somewhere else? Shooting someone is about as messy as it gets. Use a garrote; no blood, no mess. And we're supposed to be afraid of his Chinese lady boy assassin? A seriously lousy awful film.
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Bruce need Money
quasides24 August 2014
and hes doing anything to get it.

I have to 100% with hp-anzingers review but want to add a few critics poinits.

It started promising but it turned badly pretty quickly just to go down more and more.

Really this Movie actually gets constantly worse with every Minute as it didn't make less sense every Minute.

The Final Showdown is also the worst Moment.

Beside no Key Element of that Story did make any Sense or the stupidity around everything - Why, in Gods name cant they even get the Technical Aspects right.

Any 12 Year old watching Youtube for 2 Weeks can do better Gunfihgtscenes and i really thought basic gun safety is a standard in Movies. But how are we supposed to believe a role which is supposed to be ex military later prof. killer if he cant even keep his finger of the trigger. - This just as an example of countless Eyehurting things during those scenes.

The Hole Movie is like B Movie Acting, c Movie Story, b Movie Gunsfights and Schoolyard Fistfights.

But maybe i just got it wrong, this is a Zombie Movie where everyone already got their Brains eaten up :))
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What the heck is happening...?
binthaider-755-82284925 October 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Last week I watched the movie "The Outsider", which I found absolutely Rubbish!

Last night I watched this movie "The Prince", I didn't realise Jason Patric was in both until I started watching it.

I can not understand for the life of me how Bruce Willis and John Cusack can be in a movie that is soooo utterly ridiculously BAD! What's worse is that their ACTING was just as pathetic! Especially Willis, what the HECK was he on whilst playing this role?

For example, and there are hundreds...!

**SPOILER ALERT*... what the hell was he doing and saying whilst hugging his daughter before she entered the car?... What was he doing whilst he had The Princes (just typing that made me laugh!) daughter in front of him with a gun during the end?...

What was up with Jason Patric, the invincible ' THE PRINCE' that even the bullets are so scared of!

Seriously this was so ridiculously crap it will make you want to get up and smash your TV. It is cringe-worthy. The acting was bad, the dialogue and lines were terrible, the movie is just a train wreck!

I cant believe I watched two movies back to back that were absolutely dreadful!
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I have no words
mounir-habib19 October 2014
Warning: Spoilers
May contain spoilers!

There are no words to describe how bad this was... Promising cast, horrifically used. If you typed "anti-climactic" into Google, this is what should show up.

I feel sorry for Willis and Cusack. Jason Patric should have called it quits a long time ago. He's not believable as a human being.

Jessica Lowndes looks good. Zero dept to the character though.

Gia Mantegna plays the kidnapped daughter. When she is finally saved after an agonizing, what seemed like an eternity, you do not feel any sense of relief. You wish Willis would have shot her to give the movie some sort of "Huh" moment....

If you have nothing else to do, think harder first, then if you really have nothing to do....Think some more.....THEN decide to watch this movie....
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Just bizarre how bad it was considering the actors.
rekomstop25 August 2014
Warning: Spoilers
John Cusack looks like he just walked on set after a series of Botox injections. There was literally no emotion in his face throughout the entire movie, plus there were no wrinkles, yet he still looks 70.

Moving on...

This movie had a decent start, with a little mystery building up. Then we find out the main character is exceptional at hand-to-hand-combat and takes on numerous thugs while trying to track down his daughter.

As the story progresses, you realize there's a hidden story emerging, the main character has some dark past and is apparently in hiding and has been for some time, but honestly I can't be sure of the details. This is the part I disliked the most about the movie, the fact that you never really find out many details about this.

The main character says he "Got into some trouble when he was young and had to choose between prison or the military." But that's it, that's all you get. The circumstances around what he did for the military are a mystery and are never truly revealed in the film. All you know is he killed some guys wife and daughter on accident and has been in hiding ever since. Now he must come out of hiding to find his daughter.

Wow. What a story. No twisted ending, guy finds his daughter in a dope den and kills everyone while dodging 5000 bullets. The end.
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What a joke
kayen_chn10 June 2019
What a horrible movie. The main character goes walking and shooting. There's no strategy, intelligence or complex scenes. Just go inside and shoot.

Bad guys are just stupid enough to miss all shots. There's no positioning, hiding or advanced techniques. Appear, shot a lot and miss everything. Good guy do one shot one kill.

I gave 3 after watching moat of the film because it could not be saved..

Well, but it managed to get worse. The final scene with bruce williams and his japanese partner. Hahaha what a stupid finish. I had To login again here just to write a review and change the rating to 1.

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This Whole Movie Is A Spoiler ...For the Film Industry
carter-427647 March 2019
Warning: Spoilers
1 Star for 50 Cent cameo. I lost it when he popped up on the scene. Hilarious. However, extremely lazy writing given the tired storyline.

This father with a mysterious past is looking for his kidnapped daughter. We learn of his past through a series of flashback stories that are a series of narrated fade-aways. Some don't even have images and are just told by some guy.

So we just watch this guy over here tell a story and that guy over there share a chilling experience with the father. Sometimes the father would tell a story about his own past.

He finds his daughter. End of movie.

This has to be a favor as none of these great actors had many lines lol.

To sum it up: This should be in the "Mother Goose/Storytime" category.
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